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United States Ghosts, Alcatraz

Alcatraz Ghost Stories

Haunted Alcatraz

Haunted Alcatraz

The Golden Gate Bridge

The Golden Gate Bridge

Cell 14D is supposed to be one of the most haunted cells.

Cell 14D is supposed to be one of the most haunted cells.

Ghost Stories of Alcatraz

Cell 14D is supposed to be one of the most haunted cells at Alcatraz Prison. It Cell 14D was one of the isolation cells where many men spent weeks locked away in darkness. And it is said that the spirits of those men are still hanging around Cell 14D trying to get revenge for the tortures they suffered in Cell 14D.

Paranormal Investigators and Ghost Hunters say that Cell 14D is just simply a hot bed of paranormal activity. Some people have claimed to see a small frame nude man inside of Cell 14D. He is always seen setting in the corner of the cell crying. Other ghost hunters have claimed that they were attacked by something or someone in Cell 14D. People who have visited the cell have had claw marks on their backs and legs from being clawed by the spirit of someone in the cell.

Al Capone Spent Time In Cell 14D.

Al Capone even spent time in this cell for breaking the rules by talking to fellow prisoners. It is said that Al Capone is one of the spirits forever imprisoned at Alcatraz Prison. He is believed by many to be the ghost who is heard playing the banjo. He is also seen in various areas of the prison.

Some people claim that it is Cell 14D where they hear harmonica music coming from though a prisoner would never have been allowed a harmonica in a punishment cell.

Other people have claimed to smell of all things roses in cell 14D when its almost for sure that no roses were ever delivered or placed in Cell 14D.

My Own Experience In Cell 14D.

In 2000 I was able to visit Alcatraz Prison and luckily I was able to convince the tour operators to shut me up in Cell14D. I asked to be left in the cell for 15 minutes and while I was in the cell I had several strange things happen.

A friend of mine was in the cell with me but he was in front of me. At one point not long after the cell door was shut I felt something touch me on the back of my upper right shoulder. It was nothing of this world that touched me.

I and my friend heard a distinct deep cough in the cell with us several times while we were in the pitch black cell.

Something paranormal in nature was there in that cell with us. It was a very spooky experience.

Alcatraz Ghost Stories

Alcatraz Prison was a Federal Prison from 1934 until it was closed in 1963. During that time their was many deaths and much tragedy in the prison which came to be known as , " The Rock ". There was several escapes from Alcatraz and several convicts were shot to death in their attempts to flee the island.

Confederate Ghost Walks The Shoreline Of Alcatraz Island

What a lot of people don't know is that the island was a US Army Prison for many years before it became a Federal Prison. It was in the US Army's hands from 1847 and Confederate prisoners were housed in the dark basement starting in 1861 and lasting until the end of the Civil War. Over the years many people have claimed to see a man in Civil War uniform with a huge handlebar mustache. He is from the description of his clothing a Confederate officer. He has been reported dating back to 1901. He walks along the shoreline of the island and is seen often inside the old cell house.

People claim to see and hear all kinds of strange and unusual things on the island. Workers on the island today claim to hear voices and cell doors clang shut. They also hear screams and pleas for help. When they investigate they can find no one. A strange mist is often seen in the area of the cells and it appears to take the shape of a man and then vanish. Some people have claimed he appears to be wearing a guards uniform.

Shadow People Are Seen Often Around The Old Cells.

People see shadows with human shape dart around the cells and run into cells. And some people have claimed to see solid looking prisoners in cells looking out at them. Other people have claimed to hear the sounds of a gun battle and pleas for mercy. Paranormal Investigators have caught many EVP's on tape in and around the prison. Voices have been captured saying everything from , "Help Me " to " What Time Do The Feed Us". And most paranormal investigators agree that Alcatraz Prison is a hot bed of paranormal activity.

Is The Ghost Of Al Capone Playing The Banjo At Alcatraz?

There is a very active ghost who often plays banjo music. The ghost playing the banjo is said to be Al Capone. People including Park Service employees who spend long hours on the island tell about hearing the banjo music. And they say there is also a spirit that often plays the harmonica. It is often heard by visitors to the island who ask if the harmonica music is part of the tour. I myself heard the banjo music while visiting the prison a few years ago. I thought it was someone alive doing it but even though I looked hard for the source of the banjo music I was never able to locate the source of the banjo music.

Guards who worked at the prison when it was still a prison told of hearing a harmonica playing and that they searched often for who was playing it but they were never able to find out who was doing it. No prisoner would have been allowed to have a harmonica in his cell.

Alcatraz Prison Cell House

Alcatraz Prison Cell House

Inside one of the Alcatraz Cells

Inside one of the Alcatraz Cells

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Alcatraz Mess Hall

Alcatraz Mess Hall

Ghost Stories of Alcatraz

People claim to see and hear all kinds of things in the Mess Hall. Things are said to be thrown off the walls and people claim to walk into cold spots in the Mess Hall. Someone sobbing is heard in the area of the Mess Hall. A dark floating mist has been seen for years in the mess hall and some people on the tour thought it was the park service creating the mist that looks like a human. It moves from one end of the mess hall to the other and some people claim it has a distinct human shape.

People also hear screams of help coming from the second level of the cell house and smoke is often smelled but no fire is ever found. Some people have asked tour guides who is playing the banjo but of course no one is playing a banjo. The last person known to have played a banjo at Alcatraz was Al Capone who did some of his hardest prison time here at Alcatraz.

When Warden Johnson was at the prison while it was still in operation he and guests heard sobbing and cries of help from inside the walls and heard gun shots that could never be explained. Some one is said to have screamed " get me out of here " but no explanation could ever be found for who or what was screaming.

There Is A Cat Ghost On Alcatraz Island.

Many people simply refused to go in the old barber shop. It was there where a brutal murder occurred. Several people over the years have told of seeing a dark shadowy figure with bright red eyes in the area of the old barber shop. The ghost of a huge yellow cat is often seen in this area. It's a historical fact that a large yellow female cat lived in this area for years and the prisoners and guards were known to feed the cat and care for it. Its grave is in this area and was once marked. People on recent tours have told the tour guides about the yellow cat and they often ask who takes care of the cat. At the time these people were asking about the cat no live cat was on the island and there are none there now.

Native American Ghosts Are Often Seen On Alcatraz Island.

Security guards on the island at night tell of hearing chanting coming from outside. Some have claimed to have seen fires burning outside where there are of course no fires burning. The island was taken over for a time by Native Americans but it is also believed that Native Americans hundreds of years ago camped here on Alcatraz Island and it may have even been a sacred place for them. It is a historical fact that some prisoners while at the prison reported seeing the spirits of Native Americans in and around the main cell house.

In recent years people on tours of Alcatraz have asked why the American Indians are outside? There are of course no American Indians in period dress on the island but people tell of seeing them.

A Young Girl Crying Is Heard Often On The Island Near The Ferry Boat Landing.

People also tell of hearing the sound of a young girl crying outside on the path down to where you get on the Ferry Boat. They never hear her speak but they do hear her crying. No one knows who she is but many people down through the years have reported hearing her and have often asked the tour operators what it is that they are hearing.

Paranormal Activity Often Occurs Where Great Tragedy Has Occurred.

It is a known fact that you will often have ghosts and other forms of paranormal activity occur where you have had violent or sudden deaths. Quite often when people die suddenly or violently their spirit or ghost will be trapped where the event happened.

Over the years many men who were prisoners at Alcatraz died suddenly and sometimes violently at the prison. And it only stands to reason that their spirits or ghosts may be trapped forever at the old closed down Alcatraz Prison.

Haunted Alcatraz

Many people who have visited Alcatraz Prison have reported all kinds of strange paranormal things going on.

Many people who have visited Alcatraz Prison have reported all kinds of strange paranormal things going on.

Night Tour Of Alcatraz Prison

Cell 14 D , Where I Heard The Voice Speak To Me.

Here is Cell 14 D where I clearly heard the spirit talking to me. When the door is shut there is no light coming in. Not even in the brightest part of the day.

Here is Cell 14 D where I clearly heard the spirit talking to me. When the door is shut there is no light coming in. Not even in the brightest part of the day.

My Alcatraz Ghost Story In Isolation Cell 14D, My Second Experience In This Cell.

In October of 2011 on the night of the 29th I was able to go on a night tour at Alcatraz and I requested to be able to stay a few minutes by myself in the old Isolation Cell 14D. My request was approved and I was glad but apprehensive at the same time. I had a few years ago had a strange paranormal experience in this same cell. It is said to be the most haunted cell at Alcatraz Prison.

At about 17 minutes past 8 P.M. I was locked in Cell 14D. I sat down on a chair that had been provided and the door slid shut. I know that its dark at night outside but in their not one sliver of light could be seen. Not one. I called out and ask if anyone was there. I ask can anyone hear me.

A Ghost Told Me To Be Quite In Cell 14D.

As soon as I ask if anyone can hear me I heard a voice from over in the back corner tell me to be quite or I was going to get us in trouble. It actually said, " Be quite or your going to get us in trouble". At 8.30 the tour guide came back to open the door and as I heard the tour guide opening the door I heard the same gruff voice over in the corner say, " There they come. Now your going to get it ".

I told the people on the tour what had happened in the isolation cell and I think about half of the people believed me. The tour guide offered to lock anyone else in cell 14D for five minutes but no one wanted to.

Someone Talked To Me In Cell 14D.

I know what I heard inside the cell there. I don't know who it was but I know it was an intelligent haunting. It was not a residual haunting. The spirit of who ever it was had talked to me there in the cell. I know for a 100 percent fact that something talked to me there in that cell. Someone was trapped there forever. Someday I hope to be able to go back with a recorder and try to record the voice.

Other People Tell Of Strange Things Happening In Cell 14D.

other people over the years have told of something strange happening to them in Cell 14D. I know I was talked to there and I hope I have the chance to go back some day and be able to get proof of what is happening there.

Have you ever been out to the old Federal Prison at Alcatraz Island. Did you see or hear anything paranormal while you were there.

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Jessica on July 30, 2017:

I toured Alcatraz and stood inside cell 14D....I got a real cold sensation while in there; and the hair on the back of my neck stood up. A presence was definitely there!

ggustin01 on October 01, 2015:

When I lived in Sacramento in 2004 I drove over and toured Alcatraz. I was enjoying myself, taking pictures, etc. I went into and was shooting out from a d block cell, 13 or 14. Right after leaving the cell I was struck by a sudden. Intense and overwhelming urge to get off the island. I practically ran down to the ferry, got on and stood as close to the exit door as I could all the way back to the pier 49. I had never heard the 'ghost' stories or anything else abt those cells until recently. I still don't believe in ghosts, but I do believe in demons. What it was, I don't know, but at least now I know It wasn't just me

Thomas Byers (author) from East Coast , United States on November 27, 2014:

Sounds really interesting. Thanks for the comment.

Amanda on November 27, 2014:

I have a picture of me in one of the jail cells when we took the tour in 1998. There is a huge orb that showed up in the photo..almost wrapping itself around me...soo freaky!!

John Hollywood from Hollywood, CA on September 14, 2014:

I've been to Alcatraz several times. It is the only place I can honestly say I ever felt something supernatural going on. You can feel the presence of something not of this reality there. I don't know if these are ghosts or spirits or what but something absolutely is haunting that old prison. You can absolutely feel the crush of sadness at that place - echoes perhaps of deep emotional pain. Great hub! Voted up.

John Hollywood from Hollywood, CA on September 07, 2014:

You can feel the presence of spirits there. It's dark an depressing. Everyone says this.

Callum Hopkins on March 02, 2014:

When I went I heard a really spooky voice right outside of cell 14 D it said stops peeking you are gonna get us in trouble

jenny on April 17, 2013:

idk if its true or not , but from what i just read something is going on , and im gonna do a research about it and all the people that died there. i'll try to contact with one of the ghost and try to talk to them And see why they haunt , why can't they're spirit cant be free what harm did they do to them in there , ill try to get it all in tape.

jayme on December 27, 2012:

i would love to be a ghost hunter my first and last place to inspect is alcatraz prison

Raul on March 06, 2012:

u know what that is hecking scary

awsomechick on February 14, 2012:

u know i actually seen alought of stuff. but it was mostly my family that i have seen that is dead. its scary and cool at the same time im glad that i can see stuff its like a gift. peaple some times thank im crazy. but i told them its a gift and im proud of it. i see stuff and here stuff at my school.

Tyler on January 16, 2012:

Wow cool stuff. I love hearing about this gost stuff they might be real they might be fake....Although it will always remane a mystery what happened at Alcataz!

Excited or not.. on November 19, 2011:

I cant decide if im excited to go to alcatraz! From this it doesn't exactly sound like a safe place for 250 teens to be touring... We are all going to San francisco for a band trip and we get to take the tour of Alcatraz.. from this it makes me pretty scared but it also made me excited! I guess ill just have to wait and see!

shamani67 on September 01, 2011:

It is an amazing place. My husband and I did a road trip in the States and spent quite alot of time in San Francisco. Loved the place. We sailed right around the island, but did not actually set foot on it. Now I wish I had. Thanks for the Hub.

brogan on February 16, 2011:

i think it'll be a really cool place to visiti would like to take a camera and vidio recorder to see what i could catch on vidio and camera

Demonic Assistance on February 06, 2011:

An interesting read. I would love to go to Alcatraz. It seems to be a fascinating place.

Colsen on December 31, 2010:

Hey!! It sounds like a very spooky and creepy place to be. It must be very unsafe to live in a haunted prison that was closed in 1963.

David Lim from Singapore on May 05, 2010:

Sounds like a real cool place to visit. I'll make sure I bring my camera, and someone that I can hang on to real tight. :)

anonomous on April 23, 2010:

really kool!!! scary stuff

tony and meagan! on January 14, 2010:


trish1048 on December 28, 2009:


I visited Alacatraz when I was on a cross country driving trip. It was surreal. Sadly, I wanted to take lots of pictures but the camera died. I was so mad, and of course there was no place on Alcatraz where I could have purchased a battery.

It was, for me, a great experience to be there. Thanks for sharing.

Thomas Byers (author) from East Coast , United States on December 21, 2009:

Thanks for the great comments about ghosts and paranormal activity. The comments are appreciated.

really? on November 05, 2009:

al capone left in 1932, alive. he died in 1939 a free man living at home in palm island florida

Stephanie from Texas on July 09, 2009:

Spooky stuff here, but a great hub!

I'm too much of a chicken for ghost stories usually, but this was great! :)

Thomas Byers (author) from East Coast , United States on July 08, 2009:

Thanks I appreciate your comment

Pachuca213 on July 08, 2009:

very nice!

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