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UFOs and Chemtrails - Photo Evidence of a Simultaneous Sighting

- Artist's Conceptual Imagery -

- Artist's Conceptual Imagery -

  • Are "Chemtrails", or what most casual observers or engaged enthusiasts could conceivably misidentify and categorize as "Contrails", simply benign visual manifestations of harmless airborne steam, aka water vapor generated by aircraft engines as claimed by the majority who are employed within the aviation industry and related agencies?
  • Or, could these streaming, mystical looking emissions, which seemingly appear indiscriminately throughout the skies in every state in the country, actually be the equivalent of a much more substantive and possibly even sinister phenomena?
  • Are chemtrails / contrails the "Stuff" of human life Defense, Protection, & Preservation, and possibly even salvation?
  • The intergalactic equivalent of a polio vaccination, or antibiotic ingestion taken as a preventative measure to curb the harmful effects of a threatening viral infection, or even a protective physical canopy or vaporous shield to blanket planet Earth and all her delicate inhabitants to act as a first line of defense to repel an unknown extra-terrestrial or undiscovered inter-dimensional invasive force?
  • Do chemtrails produce an adverse reaction when strategically placed within close proximity to an unknown entity in the same fashion Kryptonite renders Superman helpless?
  • Was a secret formula containing the invaluable anti-alien repellent conjured up in a top secret laboratory located somewhere within the protected confines of a classified military base? Possibly even Area 51?
  • Is there more to what meets the proverbial eye pertaining to tangible, visible chemtrail vapor plumes and do they actually serve as a yet to be publicly disclosed, secret clandestine protective measure? A vital component with explicit purpose to ensure the survival of all humanity?

<<>> All relevant, imagination stretching, yet disturbing questions of which many highly educated, inquisitive, and investigative oriented individuals, including myself, would presumably classify as exceedingly speculative in nature, however cannot be completely discounted from the ever expanding realm of tangible, scientific possibilities. Hopefully, with the inevitable addition of an increasing number of first hand eyewitness accounts slowly emerging from the shadows in the future as a result of an elevated level of vigilance, we as a concerned international society will finally begin to make measurable progress stemming directly from the arduous task of methodically uncovering the elusive answers to all the preceding questions and more pertaining to the origins, biological make up, and true purpose of "Chemtrails" and their close genealogical cousin, the "Contrail". A fascinating and potentially life altering subject worthy of study even if the answers, hopefully to be offered in the near future, reveal nothing more significant than a phenomena defined and categorized as a routine exercise in purely mundane, non-threatening activity. Temper your trepidation and inherent fear to welcome the unimpeded entrance of knowledge, for at present, the "Planetary Defense Mechanism" conceptual theory is relegated to the rigid ironclad confines of science fiction, even while the spellbinding non-fictional accounts of fact based incidents such as the following, continue to be injected into the grossly expanding ufological and mainstream scientific archives at an accelerated pace -

<<>> It's clearly obvious, as it has been for the past decades, we now live in a rapidly evolving and developing technological era, where incredibly creative biological minds coupled in serene harmony with cold to the touch stainless steel machines, carefully and meticulously engineer innovative, ultra-complex yet painfully simplistic to manipulate, advanced electronic devises which are conceived, blueprinted, and forged to perfection at a near blinding velocity. A vividly inventive place in time where each nano-second that passes, ushers in yet another well respected scientist or highly educated academic intellectual scholar who is in the process of re-thinking, adjusting, or contorting his / her philosophy and previously unmovable belief system to reflect what appears to be the enlightening, deeply spiritual, yet somewhat disturbing truth - We do not live smugly alone within the infinite reaches of our universe, and we are not collective sole proprietors who greedily hold fee simple absolute title to the celestial real estate gifted to us from the gods -

<<>> If you are a new visitor, one who is unfamiliar with my background as recognized expert in a multitude of diverse topics, I welcome you to my domain and sincerely hope you find my prima facie, first hand contributions to this compelling subject as stimulating and worthy of further investigation as I do. Please indulge for a moment as I render a brief introduction for proper perspective and guidance, and then, please accept an extended invitation to vicariously "Experience my Experience".

<<>> Among the many characteristics which make up my investigative nature are the following. I am an insatiably inquisitive, lucidly rational and practical minded individual who thoroughly understands the nature of routine and inherent complacency often caused by comfort zone tendencies of the human spirit. Therefore, I do not expect all interested visitors who enter this domain to instantaneously forsake, rescind, suspend, nor precipitously toss aside the implied agreement which contains concrete, deeply embedded and cherished core values and beliefs as an immediate reaction to, or in response to, the fact based, first hand eyewitness account of the following incident. An incredible event that played out within the immediate vicinity of my home, a well constructed house designed and built with sturdy framework bolstering impenetrable resistance to terrestrial nuisance.

<<>> With a complete understanding of, and respect for your faith based belief system, I ask of you to simply indulge for a short period of time and allow yourself to fully succumb to an immersing and absorption of the following experience and subsequently draw a conclusion only after further in depth research and study of this fascinating subject is performed and presented to the global community. If you extract and take away anything from the following brief, one page fact based passage, let it be vigilance. Always look to the skies when observing a contrail, and scan the entire width and breadth of the immediate area from horizon to horizon in a 360 degree motion preferably with vision enhancing equipment for the presence of unidentified, unusual airborne entities which could quite conceivably be any number of tangible or intangible things, including intruder craft from far beyond our present comprehension. For the accompanying cloud like manifestation in reality, might someday be irrefutably proven as the "Stuff" of a civilization saving chemtrail.

- Unedited photo of the Disc / Saucer shaped UFO witnessed as it hovered momentarily in the Southeastern Orange County CA skies - It periodically morphed into an oval shape then, without warning, it vanished within the proverbial blink -

- Unedited photo of the Disc / Saucer shaped UFO witnessed as it hovered momentarily in the Southeastern Orange County CA skies - It periodically morphed into an oval shape then, without warning, it vanished within the proverbial blink -

- The UFO appeared to "Morph" from an oblong display in to a circular shape within seconds -

- The UFO appeared to "Morph" from an oblong display in to a circular shape within seconds -

The UFO Sighting

<<>> At first fleeting glance, my brief, intermittent observations, which were interrupted and unfortunately conducted without the benefit of a magnifying visual aide such as binoculars to assist with closer, intense examination and scrutiny, yielded an immediate initial preliminary conclusion that the strange motionless object was an un-tethered balloon which had escaped from an afternoon outdoor party, gained altitude, and began to freely float with the wind. Although the levitating object was moderately flatter and slightly more oblong in dimensions, it was a seemingly logical deduction the average observer would arrive at because it exhibited and displayed the same physical characteristics, looked very similar in shape, color, and texture, and it appeared to be the same approximate size as witnessed from my stationary, ground based vantage point. A position almost directly below the scene as it hovered above me roughly 1,000 feet in altitude, in the relatively crystal clear, powder blue daytime sky.

<<>> A weak, thin, smattering married to a whipped cream dollop of occasionally passing white clouds enhanced the visual scene, but never met or exceeded minimum density to be pronounced enough to impede my vision or quasi pristine view of what appeared to be the encroaching inanimate entity, as they were light, translucent, and situated out of frame for almost the entire duration of my encounter. After a very brief accidental glance upward toward the heavens where this visiting "craft" lurked motionless, as if probing and gathering scientific information on a field study mission for an unknown guiding force, my attention was precipitously drawn elsewhere to continue on with my previous invigorating outdoor activities after exercising common logic to reasonably conclude this was indeed a free floating terrestrial object. My initial impression combined with rational thinking compelled this acceptable, soothingly palatable explanation.

<<>> Upon further observation, examination, and preliminary evaluation, I had noticed the eerie airborne object had remained essentially motionless in a fixed, relatively stationary position within a tight set of coordinates for an extended period of time, an estimated one to two minutes, and exhibited strict aeronautical capabilities inconsistent with a balloon or any other mundane Earthly inanimate manifestation. This led me to the obvious conclusion that the oval or disc shaped object now hovering almost directly above me was definitely not a helium filled toy, party favor, official weather monitoring tool or instrument, or any other known, recognizable, or easily identifiable conventional aircraft. It was literally inexplicable.

<<>> Within seconds of this jolting realization, a finite shot of adrenaline at light speed had entered the stiff competition for control of my senses, it ultimately superseded my steady lucid mental state, and then raced uninterrupted flowing profusely through the entire length of my body. I immediately began to experience intense physical and emotional symptoms consistent with a kaleidoscope of rapidly changing thoughts and objective illustrations vividly depicting what was actually happening before my skeptical eyes. Needless to say, It evolved into a gripping, intense, surreal sensation. The range of conflicting emotions swirling throughout my conscious thoughts were eventually dispatched by the overriding feeling of euphoria generated by the great adrenaline thrust - Everything around me had stopped as if in a state of suspended animation, except me, my rapidly pulsating heart, and the unidentified hovering object.

"The strange hovering object instantaneously jumped from a southwest position in the sky to a southeast position, the equivalent of approximately 1/2 mile within the negligible amount of time it took to focus and depress the activation button on my digital camera "

The Military Jet - Collision Averted

<<>> I will always unconditionally concede the fact that it's a very difficult task for me as prima facie, stone cold sober witness who is a well respected, journalistically inclined fact oriented investigative reporter, writer, and photographer, to imagine this entire fascinatingly surreal and mildly disturbing event literally unfolded within a few moments as I watched spellbound in utter amazement. To be more precise in the estimated time line, the eventful sighting had developed, and the final scene prior to disappearance played out within approximately 3 to 4 minutes. Not nearly a generous enough time span to retrieve and properly prepare my technical equipment to attempt documentation via motion picture capture.

<<>> Shortly after my initial sighting, subsequent frantic scramble into my house en route to my bedroom in a valiant attempt to retrieve a fully functional digital camera, an extremely reliable unit which was at the ready comfortably cocooned in a cushy protective case resting upon a small cherry wood table next to my bed, then train the lens, steady frame, and wait patiently for the green light to freeze action and then capture the distant image, it had physically jumped from a stationary southwest position, to southeast coordinates within approximately 5 seconds. A considerable distance equal to approximately one half mile. I was stunned, exhilarated, astonished, and incessantly euphoric all at once as the reality of the moment gained momentum and re-enforced dismissal of delusion. Again, an involuntary participant within the unexpected theatre of operation of an apparent unknown strange phenomena.

<<>> In retrospect, prior to the UFO's seemingly miraculous, dramatically impossible shift in longitude and latitude which had instantaneously occurred in a literal eye flinch, I clearly recall the exact sequence of dramatic events leading up to the movement. Events which included what appeared to be a fully packed and ready military jet suddenly and without warning, making its domineeringly aggressive decibel piercing presence known by encroaching upon the scene from the western skies in a scorching, highly intimidating introduction. The immediate entrance, which initially occurred within the outer limits of my peripheral vision while attention was still pinpoint focused primarily on observing the stationary, hovering object over head off to the northwest skies, is an event I'd witnessed innumerable times before, but the appearance and flight pattern was rarely executed from this unique angle, and never have I witnessed a military jet with such implied aggressive posture while honed so precisely on any particular target.

<<>> The craft was undeniable military in nature and possessed all the telltale, easily recognizable characteristics of an F15 or F16 with after burners blazing and laser sharp coordinates seemingly trained directly on the stationary UFO. It screamed relentlessly with bad intent toward the object while cruising at a 45 degree angle aimed from the ground with nose pointed upward, an acrobatic maneuver which seemed to be another very odd signature. I watched paralyzed with amazement. As the jet approached, either the UFO blipped upward ever so slightly, or, the jet dipped negligibly below the craft to avoid contact. I'm not quite sure which one performed the evasive maneuver however, the end result led to immediate bodily stress relief and welcomed easing of involuntary, exceedingly tight muscle contraction as a violent, potentially deadly collision between the two, fortunately, was not in the offing.

- Unedited Chemtrail / Contrail Photo - "Unknown Substance Disbursement" - The plume fanned out slowly to create a canopy of mystery - Chemtrail? Contrail? Yet to be disclosed, covertly deployed "Defensive Mechanism?" We may never uncover the truth -

- Unedited Chemtrail / Contrail Photo - "Unknown Substance Disbursement" - The plume fanned out slowly to create a canopy of mystery - Chemtrail? Contrail? Yet to be disclosed, covertly deployed "Defensive Mechanism?" We may never uncover the truth -

Exit UFO - Enter Chemtrail / Contrail

<<>> Within moments of the unidentified flying object's light speed disappearance, a near miraculous act which occurred within literal seconds after the military jet had briskly skirted the levitating disc just underneath its body by executing an aggressive pinpoint maneuver, a large unidentifiable commercial airliner sized aircraft entered frame almost directly overhead and positioned itself at an approximate 45 degree angle with nose aimed upward, similar to the military jet. Without hesitation, the air bus immediately began to exhibit the visual telltale vaporous signs of releasing a routine distribution, disbursement, and showering of the "stuff" of what appeared to be a proverbial "Chemtrail", or, what might have actually been a close cousin, the mundane, benign contrail consisting of ordinary, nontoxic terrestrial properties (Please see photo evidence).

<<>> Considering the fact that the incident did not appear in any local or national publications, neither print or visual, nor was the story disseminated in part or totality via web based media that I'm aware of, it leads me to believe there was no rendering of additional witnesses. A critical element to entice the production of a scientifically proven identification of the substance. A result which is obviously still pending and presumably will never be forthcoming. The massive spray lines, that eventually morphed deliberately into the typical large plume pattern generally associated with this type of mysterious activity, lethargically yet expediently engulfed the precise coordinates and immediate, uninterrupted contiguous air space in all directions. The "Stuff" of the chemtrail / contrail was placed exactly where the UFO had hovered motionless, then subsequently fled the scene at projectile speed without the slightest visible or audible sign of propulsion, exhaust, nor decibel one of ear detectable sound. It was just gone, and my chest muscles once again worked exhaustively to restrain and temper a rapidly pulsating heart.

<<>> Why was this steam like substance, presumably a "Chemtrail" given the context of the incident combined with all the concurrent supporting evidence, showered in the precise geographical area where the unidentified flying object had previously hovered uninterrupted until threatened by a military jet? Why was it distributed within seconds of the UFO appearance and disappearance? What is the chemtrail formula and does it contain properties thatare benign or potentially harmful to the human species? Was the spraying commissioned by the military or other private entity? Finally, as unbelievable as it may sound, the following question must be asked - Are chemtrails a defensive mechanism or "Umbrella of Safety" our government had covertly developed in a concerted effort to protect a vulnerable global population from detrimental consequences potentially caused by a sinister, mal intended confrontation, or even mere contact with a previously identified extra terrestrial life form? Or, was the UFO appearance, military jet "fly by" and aggressive posture, combined with a simultaneous alleged chemtrail distribution, just a mere coincidental occurrence? Unfortunately, acceptable answers to the preceding questions pertaining to why all this exceedingly unusual activity fortuitously converged upon this specific intersection, within the exact coordinates, at that precise time, spanning a total of 3 to 4 short minutes, is still pending a final rational explanation. Odds are extremely favorable at this point in time, answers, despite what they might lead to, will never be forthcoming.

<<>> In an effort to disclose all pertinent facts which may ultimately influence or shed additional light on the circumstances related to the incident, my home is virtually surrounded in just about every conceivable direction by military bases. Camp Pendleton is situated to the deep south near La Jolla Ca in the San Diego area, Los Alamitos Joint Forces Training Base is strategically and somewhat inconspicuously situated directly to the immediate south, an airfield which on occasion, will accommodate Air Force One, and last but certainly not least, the world famous Edwards Air Force Base to the northwest, an infamous, highly technological desert domiciled military facility that precedes itself by carrying a distinct history shrouded in ufological mystery. So needless to say, I'm very familiar with the wide array of air assets which operate in the skies daily en route to and from these designated locales. I'm fortunately the intrigued recipient of innumerable fly overs stemming from various reasons including but not limited to, secret training purposes, equipment delivery, and troop transport. But I must stress the following, this eventful, mildly disturbing sighting was unquestionably different in every way verses the routine encounter. The hovering object, jet surveillance and aggression, and subsequently disbursed chemtrail or contrail that accompanied it, a stream of white substance seemingly placed with pinpoint precision, appeared to be a tightly orchestrated sequence of occurrences I'd never seen before in my thirty years of residency. The entire incident from beginning to end, as brief as it was, caught me completely by surprise with its strange, surreal essence and somewhat frightening after taste.

- Approaching the UFO site in question at a near vertical angle as the airbus released its vaporous trail unto the awaiting powder blue sky -

- Approaching the UFO site in question at a near vertical angle as the airbus released its vaporous trail unto the awaiting powder blue sky -

Chemtrail / UFO Connection

Coincidence or Conspiracy & Cover Up?

<<>> Ever since the fateful incident, whenever I'm in investigative mode, I always find myself gently entangled in a personal struggle regarding this unusual, potentially earth shaking subject. Excluding the fostering of world peace and ensuring our precious senior citizens, lower income, and working class Americans are more than adequately provided for, what else could possibly be more important than the discovery of an alternate, co-existing civilization? Unquestionably a topic of immense intrigue, fascination, and incredible social and global defense importance that is slowly yet deliberately becoming more acceptable to rigidly schooled, previously unwavering experts within mainstream science as supportive evidence is uncovered. A flagrant, unapologetic battle between my usual rational thinking mode, which always dictates non-substantiated alien visitation is indicative of solid evidence supporting the theory that we as human beings must be a lone superior species operating a solo vessel within in the seemingly infinite universe, verses the temptation to unabashedly unleash the constrictive physiological chains, which serve no useful purpose but to impede freedom of thought fostering stagnation, in a mighty effort to allow myself to stretch the parameters of what we traditionally perceive as reality only to someday, hopefully soon, uncover the prevailing truth.

<<>> With the preceding in mind, I must continue to ask the following questions in summation if only for the self indulgent reason to satisfy an insatiable curiosity pertaining to a series of critically important, potentially life altering circumstances. They are the following in no particular order - Is the overt, systematic, nationwide airborne disbursement of what some research oriented individuals have alleged or prematurely classified as a mysterious chemically enhanced substance contained within the plume of some distinct "Chemtrails", the essential elements of an advanced global protective canopy designed specifically to neutralize and repel the invasive, perhaps sinister dark intent of an advanced alien or inner dimensional civilization? A substance conceived and born of necessity, did we discover the proverbial kryptonite to Superman? Could it be possible that a hand picked delegation of scientists, working diligently within the protective walls of top secret venues, covertly tested and subsequently developed a fail safe industrial strength aerosol formula that contains the vital properties, when carefully mixed together, concurrently provide an impenetrable natural defense against an ultra-advanced alien element? If this is true, are the fumes contained within the content proven to be environmentally safe, or is the content potentially hazardous to human beings and or other precious life forms currently living and thriving on planet Earth?

<<>> Gaining Perspective & Momentum -Today, as a result of incredible and in some peculiar cases, rather frightening technological advancements, we have acquired the capability which enables almost all of us, as fully functional human beings, to verbally, physically, and mentally communicate with micro chipped circuit boards to interpret, augment, and transfer data and thoughts, or even manipulate devises using only mind power. In addition, nano-technology is rapidly advancing, new biological species of plant and animal, some of which were previously thought to be extinct for millions of years, are currently being discovered with relative frequency, and Eric Von Daniken's "Ancient Alien Astronaut Theory", once thought to be the painfully ludicrous end product of nonsensical, delusional, quasi psychotic overactive imagination disorder, or, an ingeniously easy way to make a buck from the general public via book sales, depending upon the angle from which both are viewed and perceived, continues to raise legitimate questions in this specific field of study. Questions of which are still pending valid answers pertaining to how primitive man, using negligible tools, limited resources, and presumably devoid of crucial blueprints, was capable of building up and in some cases tearing down, rock solid monumental structures without the aide of essential modern machinery, advanced technology, or building plans.

<<>> The list of highly qualified, credible, purportedly expert guest contributors to the smash hit cable television series has also experienced significant growth. An apparent result of either genuine personal revelations resulting in a belief system adjustment, or perhaps a natural course of evolutionary thinking leading to a new appreciation for the expanding mountain of evidence presented and gaining momentum within the scientific community. Or, the dramatic shift in collective opinion could be a result of the irresistible enticement of monetary consideration acting as magnet for their input whether it be valid, fabricated, or somewhere in between. Sifting out the truth should become an easier exercise as time passes and the experts continue to reveal their previously undisclosed inner thoughts. With this said, and after being couched and presented within the preceding fact based context, how inconceivable is the concept which includes the theory of the existence of a beyond top secret, covertly developed protective canopy called a chemtrail, which was designed to repel an extra terrestrial life form? Is it truly a preposterous assertion?

<<>> Although my preliminary fundamental theory draws a plausible direct connection between some cases of UFO activity and suspiciously targeted chemtrails, conclusively classifying them as non-coincidental events is based upon a solitary incident rooted in personal eyewitness testimony obviously of purely speculative nature until definitive confirmation can be achieved. My hope is that others who have reported accounts of both conjoined, and or separate instances of this phenomena in the past, and those of whom will inevitably continue to observe chemtrails and UFOs in the future, will do so from this point forward while applying a more vigilant posture and awareness. Scanning the entire scope of their surroundings in an effort to either validate or dismiss the simultaneous appearance of both UFO's and chemtrails within the immediate area at a coinciding time frame.

<<>> Perpetually moving and growing forward, if we as a concerned, engaged global populous begin to observe, experience, and substantiate a more significant link between strange, unconventional or unidentifiable objects in the sky, and lengthy, narrow emissions containing unknown smoke like substances being jettisoned from within a holding tank or fuselage of unmarked military or commercial aircraft, maybe then, we as an interested and potentially adversely affected global community can begin to piece together the puzzle by systematically uncovering plausible answers to the mystery. Thereafter, from that life changing point forward, we can develop a viable action plan designed to either ratify and approve this invasive yet necessary spraying strategy presumably intended to preserve the integrity of our one and only inhabitable planet for all future generations, or strongly condemn the unilateral actions taken without our consent. If and when the answers come, we as a collective global community via authorized agents will then be empowered with the practical and legal knowledge necessary to re-affirm our right to rigorously investigate, discover, create, and obtain valid work product to formally indict if warranted. Finally, if deemed necessary, a zealous prosecution of perpetrators of this negligent, potentially harmful activity to the fullest extent of the law.


<<>> In conclusion, I can confidently attest to the fact that the highly suspicious sequence of incredibly fascinating surreal events that unfolded before my very eyes including the timing, close proximity, and relationship between the presumed chemtrail, the UFO, and jet, whether the hovering physical manifestation was a highly advanced, man made mechanical probe or weapon, a fully functional covert black project craft summoned and commissioned by our military, or even an alien engineered biological or mechanical entity constructed by a universally foreign species, was in my opinion, justifiably classified as extending beyond the convenient realm of mere coincidence - An incident which has the potential for astronomically important global consequences.

<<>> Although I can unequivocally rule out a balloon or other closely related trivial object, at present, unfortunately I lack sufficient supportive data to definitively suggest or deny the incident I had witnessed first hand was one of the following usual or unusual suspects:

  • Military Black Project -
  • Technologically Advanced & Aerodynamically Superior Foreign Invader Aircraft -
  • Or, the highly speculative, unlikely assumption and somewhat terrifying alternative explanation, one in which we as a self proclaimed rational thinking populous continue to avoid like the proverbial plague despite the growing avalanche of evidence. Namely, a mechanical probe sent unto us by an unknown intergalactic time traveling delegation, or extra terrestrial occupied disc, or even the remnants of a medical instrument injecting what appears to be a gaseous substance administered carefully and deliberately by a skilled doctor - A potentially transcending inoculation to be delivered into the universal stream of life <>
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Alternative Prime (author) from > California on January 06, 2013:

Welcome tlpoague and thanks for sharing your experience -

Here's my take -

Although the "Bigfoot / UFO" theory is interesting and a connection between the two is remote but certainly not completely discounted from the realm of possibilities as presented by "Ancient Alien" theorists, I still believe they are distinct entities with diverging stories & partitioned history.

It's highly unlikely yet diminutively plausible for an enormous humanoid type primate such as Gigantopithecus to have escaped extinction in the past, approximately 100,000 years ago, only to roam freely now within isolated swaths of forested Earth while we in our advanced modernized society navigate daily lives within our own contrived concrete jungles. An intriguing thought which does indeed warrant privately funded exploration by scientists & expert trackers within the crypto clan.

In strikingly stark contrast, the UFO / Contrail phenomenon or what might turn out to be a society shaking "Contrail Issue", is distinguishably unique with elevated implications of importance verses the potential discovery of a large bipedal creature. Bigfoot, Yeti, the Abominable et al great ape like beasts of unabashed eccentricity do not threaten humanity or civilization either intentionally or inadvertently, however, even used as a passive dispersant to achieve a yet to be disclosed objective, contrails just might. Therein lies one chilling difference.

Contrails, UFOs, Alien Repellant - Nothing or something? It's worth a close look -

Tammy from USA on January 04, 2013:

This made for some interesting reading. I have seen the chem-trails in the sky, along with possible UFO's that have hovered over our town. (I have even finally heard a bigfoot outside of town that occurred not long after I seen something that looked like a UFO.) I am intrigued to what they are and if it is some kind of cover-up. Interesting indeed! Thanks!

Alternative Prime (author) from > California on August 16, 2012:

To all readers -

I've received some interesting interpretations of what is depicted in the images embedded within the entry above - Some are simply outlandish claims, but one individual suggested the disc shaped hovering craft is possibly a blimp - I can see where she could have arrived at that conclusion from just "reading" the photo from afar, there does seem to be one or possibly even two slight appendages attached to the craft, but I was actually there as this event unfolded and in my estimation it was no blimp or deviation of an airship -

The unknown images within the photos were captured approximately 7 miles away from Angels Stadium, and there is indeed an active "Blimp" lane which extends to and from the event center so I'm privy to witness frequent fly overs and visitation by the "GoodYear" which involuntarily forces a person to become very familiar with distinct characteristics, and once again, just to clarify, I can assure all readers this was not a mundane, ordinary occurrence -

Still "Unknown & Searching" for answers to piece together my incidental, lifelong involvement -