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Two Trees of Importance in the Garden

Our life stages are unique, Kathy enjoys sharing her thoughts and stages through her writing and looks forward to learning about yours.


Two Trees One Instruction

The Garden of Eden had two trees of importance. The Tree of Knowledge shows good and evil, and the Tree of Life has two trees with straightforward instructions.

Imagine a stranger with kind eyes and a welcoming presence who invited you into the world. Would you go? Then this stranger offered you peace, love, and abundance when needed. Would you follow?

When someone entices you with a dream come true, the new car, phone, or any temptation, curiosity peaks; after some reservations, would you accept the offer, knowing it’s not the correct choice?

Once you have it, are you fulfilled, or do you succumb to the routine of having the luxury and desire more, never to satisfy?

Was this not the choice in the garden, to live free and in the beauty of His perfect paradise, always having the tree of life eternal with one exception, to not take from the Tree of Knowledge?

It was a life-changing choice, for God gave them everything with one instruction.

He also created man and woman from man. He would not intervene in their decisions; this was free will—the ability to make a choice. Once there’s a determination, a significant action follows, and so it continues to this day.

People are willful, but by the Grace of God, we can resist the inclination to evil. We can choose Christ, an option for all, living with His grace and forgiveness. Trials will continue. However, there will be a constant companion on the journey.

How often do we continue to repeat mistakes and pick the forbidden fruit? We commit to living a life for Him, yet we continue to struggle in the intense battle of spiritual warfare. The attitude is if I can get this, then I will start not doing that, or as soon as I do it one more time, I will forever change.

Keep Your Focus

We can say, “the devil made me do it.” It’s easy to blame rather than to accept our inherited sinful nature. The cross frees us, and by faith in God’s promises, we receive a new character through Baptism. This new life is in quest of the living tree. However, we do not change. Instead, Baptism is forgiveness in the spirit and awareness that we sin in the flesh.

We will continue to live in temptation, yet we mature through this process. This process continues for our lifetime, so we pray, “Forgive our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us.”

Do we choose if tempted by the desires of our hearts and human wants?

Given trial or confusion, we often stumble, which leads to a time of grace and growth for His glory, and how we hold up depends on our maturity and our walk with Him.

Temptation causes one to doubt the goodness of God, as in the garden, we trip because of stumbling blocks or trials, allowing a vulnerable state. Instead, we need to focus on the purpose of a life lived well to fulfill God’s design. The evil sway of idols remains. When shaken without a mission-driven faith, one may doubt the goodness of God and stray down the forbidden path.

John 14:6, Jesus answered, “I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.”

One must focus on Jesus and not on the distractions of self or others. Looking at oneself is not the answer; in some ways, introspection is a consequence of forbidden fruit. To look at oneself and judge by one’s knowledge leads to a prideful appreciation of the performance. Perhaps it leads to the guilt of not meeting the “job description” of being a Christian.

God wants neither of these outcomes; He made us for Him and His Kingdom for us to trust in the cross and live by faith in a relationship with Him.

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Getting our focus on Jesus, keeping an attitude of faith, and not on anything or anyone else is the only choice. With this choice, one begins a renewed process of growth in His word. God, our Father, then chooses His ways of revealing the Holy Spirit through many methods. Trusting that whatever Christ brings to you is a means of living for Him as He shows Himself to you as an individual child of His.

Keep the focus on the fruit of the living tree. We have ways of sharing in God’s word through anointed preaching and study of the story and worship, but let us not forget to seek Him first in all people and presentation methods. We perform in surrender, keeping the focus on Jesus always. To stumble or slip is human; to claw your way back through denial of self is repent. Go before Him as his child and ask His forgiveness. He will always say, “Not guilty,” His love is unconditional. Seek Him in all and forgive unconditionally, over and over, as He forgives you. We are all His, and by the grace of His sacrifice, we can partake of the actual living tree.

Overcome by Desperation Band

Overcome No Worries

You, yes you, need not worry, for He already overcame sin for you. He died for you. He loved you and created you in His image. By His grace, He gave His Son to walk amongst His people and teach them as man. He suffered, died, and rose again after three days. He did this as He paid for the sins of us all, that by His cross, we receive His grace to live eternally with Him in heaven. If you believe in His body and blood, shed for you, repent of sin, and live in His likeness, you shall not perish. Faith in Christ should continue and instruct you to disciple those who have not heard the Good News.

What does it mean to disciple? Imagine if you had a lost puppy. You would ache in your heart and want to find him. You would put up signs and tell the world he is missing. God uses us to disciple. He wants us to shine His light, so the lost seek Him, those hiding, those slipping, and those on the edge of the choices of good versus evil. You can be that sign, for the lost, by sharing Christ and loving them, and bringing them back home to their Father and protector. We are His sheep, and He uses the light of His Spirit living within His followers to gather the flock and return them to the herd. He is the Shepherd, and He wants to lose not even one.

If we are righteous, wanting, flashy followers, we risk dimming the light, making it less bright, and limiting those in need of seeing it. I enjoy a lighted walkway, which simplifies finding our way. He overcame for us; at least we can keep adding fuel to His fire so all can see a life of worship.

Unlit Paths Make it Hard to Stay on Course

A path not well lit allows for sheep to lose their way

A path not well lit allows for sheep to lose their way

A lighted Path Is Followed

Light the path for all to come to Him

Light the path for all to come to Him

What Type of Fuel, are you Supplying?

© 2013 Kathy Henderson


Kathy Henderson (author) from Pa on June 14, 2013:

Faith Reaper ~ Thank you so much for your sweet encouragement and reminding us how we must always be thankful and looking up. Have a blessed and wonderful weekend.

Kathy Henderson (author) from Pa on June 14, 2013:

Thank You Dear Blossom your words are so encouraging and appreciated. Have a blessed and beautiful day.

Bronwen Scott-Branagan from Victoria, Australia on June 14, 2013:

This is such a well thought out hub and the image at the beginning draws the reader towards what is to follow. Both interesting and useful.

Faith Reaper from southern USA on June 14, 2013:

Another excellent hub of His truths here! Yes, let us keep looking up and not from side to side!

Voted up ++++

God bless you. In His Love, Faith Reaper

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