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UFOs: Is It Time To Disclose The Truth?

I have seen a massive ship in the sky. This is my experience of a massive, silent UFO that knows I saw it.

Ariel View Of Warton Bae.



On the 18th October 2014, I had an experience that not only changed my life forever but it left me feeling afraid and confused.

I live in Lancashire next to Warton, Bae airfield. Between me and the aerodrome is a park and open space. Beyond the aerodrome there is the sea. There are no buildings blocking my view and out of my six foot by five window, I have a clear view of the open sky.

On the morning of 18th October 2014, I woke up about 2.45 am which was my usual time to wake up as I only sleep four or five hours. I had slept well and felt refreshed so I got up, turned on the light and was about to make myself a cup of tea when out of the corner of my eye, I noticed a big flash in the sky. Thinking it was going to be a thunder and lightning storm, I made myself a drink, turned off the light and sat to watch the storm through my window. It was a clear night with not much cloud and there was no rain. The sky flashed again only this time I noticed a massive disc shaped craft with two rows of lights around its edges sat silently in the sky. I could see it close up and it made no sound as it hung there. It was bigger than anything I have ever seen in my life and it made no sound. I was absolutely stunned with shock and disbelief at what I was looking at. I reached over and grabbed my phone and found the camera, pointed it at the craft through the window and pressed the button to take the picture. There was a massive flash from my camera that reflected off the window and blinded me. Blinded from the flash I dropped to my knees, terrified that whoever was in this craft will have seen me lit up in the window.

I stayed on the floor for a while shaking. It could have been seconds or minutes I don’t know how long I was there. I felt hysterical and was too scared to move. As I was on the floor, I tried to convince myself that I must have imagined what I had just seen. Something about what it meant to be human with all my beliefs and fears were severely tested in the time that I was on the floor. I knew that my life would never be the same again because of what I had just seen and I really did not want to believe it myself.

Eventually, after giving myself a stern telling off for being so silly and imagining such things I managed to pluck up courage to get off the floor and take a look out of the window and the craft had gone. I started laughing at myself and tried to convince myself that I was tired and that I had imagined it all. I had not been well with a cough and cold so tried to convince myself I must be ill. I told myself to get a grip and pull myself together.

Just to convince myself that there was nothing out there I took my Nexus Tablet that has video recording, propped it up in my window and aimed it towards the sky in the direction I had seen the craft. I grabbed my note pad and starting trying to describe what I had just seen and drew a picture. I gave myself another talking to about imagining seeing UFO’s. I promised myself I would eat better and get more rest and exercise and then maybe I would not be imagining UFO’s. I put on my television and tried to distract myself as if I had only experienced a bad dream.

I was in shock and I sat there crying and shaking in the dark trying to convince myself it had not happened and that I could not have seen a massive craft sat in the sky. 'Don't be silly I told myself', as I tried hard to convince myself that my imagination was playing tricks on me. The image of the craft was imprinted on my mind and when I closed my eyes I could see it clearly. In my mind’s eye the image was like looking at a massive cruise ship up close with all its lights on. I was too afraid to put on my lights so I sat in the dark and prayed when I do not normally pray.

This is a sketch that I took that night.

This is a sketch that I took that night.

Scrambled Jet?

I looked at my clock and it was just after 4 am which meant the incident had lasted for over an hour but it had seemed only minutes to me. As I sat in the dark trying to calm down and looking at the dark clear sky, I noticed a jet in the distance flying from west to east. I am used to seeing jets being tested in Warton and watch them often but it is unusual to see one so early in the morning. Wondering if the jet had been scrambled to investigate what I believe I had just witnessed, I got up to the window to watch the jet to see where it was headed. I could see that it was going in the direction of where I had seen the craft. When the jet got to the area I had last seen the craft it stopped and just hovered there.

My mind felt baffled and I was bordering on hysteria because I could not understand how or why a jet could seem to stop and hover in the air. I could feel my mind racing and was trying to stay calm and keep it together. Still trying to convince myself that it was not happening, I was absolutely fascinated as I watched. Then there was another bright flash that lit up the whole of the sky and as clear as anything the massive craft had reappeared and it was obviously a UFO and it was out of this world. I could clearly see that the jet seemed to be hovering at an entrance to the craft. At this point my brain could take no more and I went screaming for my teenage son who was sleeping in the next room.

I was sobbing as I woke my son up. “There is a massive craft in the sky” I cried. Then it occurred to me that what I was about to show my son would be too much for him to comprehend. “Don’t be scared when you see it, don’t be scared we will be ok!”, I cried over and over. We both ran to the window but the craft and the plane was gone. I think the plane must have gone in the craft because it did not have time to fly away. I was trying hard to keep it together but was crying and begging him not to be afraid even though I felt beyond terrified.

As we both stood there in the dark watching the sky we noticed an orange object in the sky in the distance coming from the west. The object flew back and forward at great speed and then appeared to change shape as it manoeuvred around. My son was gobsmacked as we watched. Eventually the orange object went off in the direction over the sea and disappeared. The skies got lighter and there was no more activity.

Hovering Harrier Jet.

St Annes On Sea sighting.

St Annes On Sea sighting.

St Annes On Sea UFO

I tried to find a rational explanation for what I had seen but the terrifying reality is, whether I want to accept it or not, I have seen, close up, a massive disc shaped craft sat silently in the sky. I struggled mentally as I tried desperately to make sense of it all. The next day I went online and was shocked to see I am not the only one who has seen a UFO. I found proof that a jet can hover in the sky and finding that out just convinced me more of what I had seen.

My eldest son rang me that day and I was still in shock and crying as I explained what I had experienced. He informed me that a UFO had been seen the day before in Lytham St Annes, which is just a couple of miles from my home.

Many people at a conference in St Annes had gone outside to have a group photograph when they saw what they thought was a UFO sat in the sky. I looked at the image of the St Annes sighting but it was nothing like what I had seen. None of the images I saw online and there are thousands, came close to what I had seen up close.

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Late on the following day I remembered that I had propped the camera up in the window and left it filming. When I looked at the video I was even more convinced that I had not imagined it. My camera had filmed what looked like orange orbs in the night sky and it filmed a light source that came over the top of my window before it withdrew. I was stunned and even more terrified that something had been filmed over the top of my home and just outside my window at 4 in the morning and it had not made a sound. My camera had continued filming and recorded the bright flash in the sky that I had clearly seen with my own eyes.

Time To Disclose The Truth.

Since I saw the craft in the sky I have done much research on UFO sightings all over the world. I have found that Russia and other countries and their leaders have said it is time to disclose the truth about UFO and aliens on our planet.

The former Canadian minister of defence, Paul Hellyer, claimed it is time the people of the world knew the truth and that they have the rights to know that UFO's are real.

Former astronaut Milton Torres also thinks that it is time to disclose to the world that UFO's exist but they are covered up by the government. As do other astronauts and pilots around the world such as Major Gordon Cooper, who was the last American astronaut to fly through space alone. He claims to have seen many UFO's and confirms they are real.

The Eu Commission President 2016, Jean Claude Juncker said in a meeting in Brussels that he had met and listened to several leaders of other planets which is confirmation that other beings out of our world exists.

Dr Steven M. Greer who founded the Center for the study of Extraterrestrial Intelligence, (CSETI) and founder of the Disclosure Project also says it is time to disclose the truth about aliens and UFO activity on our planet.

I reported my sighting to Mufon which is the worlds largest investigative body in UFO phenomenon.

We Are Not Alone.

Since my sighting I watch the skies often. I accept that we are not alone and accept that from my research aliens have been with us for thousands of years. I try not to be afraid and two years on I am much calmer about my experience. Yes there are those that laugh when I tell of what I have seen and I say laugh away. I know what I have seen and I wish I had not seen it. As I said before my life has been changed forever and my belief system has been scrambled as a result of my experience. I know that I am not going to let what I have seen continue to frighten me and I accept we are not alone.

My Video

My video of what I filmed that night was filmed in portrait with the light source coming in at the top of the screen. When I put my video on hub pages the light shows on the right side of the screen. At first when I reviewed what had been filmed I could see nothing on the film. Later that day I looked again in a darkened room and was shocked at what I had recorded. The film is difficult to see and needs to be viewed in a darkened room to see the full impact of the light. 40 seconds into the film something is filmed coming over the top of my window. At 1 min 5 seconds my camera picked up the flash in the sky.

I can be heard in the background coughing because I had a cold and I can also be heard scrambling around in the cupboard in front of the window trying to find food in the dark because I was too afraid to put the light on.

I cannot explain the light source above my window that night but I know it did not make a sound as it came over the top of my home. I would be grateful for any ideas of what it could have been.What do you think it could have been?

For full impact of what l recorded this video need to be watched in a DARKENED place.

Below the video is a frame by frame image of the video starting with the bottom one first. Whatever it is, it silently came over my roof top just after I had seen the UFO. If I had not left the camera running I would never have known something was above my home.

Frame By Frame Images Of Video



I have recently discovered that my video has been removed by Youtube or someone.

43 seconds in a silent craft came over my roof and then retracted. 1 minute 6 seconds in another flash in the sky.


Robert Sacchi on August 20, 2020:

The DoD is going to establish an Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAP) Task Force (UAPTF).

Louise Elcross (author) from Preston on February 03, 2017:

As I have said before, I was brought up in a strict religious abusive home. I have always prayed but also had a fear of God. When I saw this UFO, every thing I had been taught about our world and God fell apart and left me confused. It still pray because my conditioning and beliefs run deep but I am definitely shaken and confused after this experience. Thanks you for your comment.

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