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Unexpected Loss #16

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Over three decades ago I become interested in the Bible, having drank from the heavenly cup once, I have not been tired to drink more


2. She Hurriedly Dropped it in a place

She may have hurriedly dropped the money in a place when she returns home from her place of work. Sometimes this happens, after the hectic day's work and one returns home, perhaps feeling pressed, wanting to attend to nature's call, one would drop whatever it is one has come home with at a place, as one rushes to the toilet. This may have happened to her when she returned from her place of work and she has dropped the money at a place as rushes to attend to the call of nature.

In the meanwhile, while rushing to the toilet, the money may have dropped without her knowing and rolled to a corner of the room.

During this time one would not be careful of where the money rolls to having known that one can easily find it out later.

After she has finished what she was doing, then she returns to look for the silver coin that has rolled to a corner of the room.

3. One of Her Children or Her Partner May have Taken it

In Yoruba land, there is a proverb that says, "may the water stored in your pot be always stirred or troubled". In the ancient times when there was no refrigerator neither water connected to the houses water is being fetched from the streams and rivers and would be stored in the earthen pots for drinking and other things. It is this stored water that people in the house go to take from when they want to use water instead of going to the streams. Therefore, when they offered such prayers the elders are saying that God would bless the people with children, because they know that when one has children, the children would recurrently go to the pot to take water either to drink it or to play with it, thence, they usually utter that word to people that the water in their house would not know peace, meaning may God bless them with children, who will always bring them joy and making the house alive.

If this woman also has children, one of those children may have went to where she has kept the money, took one of it, and afterwards did not return it to the right place where she has taken it, which is the characteristics of children.

On another note, her partner may have taken it, perhaps during the period she was in the kitchen or at other places, or attending to one of the neighbors, and after taken it has failed to return it to where he has taken it.

After a while that this has happened, she needs the coin and started seeking for it but her partner has left the house at that time or he even may be confused not knowing that the coin has rolled to a place.

5. Visitor's Factor led to her not keeping it well

This is common to many people in case a visitor is around who have asked for an assistance, and we have told the person that we cannot at that moment be of assistance, if the person is still around, we will not want the person to know that we have such money with us so that the person will not think we have more and we do not want to help him or her, thence we will want to keep the money secretly so that the person will not see it.

In the meanwhile while doing this may be the person is not around before, and we hear a knock on the door, we will hastily keep the money, and if the money rolls off, we may not want to search for it at the visitor's presence.

However, after the person has left we shall look for the missing thing. This may have been the plight of the woman, she heard a knock and the voice who has asked for her assistance before, and while hastily putting away the silver coins, one rolled off and she did not bother to check for it until after the visitor has left.

6. Psychological imbalance

When we are being bothered by something, this will affect all our systems negatively and this does not exclude our thinking faculty. Assuming this woman has been disturbed by some things before getting to where she wants to keep the money, this may affect her thinking, paying little attention to when the money was rolling off from the rest.

However, when she comes around, and she wants to use the money that was when she notices that one of the money has been missing without her paying attention to it then, therefore, she starts to look for it.

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7. Animals Factor

In developing world, where rats and other animals struggle with humans in their rooms, those rodents and small animals may have shaken the money off where it has been placed, pile on each other, with one rolling off the table completely. After a while she comes to where she has put the coins and discovered that the arrangement has been scattered and she could not find one of them, thence, she starts looking for one of them.

8. The Coin Mistakenly dropped off

In some cases the coin may have accidentally dropped off where it has been kept without the knowledge of the person who keeps it there. Or she may know but has no time to attend to it at the moment until when she has put everything in order.

32 The Lost Coin - Luke 15: 8-10 "God loves all"

Why Searching For it

It may have crossed anyone who has read this place at a time or another that when the woman still has nine silver, why is she searching for only one that has got lost? These I think may be some of the reasons why she decides to search for the singular silver coin that got missing.

1. She Needs the Money to Complete the Amount She needed for Business Transaction or other things: At a time or another in our lives, we would have been saving money to buy something or for something special, and having known the amount, we shall work towards it because if the money is not complete we would not have access to the thing. I presume this missing coin too maybe needed by the woman to complete the amount of money she wants to use to get what she wants to buy. Since the money is missing and she has no savings elsewhere, she has no option other than searching for the money.

2. She may have imagined the labor she passed through, and does not want the labor to be in vain: Money is not easy to come by, and the woman may have labored hard before she gets the money, therefore she thought about the labor she has passed through before getting the money and decides that she needs to search for it. There is an adage in Yoruba land that says, “when we think about the money we use in buying a bad bean cake, this would hold us back from throwing the bad bean cake away”, by interpretation, when one thinks on what one suffers before getting something, one would hold back himself from discarding the thing. This may have happened to the woman, she thought about the labor and what she passed through before she could possess the money and told herself that she has to give it all it takes to find it out.

Consider the case of Ruth when she was laboring to get what the she and her mother in law would eat when they returned to Bethlehem, this labor would inhibit her from mishandling what she has labored for. (Ruth 3)

3. No One Wants to lose anything: Irrespective of the wealth of men, we always desire to have more of something (as it is being said, "Oliver Twist, always asks for more") and would not want to lose anything. Even those who are rich, they do not want to lose anything, and because of this mind which is in every human she decides to find the money out.

On a negative note however, it is because many of people do not wish to part with what they have that make them after borrowing money find it hard repaying the loans they have taken from friends and or other lending houses at the time she or he ought to repay the money. Those doing this, the bible calls them wicked people.

The wicked borroweth, and payeth not again: but the righteous sheweth mercy, and giveth.” (Psa. 37:21)

No wicked people can be favored by the Lord, thence, the Lord wants us to change from this way.

I assume the woman wants more like we all want more, and because she wants more like all of us she does not want to lose the meagre sum that she has at hand, she decides to seek for it.

4. She Sought for it for Reassurance: She decides to seek for the missing money to be sure that she is not "missing something", she did search out the money to doubly reassure herself that she indeed gets home with the whole lot, and not that the silver fell off on her way home.

5. To rule out internal thieves: In this part of the world where people living in flats are not common, and also at other climes where there are people co-inhabiting a flat together, there may have been moments that some things may have gotten lost, with them suspecting one another, and now that this has happened, she decides to "rule-out" (according to medical terminology, which means ascertaining herself) the possibility of her co-inhabiting the flat with a petty thief and decides that she needs to seek out the money.

When she started searching for it and other points of note would be written in the next article.


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