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Project Serpo


What is Project Serpo?

Project Serpo is the name of a Top Secret Alien Human exchange program between a race known as the Ebens which come from the binary star system Zeta Reticuli and United States military personnel. The story goes that when the Roswell New Mexico UFO crash in July of 1947 happened there was a single survivor of the incident. The U.S. military (Air Force) detained the survivor and helped the Eben to contact it’s home-world.

The Ebens arrived to pick up their lost pilot and a diplomatic approach was taken and an exchange program was initiated. Between 1965 and 1978 twelve American military agents took up the mantel to make the trip to planet Serpo to stay for thirteen years. During the nine months en rout to the Zeta Reticuli system and planet Serpo one of their members died of a pulmonary embolism. The other eleven military agents arrived safely on the planet Serpo. During that time period one of the agents died on the planet (er was killed for disobeying Eben law). Both bodies of the deceased agents were returned to Earth upon the completion of the mission. The agent that died on planet supposedly had his DNA harvested by the Ebens who then spliced his DNA with other alien creatures to make grotesque Chimeras resembling the deceased agent. This act which offended the other agents who then became angry and confronted the Ebens about what they were doing. The Ebens explained that this was common practice when they harvested DNA to use for research. This caused some animosity between the humans and their hosts.


What Were The Ebens Like?

The human agents observed the Eben’s culture over the time of their stay. The Ebens stood about three and a half to four and a half foot tall. Their thin framed bodies were humanoid shaped but with very childlike features. They had four phalanges consisting of a thumb and three other grasping digits and their feet also had four digits. Their head and facial features where exagerated in that their cranium was larger than a humans by twice the size, their eyes were large and almond shaped with a black outer lid like lens that protects the eye beneath which resembles a very large human eye, their noses are small like that of a human toddler and their mouths were very small with no lips.

The Ebens had a sort of sport that was a lot like baseball here on earth. They all lived in small communities consisting of small metallic habitats that dotted the terrain connected by a large dome structure for eating in a common dining room. There where many different alien species also gathered to eat not related to the Ebens. The Ebens explained that these other species were given asylum on Serpo after their stars underwent catastrophic collapses causing super novas. All Eben’s attended schools like human children and when old enough they were given tasks or jobs best suited for their skills. The other alien species interacted with the Eben’s on a regular basis in science and other types of genetic research.

In one incident the human agents who stayed in their own habitat away from the Eben’s habitats encountered an aggressive snake like creature displaying human facial features and human eyes. When the creature became aggressive and began attacking the agents they retrieved their guns and it was killed with automatic gun fire. The human agents prepared the body of the creature and cooked it for food. The Ebens were greatly disturbed by the incident claiming that the creature was sentient and did not deserve to die. They refused to let the humans eat the remains of the serpent.

In the end all but two of the original twelve military at-ache agents returned back to earth at the end of their thirteen year stay on Serpo.

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The Project Release Thread

Where'd This Story Come From?

Project Serpo was first talked about on an UFO email list created by Victor Martinez. The account of the exchange program was then put on a website the link to which is listed below. The leak was posted by a person called Anonymous (a retired employee of the U.S. Government). Little more is known about the story and where or from whom it originated from.

Many believe that the film Close Encounters of the Third Kind is a fictional depiction of the real Project Serpo exchange program. That information was planted or seeded in the story line as a way to in a fictional way desensitize the public to the notion of alien contact. There is no way to actually corroborate this story or its origins.

In the end the Serpo exchange story is more likely nothing more than a fiction playing off the human desire that we are not alone in the universe. Even so it is a very interesting story and if it is true it would be a truth beyond all other truths. I like the fantasy of little grey men and their little hot home world but only as a story.

Graphic Novel of the Serpo Story

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Callipygia on September 23, 2019:

Seems too coincidental that "Serpo" so closely resembles "serpent."

And the Serpo society sounds A LOT like the "utopia" in PLATO'S REPUBLIC.

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