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Understanding God’s Timing

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Topic: Understanding God’s time

Memory Verse: “ To everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose under heaven” Ecclesiastes 3:1

Bible passage: 1st Chronicles 12:32,

Luke 19:44, Luke 12:15-31, Ecclesiastes 3:1

Central Thought: It is important we understand that God's timing is different from our timing.

Introduction: God’s timing is moving forward hour by hour, minute by minute, like a train. There are several people who assume they can live their lives by any schedule they choose, and that in their own time, they can turn to God. But God’s timing is best for us.

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1. There is a time to everything: The book of Ecclesiastes tells us that God is a God of timing “There is an appointed time for everything and every event under heaven. We need to understand the timing and seasons God ordains for our lives, ministries, nations etc. Most times, we try to reap during planting season, plant during harvest, resting when we should be running and run when we should be resting. Doing even the right thing at the wrong time. Good intentions, as it may be though, will cause us to miss his timing. Psalms 89:47.

2. Discerning the times: In 1st Chronicles 12:32, sons of Issachar had the understanding of the timing of what Israel ought to do per time; so discernment of spirit is a must for every believer for it helps to discern the changes in time and season.


Discernment of spirit helps us to discern changes of time and season.

Conclusion: We need the help of the Holy Spirit to understand God’s timing. It is not mechanical but spiritual, for flesh and blood can not reveal the timing of God for us.

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