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Understanding Intentions: The Korwa Clock

Janet K. Ilacqua has written on Buddhist philosophy and economics. She ghostwrote a book on karma and business.



What is the Korwa Clock?

The Korwa Clock is a Tibetan Buddhist tool for understanding the effects of positive and negative intentions (thoughts).

Phases of an intention

An intention goes the following stages:

  • 3:00 (Motivation Stage) Intentions are formed.
  • 6:00 (Action Stage) Actions are taken on intentions.
  • 9:00 (.Maturation Stage) Consequences of actions start to develop and unfold.
  • 12:00 (Results Stage) Intentions are fully realized. Bad intentions have long-term bad consequences. Good intentions have long-term good comsequeces.



The Seed Analogy

Another way of thinking of the Korwa Clock is to imagine a seed growing and maturing.

  • Seeds are formed. (Motivation Stage)
  • Seeds are planted. (Action Stage)
  • Seeds sprout, mature, and are nourished. (Maturation Stage)
  • The seeds grows into a plant and bears fruit. (Results Stage)

It is better to plant positive intention seeds rather than negative intentions seeds that have already sprouted.

It is to stop and negative intentions from by perodic daily reflection on how one is living his life.

What are positive Intentions?

Positive intentions include the following:

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  • Generosity
  • Sensitivity to others
  • Taking joy in our success and the success of others.
  • Compassion
  • Taking care of the world around us and making it is safe and healthy.
  • Graditude
  • Sense of higher purpose, for example, helping others.
  • Honesty
  • Integrity
  • Orderly behavior

What are negative intentions?

Negative intentions (thoughts) include:

  • Anger
  • Jealousy
  • Dishonesty and deceit
  • Wanting the recognition of others
  • Thinking and speaking bad of others.
  • Taking joy in others' misfortunes.
  • Wishing others bad luck
  • Not caring for one's health.
  • Addiction

How to apply the Korwa Clock to business

Today's businesses have to deal to deal with profound and constant technological changes. This is to stay with old dysfunctional processes. These seeds of intention that grown and withered.

Rather it processed need to be restructured on all levels. Root out the oboscent an no longer relevant ptlrocesdes and replace them with new ones

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Janet Ilacqua (author) from Lodi, CA on March 15, 2020:

What are you finding confusing?

Alvin Felix opinion on March 15, 2020:

What is wright is right and this is deeply confusing and also interesting but am yet to what’s up with it all am yet to understand it all because am waiting here to see it all and I should notified wen it’s time

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