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Unexpected Loss #4


Over three decades ago I become interested in the Bible, having drank from the heavenly cup once, I have not been tired to drink more


Perhaps, No Faithful Shepherd Found

In the previous article I have stated that it is also a possibility that the shepherd did not get home before noticing that one is missing among the sheep and on noticing that one is missing he starts to look for a shepherd who will stand in the gap for him, a good shepherd who will oversee the rest ninety-nine for him.

However, there is a probability that he may not have found a faithful shepherd, someone he can rely on in the wilderness because of envying and strife among them. This is the common among the people of the world, we do envy each other, and this is one of the seeds of the devil that he has implanted in the hearts of men which we need to deal with by allowing Jesus to enter our hearts and deliver us of such menace. (Psa. 69:4; 109:3)

Though they sometimes tender their sheep together, but when human nature sets in and they started envying each other there would be fear in the heart of the man whose sheep is missing to leave the remaining sheep with those people. (Exo. 2:19; Gen. 29:10) Since he cannot leave the sheep alone, he would have to get them to a safe place before going after the one that is missing which he wants to get back at all cost.


There is an adage in the part of the world from which this writer hails from that says, “one haphazardly seeks for that thing which is lost”. The shepherd also while seeking for the lost sheep may have involved others in the search to make it easier to be located.

I said this because of what was written in verse six of the chapter which states that,

And when he cometh home, he calleth together his friends and neighbours, saying unto them, rejoice with me; for I have found my sheep which was lost. (Luk. 15:6)

It is not common for one to call together those one has not carried along in the scheme of one’s suffering and asking him or her to rejoice with you. Such a one would neither know the gravity of what you are saying nor be able to comprehend what you have passed through, however, for someone who has been involved in the scheme of things, he will be able to rejoice with you better.

Shall in brief see those people who he has involved in the search according to what Physician Luke documented in verse of the chapter and marrying with other bible books for proper understanding. “Call together” in Greek is written as “συγκαλέω”, when romanticized it becomes sugkaleō (phonetic spelling is soong-kal-eh'-o) which means convoke. Marrying this passage with other bible books we shall see that those he called together are:

a) Friends: The Greek word for friends in this verse is “φίλος”, when Romanized it becomes philos (phonetic spelling is fee'-los) which means associate, neighbor, dear one. This shows that the shepherd in a bid to get back the missing sheep has to tell his colleagues as we also inform our colleagues at offices and other work places for assistances when we are in a dilemma.

b) Neighbors: Greek word for neighbor here is “γείτων”, the Romanized form is geitōn (phonetic spelling is ghi'-tone) a friend. But Jesus while explaining neighbor to the lawyer in Luke 10: 29-37 shows that one’s neighbor is people close by. From this it implies that the man told people living close by him of what happened and to be on the look out in case they come across any stray sheep.

c) Seers: We read of an intriguing account in the book of 1 Sam. 9, in which the asses of Kish the father of Saul got missing. This man, Kish called his son, Saul to take a servant and go in search of the missing asses. They have walked and searched throughout the islands for hours without success and Saul who knows the nature of his father told the servant that enough is enough they should return to his father because he will be disturbed if they did not get back to him in time.

The young man implored Saul that there was a step they were yet to take and the step was they can contact the Seer in the land to know the fate of those asses. He agreed with him and they went Samuel. (1 Sam. 9:1-10)

From here we see that they consult prophets for such things. It is a likelihood that this shepherd too if he is not a prophet may have told some prophets about what betide him, asking if he will find the sheep or nay before he sets out to look for the sheep. After communing with the prophet he may have told him that the sheep would be found and he should go all out to look for it. (1 Sam. 30:8) It is a wonderful experience to be directed by God.

d) Servants: Like Kish the father of Saul has asked his son to take along one of the servants, the shepherd too may have involved his servant in the search. (1 Sam. 9) God has also involved humans in bringing to pass his promise of redemption for mankind. As Noah partners with him in bringing this to pass we can also partner with him in bringing people to Christ Jesus.

In the next article I shall continue with some of the things of note about the shepherd.


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