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Unexpected Loss #15

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Over three decades ago I become interested in the Bible, having drank from the heavenly cup once, I have not been tired to drink more


Why Did He Use Woman as Illustration?

What will readily come to the mind of good bible students is why did he use woman as an illustration in the second parable, does he want to win the hearts of women who are following him? Or maybe he wants to give them sense of belonging and wants to show the people that women also matter as there have been calls all over the world for gender equality in all things. Some will say maybe he wants to give them sense of belonging so that they will not leave his ministry for another.

To my mind I do not think it is because of these that he uses woman as an example of this parable. Some of the reason that come to my heart for him using woman as a figure of the next parable are these:

1. Women value little things than men

He knows that women value little things than men and according to what Barnes’ says on this the ten silver coins was all that the woman had, and from history, there are golden coins also which have more values than silver coins, it shows that the woman was not the rich type in the land. out of the little she has, for one percent to be lost out of it, the woman has to give it all it takes to search for the money.

From this, Jesus is saying that irrespective of the position of man, what we value differs and we all shall go out in search of what we value whether little or much.

As we also go out in search of what we value, in the same way has God gone out in search of all on earth irrespective of position, wealth, location, he values everyone on earth because we are the work of his hands, we are his image.

2. Woman values beauty

He perhaps again uses woman because women value beauty and according to ancient history, it is said that silver is a ring placed on the hands of the ancient people of their days for beautification. Since they value beauty and perhaps have gotten that for some beautification she would do anything at her disposal to get it back. Someone calls women the social aspect of men that was removed in the garden. They are social and values beauty and anything adorable more than majority of men.

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3. Woman does Give it all it takes

Sometimes men would give up along the line, but women hardly give up in pursuing their dream, their ambition, they usually go extra-length to get what they want. Jesus perhaps was telling the people that as women do go extra-length to get what they want in life, in the same vein is God given it all it takes to ensure that he gets man back to himself. And real-time bible readers will know that this is true, because God after several attempts to get man back to himself, but not very successful decides to send Jesus his only Son to the world to do the work, Jesus is the last straw that breaks the devil’s back.


Causes of Loss

Having seen some of the reasons why Jesus perhaps uses woman as an example of the second parable, I want us to see what could possibly be the cause of the loss of the silver.

1. Misplaced with left hand

In Yoruba land from which this author hails from, it is the belief of the old people that if one places something at a place with left hand, the person would not remember that he or she has placed the thing there and would labor a while before she gets the substance back, sometimes it may take days before seeing the thing she is seeking for. This is because they believe that when one places something with a left hand somewhere one is doing that “half-heartedly”, one will not put his or her mind in what she is doing during that moment. However when the person now wants the thing back, she will not remember where she has kept the thing because she would have forgotten the scene leading to that, because of his half-heartedness at the time she is keeping the thing when she is keeping it.

Bringing this to this story, I viewed it as a Yoruba born person and says to myself, maybe she has mistakenly put the money somewhere when her mind was not there.

In a case when this woman has people who she does not trust living with her in a house this is possible, as she will want to keep the meagre sum with her away from them. In the process of doing this, she may keep part of the money without applying her heart fully to where she keeps it, and when she needs the money, she started looking for it and could not find it.

I shall continue with the probable cause of the loss in the next article.


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