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Spiritual Burnout? "How You Can Turn Your Monotony Into Ministry."


by Candace Green

I love the lessons in words, to think on them and apply them to life. I was randomly thinking about the word "monotony." mo·not·o·ny

Definition: lack of interest and variety ; tedious repetition and routine.

"You can become resigned to the monotony of captivity"

Synonyms: dullness, tediousness, luniformity, lack of variety, tedium, boredom, repetitiveness, routineness, wearisomeness, tiresomeness;

Paul and Silas came to mind. These guys were eventful preachers; so eventful that they wound up in prison, bound to stocks, beaten and bruised. Then came the "monotony" part of the story. You see the prisons now days are 4 star hotels compared to this prison. In those times some prisons were in pitch black caves, rat infested, unsanitary, and you were watched over in the mirror of the sword.

These guys may have been bound hand in foot, but they were not going to cave in to "monotony." These guys had action in their blood, and the Spirit of God backing them up. I can imagine it started with a hum, then it turned into a jail-house jamboree----Those shackles turned into cymbals. If they were in a cave-like setting, they might of sounded like a mini choir, as the echo replicated across the chambers, sending impulses of praise throughout the heavens.

Then it happened, God saw a couple guys who just couldn't stand another monotonous moment here in this prison, He saw that in the midst of this pathetic place, they found their praise. The walls begin to shake, the shackles came off. Instead of taking their opportunity to escape, the missionary inside of them came out looking for an opportunity.

The poor jailer felt powerless now, so he drew his sword to take his life. Then Paul and Silas spoke up informing him that all were still there and accounted for. They jumped right into telling him about Jesus. The jailer and his household were saved----What a result when "monotony" is turned into "ministry!"

What is your choice? Will you tolerate the "monotony?" or will you break out into random, ridiculous faith in God, stepping out of your comfort zone?

"Use what you have, mix it with praise, and God will turn your "monotony" into a "ministry."


God still speaks when everything around you seems to contradict Him; instead of believing all the strange voices, listen to the One who lives in your heart.....THEN BELIEVE ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE!


Trust Him

The bullets are flying, your heart feels like dying--Trust Him
You'll never fall, answering His call--- Trust Him
Winter's froze the plans you chose ----Trust Him
The enemy's gaze is still in the haze---Trust Him
Your best fight is doing whats right----Trust Him
Victory is won, here comes the sun--You trusted Him

By Candace Green


Candace Green (author) from OKLAHOMA on March 14, 2014:

You are most welcome :) Thanks.

Ronald E Franklin from Mechanicsburg, PA on March 14, 2014:

This is a great word of encouragement - that even the moments when we feel hemmed in or even shackled can be turned into ministry. Thanks!

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