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Understanding the Gospel of Jesus Christ; Chapter 2 – The Birth and Childhood of Jesus Christ; Part 4A

Eddie is a Christian author, and in the last 20 years, a mentor to countless young people through God's ministry.


The apostle John describes the Messiah, Jesus Christ, as Yahweh (John 1:1-5)

This is, perhaps, the strongest statement for the unity of the Holy Spirit, God, and Jesus Christ. The belief in the Trinity is at the core of many Christian theologies. It also gives credit to the suggestion that Yahweh knew everything from the beginning and had it all planned out for all of us.

In the beginning, there was Christ, the Word, and He already existed. He was with
God, and He was God. He was there at the beginning with God, He created everything there is. There is nothing that exists He did not compose. Eternal life itself was in Him, and this life gives light to everyone. The light shines on through the darkness and the darkness can never comprehend nor extinguish it.

There is no question what or to whom John is referring here. John was trying to convey that the idea of the Bible and the Messiah existed in one thought and impression from Yahweh from the beginning. There is no doubt in this writer’s mind that God inspired both the Jewish Torah and the Christian Bible which He committed men to write.

The Old Testament draws heavily from the Torah and gives us clear instructions to live a Godly life. Although it gives us the history and the law of the Jewish people, it portrays a way of life that all Christians should strive to live.

The New Testament should not be a means to do away with the Jewish culture or law. Yahweh intended it as a new covenant of reconciliation between Himself and all humankind. God’s love for His creation established a plan of grace for us even before Adam and Eve committed the first sins.

(Genesis 2:16-17 The Lord God gave him this warning: “You may freely eat any fruit in the garden, except fruit from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. If you eat of its fruit you will surely die.”)

When sin entered our lives, so did spiritual death. However, Yahweh has always been ready to forgive us. Instead of putting them to physical death, God allowed them to live but banished Adam and Eve from the Garden of Eden. So, in the beginning, Yahweh had a plan of redemption for humankind already in place. We sin, doing terrible deeds in our lives by living apart from God’s rules, and we deserve punishment for it.

Redemption requires repentance, which culminates from a desire to return to God. When genuine repentance for our sins is present in our hearts, Yahweh is ready to redeem us through the offer of salvation He established at the beginning of everything.

Jesus Christ is that salvation. He was with Yahweh at the beginning of everything. He was part of the creation, and He was the Creator. He is the Holy Spirit, speaking to the hearts of humankind. He is the living, breathing Word, inspired to humankind to be written for generations to return and reconcile themselves to the Father.

This Word of Life is Jesus Christ. It gives everyone who reads its words and takes those words into their hearts, faith, and hope in eternal life through belief in the Messiah and the truth He taught. This Word of Life has the potential to give light to even the darkest corners of the world.

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