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I As a Created Being


#HOODABDUL writing has always been my therapy and still relevant are these poems written at my moments of spiritual enlightenment.

Once in 150 years we see this Moon

many moons.....

many moons.....


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I As a Created Being

I as a created being,
Created from the unseen.
Seeing clearly when guidance is followed from the Supreme.
Who is not in need,
is greatly needed
our own decisions, can greatly impede us.
When our decisions are based on destructive desires that lead us.
Protection from ourselves will help relieve us,
of following the road filled with diseases.
Spiritual , physical , and mental
Needin' some type of procedures.
I got the screenplay with all the major features.
The lure of the world that doesn't even need us,
But ! It is what we need, to feed us.
So many losses causing pain that grieves us.
We must pray and rely on the ONE who protects us, the ONE who calls us!
From HIS mercy just to guide us!
Pay attention so our blessings
of mind, body, and spirit
will defend us,
not defy us!

God Judges Us on Our Piety

Waiting for inspiration to comeback walking through that door,
Came into my circle-- now I'm craving to see more,
Initially I wanted the avenue granted---- just to explore,Your likes and dislikes
The things that have you askin' for more
Maybe someone to share my poetry with
Maybe someone who can actually uplift
My mind and my spirit
Acknowledge --- we've all been blessed with a gift(s)
I plead the fifth
When asked about my grip
Or how I attained things that are priceless
Lessons I've learned from messages to uplift
One person at a time Turning into a whole people
Who had to fight to be acknowledged as equal
In this world where we all are created beings with attributes,
if abused can be lethal,
To our person or our societies
True believers promote remedies
To cure this world of all it's anxieties

© 2011 Abdul Hood

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