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True North Carolina Ghost Stories

Carries Grave Near Washington North Carolina

The Gravesite Of Carrie Near Washington North Carolina

The Gravesite Of Carrie Near Washington North Carolina

Downtown Washington North Carolina

Downtown Washington North Carolina

True Ghost Story Of Carrie The Little Girl Ghost Who Causes Accidents Near Washington North Carolina.

A little girl named Carrie has been haunting the roads leading east out of Washington North Carolina for well over a hundred years now. She loved watching the horse and buggies and the few cars around at that time come and go at her grandfathers store.She was only three years old at the time and the story goes that she fell off the high part of the porch at her grandfathers store and was badly injured.

She died a few days later and was buried near by. You can see her gravestone above. Over the years Carrie has been seen often always wearing the same pale yellow dress she was buried in. She runs out in front of cars in the area or people see her on the roadside. Many people over the years have called the local police only to be told don't worry its only Carrie.

And in 1966 and again in 1989 Carrie caused tragic accidents when she ran out into traffic and caused bad accidents when people tried to avoid her and ran into other cars. So if your ever in the Washington North Carolina area be very careful if you see a small girl in or near the road. She has been seen on several roads in the area. And many people over the years have seen her and almost all report her the same way in the pale yellow dress.

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Ghost Of The Girl At The Underpass

True Ghost Story Of The Girl At The Underpass.

True Ghost Story Of The Girl At The Underpass.

True Ghost Story Of The Girl At The Underpass

Over the years at an underpass near Greensboro North Carolina young men have been picking up a young girl dressed like she is going to a party. She flags down cars with one young man in them and asks them to take her home.

She tells anyone who picks her up that she and her date got in a fuss and she made him let her out back at the under pass. They all drive her home to a house in High Point where she vanishes before she can get out of the car.

Some of the young men over the years have gone back to the house in daylight only to learn that the girl was killed in that underpass when the car she and her boyfriend were in ran head on into another car in the underpass. She was killed on a foggy night in April 1959 and has been appearing to people ever since. She looks perfectly normal people say until they stop at the house in High Point to let her out and she vanishes.

The Maco Light


True Ghost Story Of The Maco Light

On a misty night in 1867 a freight train was slowly making its way down the track near Maco 15 miles from Wilmington North Carolina. All at once the flagman Joe who was riding in the Caboose saw a fast moving passenger train coming down the track towards the back of the freight train. Joe swung the lantern and tried to get the passenger train to stop but it struck the freight train and knocked it off the track. Joe was killed and in fact his head was actually cut off in the accident. The passenger train hit the freight train so hard it knocked Joe out of the Caboose and into the swamp. And even though there was an extensive search done for Joe's head it was never found and he was buried with out it.

And over the years ever since the night of the horrible train wreck in 1867 Joe's headless ghost has been seen with his lantern flashing it back and forth like he is trying to signal someone. Over the years people have wondered if Joe is looking for his head or is he trying to signal to a passing train.

In 1889 President Grover Cleveland on a political trip through the area saw the light as have hundreds of other people over the years. It really makes you wonder how so many people down thru the years can tell almost the same exact story if they are not really seeing anything.

True Ghost Story Of Mt. Misery Road


True Ghost Story Of Mt. Misery Road

This road used to be the path new slaves took as they were walked the ninety miles to the Slave Market in Fayetteville North Carolina. If a slave was slow or sick from the long sea voyage they had just finished across the ocean they were killed and thrown in the woods along the way. It is the ghosts of those slaves that are seen by people as they drive along Mt. Misery Road. Many people tell of seeing black people in strange clothes either in the road or standing beside it.People have also claimed to hear people singing in strange languages. Lights are also seen in the woods along the road. But no one can ever find the source of those lights.

Over the years there have been many many people who have seen the ghosts and people also claim to feel like something is watching them along the road there. Some people including ghost hunters claim it was all the tragedy that occurred in the area that makes people feel the way they do about the area. Most ghost hunters who have visited the area claim it is a hot bed of paranormal activity.

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The Brompton Ghost

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True Ghost Stories

On this hub page you will find several true ghost stories from North Carolina. Please read them and tell us what you think. Have you ever seen a ghost. Why not tell us your true ghost story in the comment section below. We really would like to hear your true ghost story. So feel free to post it in the comment section below.  

Why Not Post Your True Ghost Stories Below Now

Another Of North Carolina's Haunted Houses.

Another Of North Carolina's Haunted Houses.

Why Not Post Your True Ghost Story Comments Below Now.

Lena Shepard on October 23, 2017:

I believe in stories that can't be explained. I have been gifted in seeing ghost or spirits in my life time. on December 07, 2015:

I was only a small child of about 8 when I had my first paranormal experience, there had been a domestic dispute between my parents and I was put to bed very upset, , as the fight went on I became very frightened and called out to my grandma, , all of a sudden my bedroom filled with the scent of roses which calmed my tears and put me to sleep, ,,, many years later as a grown woman I asked my mother if there were roses planted under my window in the old house that I couldn't remember, ,, she said definitely not as she herself didn't like flowers because of her hayfever ,, but she told me that my great grandmother loved roses and had a large garden of them, , I hadn't ever been to my nanna's house, , she had died when I was a baby, ,, a true story, ,, Chrissy from Australia xxx

Thomas Byers (author) from East Coast , United States on December 14, 2014:

Thank you for your heart felt words. Never give up on your writing. Always dare to dream and if you can make your dreams come true. I've read some really great work of yours. Remember if you were a writer at 8 your still a writer. So write. I wish you all the best, peace, and happiness. Hope to hear from you again some day. Be happy.

Ashley TKL on December 14, 2014:

Tom, if I may use the short form.. I am touched deeply by your sentiments. Somehow I find that I can relate to you. I am happy to know that you found some peace and yes, I am a Christian by religion but personally I believe in Him also and not in religion that became too much of a human doctrine but a believe that He is here..and faithful. I had my own crises in life, a 3 types of heart failure's survivor and I still have ASD. Yet I am active and strong but the energy is not as durable as I like it to be. I hope to read from you again. Today is my foster/adopted dad's birthday, he is 65. He raised me when he was a bachelor; about 30 years ago. Yeah.. I am glad you are an established writer, I started at age 8 and write stories to share with childhood chosen friends whom I can't remember now. Yet, I have not tried hard enough to make it into the publishing world. Thomas and Nelson has great offers few years ago. I have A box of manuscripts stored without closure. I read it sometimes. I am going to do something about it. There must be more than just a lifetime of dreams. Thanks for leaving the comment's reply. I still want to read more and will be back soon.

Thomas Byers (author) from East Coast , United States on December 12, 2014:

I am both people Thomas Byers and Crazyhorsesghost. Thank you for your very kind words. I am Thomas Byers. When I first started here at Hub Pages over 7 years ago I wanted to use the pen name Crazyhorsesghost to separate myself from my writings around New York as Thomas Byers. I don't know why I wanted to do that but now I don't care. I wrote for several New York Newspapers in the late 1970s and up through 1986. I was considered a radical Catholic activist. I was a very outspoken critic of the Vietnam War and then they elected tricky dicky twice. They killed the Kennedy brothers and Martin Luther King and yes I think all three murders are connected. I became disillusioned and after retiring from the US Navy I moved to Key West where I live part of each year. I live the rest of the year in North Carolina and also London in the UK. I've lived a complicated life but I've come full circle and found peace with the religion of my Grandfathers. I'm roughly 1/3 Sioux. My Grandmother was from Pineridge and she was my fathers mother. On my Moms side I'm Irish and Cherokee. Quite a mutt if I do say so myself. I love writing and the paranormal. Not many people know this but I was a fairly famous writer at one time. I wrote about one of the greatest loves of my life and that was the New York Yankees. Thank God for making me a Yankees Fan. I was there for the last out at the old stadium and it still brings tears to my eyes to think about it. I go to Braves and Marlin games now but my heart is still in New York with the Yankees. On the morning of 9-11 I lost three very close friends and many people I know. I will never forget 9-11 and what was done to America that day. Ginjill ashberry thank you for making me think this Friday afternoon. Sorry if I rambled but I just needed to say those things. I really like people who make me thing. Thanks my friend. The world is a better place that you are in it. If you have a question always ask. You may just get an answer.

Ashley TKL on December 11, 2014:

I am sorry, I have been reading hubs of yours since last night and realized you are hubber Crazyhorsesghost. I kept thinking Thomas Byers. Thank you once more for a great hub. I am interested in spiritual and paranormal since I was very young. It seemed that I was out of thrills until I read yours.

Aditi on October 25, 2014:

yupp i too reallu believe on all ghost nd panaromal stories butt .....also on lets pray for ebery one who face such dangerous incidents....may god always bless every one ...nd never let anyone face such horrible nd unforgettable incidents...

Lissa Clason from Fayetteville, NC on October 17, 2014:

I'm from North Carolina and I hadn't heard of any of these, but now I want to go and check these places out! If I see anything spooky I'll let you know.

karlita on August 31, 2013:

I was 6 yrs old living on Ft. Bragg army housing 1974. Still to this day I can't forget what I saw in our house. I was on the bus coming home from school and when the bus got to my stop my mother wasn't there twith my sister like always :( I had to walk up this huge hill to get to our qtrs in the rain. anyway I had my key around my neck took it off and let my self in. I yelled for my mom, no answer. so I got hungry and went into the bathroom which was across the kitchen to wash my hands. finished washing my hands, proceeded to the kitchen to fix me a Goober PB J sandwich and as soon as I finished making the sandwich, I went into the dining area and u can see the stairs that led upstairs , I saw this hideous pale face green faced lady with mangy black hair her face was horrid and her teeth were rotten ugh giving me the creep's thinking about it. she had this white torn gown on and she started to come down the stairs saying " I'm ma kill you you little Bitch"!!! OMG! I dropped the sandwich and napkin and started for the sliding glass door to run to a neighbor house but she chased me around the living room coffee table and if u know about army housing its really small. anyway i finally got to the sliding glass door and ran to several neighbors saying this lady was trying to kill me!!! I was crying and yelling for my parents good thing my neighbors 3 doors down got me quiet until my parents came home even she was scared to go in there. I'll never forget that raining day at Ft. Bragg and my parents said I made it upand got my ass whup for leaving the door open smh. It still haunts me and now when I tell my mom this story she believes me because the story has always been the same. I tell you what? I haven't been back in NC, even in my Military days 1991-2001 I don't dare to eat a Goober PBJ sandwich ever again not even my kids . has anyone experience that before ? this shit stills haunt me because I can still see her ratchet face . many sleepless nights in that house. I would wet the bed all the time i was scared to use the bathroom at night. I was so happy in 1975 my Pops got stationed to Ft. Rich.:) I still think about that hideous creature even with the lights on at nite.

ghost1seeker on July 06, 2013:

You are so talented! I am too scared to keep reading your hub, as it's late right now... but I so am goig to come back to it tomorrow...morning. I am way way oler than nine by the way more like 5x 9 and something lol keep on writing hubs love them! Oh by the way my comp broke down and I have to use an ipad...many mistakes on my typing :):

ryantylersmith on April 25, 2013:

Hey, my name is Ryan. I am 20 years old and have been living in North Carolina for most of my life. I have always been intrigued by ghosts and paranormal activity. I have had many experiences, and just thinking about them brings tears to my eyes and makes goose bumps appear all over me. My first experience with a ghost, I was a child, in elementary school. We lived in an old house right outside of Asheboro, near Lake Lucas. II have always had insomnia, even as a child. I remember this night fondly, because it scared me half to death. It was late, and I lay on the bottom bunk of my brother and i bunk beds, everyone in the house was asleep except for me. I laythere for a while, telling myself,not to be afraid of noises a house makes naturally when suddenly my stereo came on. At first I didn't think anything of it, getting up and turning it off before laying back down, but than it came on athought my younger brother might messing with me, but he was on the top bunk, and our room was dimly lit by a night light, surely I would have seen him or heard him moving. But I did not. I got up and turned it off again, feeling a bit uneasy. I crawled back into bed and covered mu self up, freaking myself out wondering, what keeps tur-ing on my stereo? After about five minutesy pareIt made me feel safe to be near them. So I gathered up my blankets and pillow and trudged into my parents room, I left their bedroom door slightly opened so that I could see to make my bed for the night on the floor. After I made the palet on their floor I looked towards the door and the face of what appeared to be an older person staring in at me through the crack in the door. I did a double take, not paying attention to it at first glance. I got this crazy feeling, it was such an uneasy feeling, I felt helpless, small, like the figure was disgusted by me. I was very afraid at this point I began to sing amazing grace in,my head as to make me feel at ease. I laid down on my palet, singing softly in my mind when out of nowhere I hear my dog yelp. He was in a pet crate in the living room, my parents made him sleep in it at night, I heard what sounded like the cage of hicratrattleing by another yelp and sthe sound of him running around the house as he always did when he was let out in the mornings. At this point I was shaking, riddled with fear. I got onto my parents bed and woke up my father, I remember telling him how afraid I was, and that there was someone in the livingoom, I had heard them let out our dog. My dad got up and made his way through the house, he looked in every room for me and found nothing. The dog was sound asleep in his cage. For the rest of that night nothing happened, but a few weeks later in that same home I was there alone after school. It was rare that my mom wasn't home when I was and so I knew that she should be coming along soon. I got the spare key from its hiding spot and headed inside. I let my dog out and went about my day as usual, making an afterschool snack and plopping down on the sofa to watch some cartoons before homework. After about ten minutes, my dog, who wad lying on the couch beside of me sat straight up, the hair on his neck rising. I muted the television to see if I could hear what he heard or at least get an idea of what he was becoming so aggressive towards. His eyes and ears were pointed directly at the kitchen. I sat thy too wen the sound of coffee cups being rattled together arose. My mother had a decorative set of coffee mugs placed along Ty he backside of the sink, we used them to hold miscellaneous items like thumb tacks and nails, etc. It sounded as if someone was angrily tossing these cups and their contents around. I was frozen. Stuck to the couch, eyes fixated on the entrance to our kitchen, waiting on thenoises to stop and seor dad walk in after a long day at work. This did not happen. The noises grew louder, it sounded like someone was in the kitche. Going through everything searching for something. I mustered up the courage to get up, decideing that I needed to know what or who was in the house with me. My dog stepped off othe couch and stood in front of me, his hair still standing on end, his ears still perked, and now he was showing his teeth. I was very afraid, but I moved toward the kitchen, slowly making my way to the door frame as not to be heard, I almost made it to the opening before my dog got directly in front of me and stopped, the sounds from the kitchen becoming more and more aggressive, my dog was bearing teeth and refused to let me go any further. I could not see into the kitchen because a stand up freezer we had was obstructing the view from the living room. My dog would not let me go any more towards the kitchen, I was very afraid, being home alone I had no way to cll fr help or any onre mind to ease. I turned away from the kitchen and went back into the living room, not knowing what else to do I craeled underneath the coffee table and lay there, listening to something, or someone ramsack my familys kitchen. I'm not sure how long I laid down there, but i eventually drifted off to sleep. I awoke to my mother, asking me what I was doing sleeping on the floor underneath the coffee table, I got up and followed her through the house explaining to her what I had heard, we made our way into the kitchen, I was in complete shock. An hour agoit sounded as iif the whole kitchen were being torn completely apart, now it was perfectly normal. Not one thing was out of place, mother told me, Ryan that's just your imagination playing tricks on you. I left it at that, not saying another word about it. But I knew that what I heard that day was real because even my dog had heard it. And whatever it was couldn't have been friendly because my dog was protecting me from it. After that day little things would happen around that house, but nothing compared to their precedors. Another experience o had was in Rockingham NC. My grandparents live their and I would always go and ad pend my weekends there. My grandfather worked in Cary so he would stay there in a company home duri.g the weekdays and come home on weekends. Well this particular weekend my grandfather decided to stay in Cary to work through the weekend, so it wad only my grandmother and I. Their house was smaller, being two bedrooms and one bath, they had gotten it for a steal and remodeled it for their/8$ lifestyle and taste. my grandma is a very religious woman, she goes to church every sinday morning and night, as well as wednesday night services, and so we were in her room saying our bedtime prayers. My grandma ended our prayer session by asking god to protect us through the night, pleading the blood over us both and her home, we both said amen and I got up off of my knees to head into the spare bedroom. About this time I looked out of my grandmas bedroom door into the living room, I stopped dead in my tracks, speachless i grabbed my grandmas arm and stared straight ahead into the livingroom, do you see that? I whispered to her finally, she looked white as milk, all the color drained from her fave, as we both watched the figure of an older man walk through the living room and into the kitchen. I didn't know what to think, my grandmaiimmediately began to pray again, rebuking satan, telling him that darkness cannot dwell in light. Than, what it sounded like to me was rhe backdoor opened and slammed shut. The house fell quiet and my grandma kept praying, only softly now. I was afraid, not knowing what the figure was. Needless to say my grandma let me sleep with her that night, assuringe that God would keep us safe. i fell asleep in her arms....looking back, my grandma was praying to a higher power,but to me, she was my God, keepingng me safe and making me feel safe. After that night I never had another experience at my grandparents home. When I turned 15, my parents divorced and I moved with my father and brother to Franklinville Nc, to this huge two storory home on main street. Needless to say, I ha one hHell of an experience or two at that place.....but that's a whole bother story in itself.

mallory on March 08, 2013:

awesome ghost stories! i was 9 years old and was at my cousin house we were watching t.v then suddenly the t.v and the lights in his room turned off and the bathroom lights turned on and a towel blew into his room then the towel went back into the bathroom. Then the t.v and the lights in his room went back on and while this happened u could sort of hear a hissing. I thought all this was kind of strange. but its true so i don't care if u don't believe me it was true!!!

Gina on November 02, 2012:

I moved to North Carolina 23 years ago and live in Western North Carolina. I'm a Christian and one night in my room when I was laying on my bed getting ready to go to sleep I suddenly felt the need to lay in a messianic pose and meditate on the suffering of Christ on the cross. I began to feel intense pain in my palms, especially in my left palm. After that I had numerous experiences with other meditations on the suffering of Christ. In some meditations I also had pain in my

feet, in some other meditations on the scourging of Christ I felt searing pain in my back. I don't have any medical issues that cause pain in my palms, feet, and back. The pain only comes in these areas

during these meditations.

Shortly after the meditations started a mischievous entity began to make soft rustling sounds in my room close to my bed and it also began to make sounds under my bed. I checked all over my room for evidence of rodent activity such as rodent droppings, etc. and found no evidence of it. One morning I awoke at 6 a.m. and lay with my head

still on the pillow for a few minutes on the right side of my face. All of

a sudden I felt the entity "gnaw" pretty strongly on the underside of my bed. Later on that day I checked the underside of my bed for any

marks on it and saw no marks. I continued to sleep in this bed and also

experienced it making little movements like the gentle pitter-patter

of softly falling rain under my pillow. I've never gotten the feeling it

wants to hurt me or cause other harm. This has been going on for the

past four years and in the wee hours of the first weekend of this past

August 2012 (I don't remember if it was that Friday or Saturday night), I awoke suddenly and looked to my right as I sleep on the left

side of my bed, then I felt compelled to look to my left. The room was

semi-dark as a lamp in my living room which is close to my bedroom

was turned on. My alarm clock also was dimly giving off some light

close to me. I saw a young child standing next to my bed who looked to

be about four years old dressed in a white gown. I could not tell what

gender the child was. The child had sandy blonde hair and smiled at me with his/her mouth closed. I just lay there astonished. Then the

child gently touched me on the forehead and I then was lulled back to

sleep. My dog was on his bed next to my bed and he remained sound


I have photographed the inside of my small house and when I got

the photos back from the store I noticed what appears to be orbs in

several of the photos. I do believe I have a good entity in my home

and also experienced being "tucked in" by something one night when

I had pneumonia two years ago as I felt the blankets being pulled up

around me.

Cait on October 26, 2012:

Drive to Dillon, SC. Go check out the Bingham light. Spooky stuff.

Nino on October 01, 2012:

Well there was last time that I have have encountered a ghost in my gradeschool classmate's house it was a transparent and headless white floating in the surface I can see clearly but then vanishes..... many times I see people in the burial and they appear exact dress in my dreams.... Sometimes I wonder the purpose of my third eye to make something great 639265491171

LOLLIPOP on August 12, 2012:

I saw this girl in my room here one day. I did not know who is were or how she had come in to my room. It was so scary and two seconds later she dissapered

Avalon Taylor on April 22, 2012:

i turned my light out in my bedroom at my sleepover with my bff. suddenly when i turned it off my laptop turned on. i thought it was just a tripped electricity. me and my bff decided to record us sleeping that night and when we watched it back in the morning it was weird. we watched and at 2:00am exactly we both sat up in our beds and said "Carrie come back" then fell in our beds again.

GeoGuy on March 17, 2012:

Hello out there in eastern North Carolina. I am studying so-called ghost/spook/mystery lights and would like to hear from (reply to this note) anyone who has seen any of the lights in the eastern part of the state, particularly those between Wilmington and Fayetteville.

I saw the famous Maco Light in the early 1960s and it was R E A L! Sometime soon (I live in the Midwest), I hope to visit southeatern NC and search for lights myself!

Matt Shelar on February 26, 2012:

HI, IM Matt from southern paranormal team, here in the asheboro nc, area. We have spent years helping people deal with the paranormal. and want people to be comfortable talking about it. We are here to help you. you guys check us out at , or feel free to contact me at 336-772-0781. If you have any questions, or would like to request an investigation. Thanks, and don't let anything scare you away from your home.

clumsyerika on December 22, 2011:

last night, i was watching tv when i heard a crackling sound in the attic i was so terrified i looked down in the attic to see what was that noise when i got down in the attic i saw a girl next beside me and i thought she was very scary,she is but she wasn't scary she said hi to me but when i said to her hi or maybe it is hello she jumped on me and scratch me with her very pointed fingernails it was very

very sharp my dad saw me in the attic bleeding to death he got me in the hospital and later i saw that girl again and then she just sat beside me and its just like she is healing me i don't believe it she just scratched me and going to heal me when i was alone in the hospital and i got better but the girl still wanted to haunt me. i don't know what's the meaning of it!!!

GhostHope on October 31, 2011:

Yes they did get buried their. But I had found out that Their was an older brother that was In the war ( don't know exactly which one) that had survived. They lived in that house until about the 1920s, when the family mysteriously disappeared without a trace. But the thing that creeped me out was, they were found a month later, dead. And the oldest twin daughters, wore the neck laces that we woke up on...........creepy...... Then the other thing was, the two twins went missing before the family died, yep, they were never found. Yet I found a picture of the twin, they were not identical, but they looked like my friend and I!!! It also said that the twins would sleep in the attic and actually PLAY with the boy, not knowing it was a ghost. But when the parents figured out this, they never allowed them back in the attic. This must have causeD the boy to become mad a KILL the family. To tell the truth, me and my friend, when we were little, we used to play in that same attic with the boy, not knowing either. The thing that killed me, my friends stepbrother looked just like the man who killed the mother. It must have thought we were traitors, yet it still cared for us! I guess it still thought we were the twins. We still catch glimpses of him, but he looks almost happy, as if we were the twins. I guess it is something that we could live with, what I mean is, I sometimes see him looking at me, faintly at me when. I am in bed, at my house. So he must be a guardian angel. :.)

Ghost watcher on October 31, 2011:

Oh my god. That is such a scary story!!!! I would have never thought that a ghost would do that, did you ever see it again? My mom showed me this story, and I could not go back to sleep. To believe that there is such a coincidence between all three of you, I would move if I had the chance. Were the children buried in the proximity?

Anthony on October 28, 2011:


GhostHope on October 26, 2011:

Hey, I am a girl living in a town close by. I have seen a few ghost now and then. But this encounter was the freakiest. I was in my house all alone before my mom got off of work. And of course I was on the computer. The tv was off, anyway, I was playing around on YouTube when the tv turns on. The remote was like 20 feet away from me! I didn't think of it as something I should worry about, turn it off and went back to the computer. Well, me and my best friends have these "encounters" a lot since our school is an old church. Well this scared me, when I was little, I would here my name when no one was around, Some one yelled my name, right in my ear, I screamed in panic, the tv remote gets thrown across the room. When I saw this, the first thing I did was hide (stupid I know!). There was a thunderstorm outside going on, which was natural for us. But the light turn out and I see the weirdest shadow from where I was sitting. It looked like a little boy. (CANNOT FIX, I WAS AT MY FRIENDS HOUSE). Her house is extremely old. So I got up from my hiding place and ran outside to where she was. When I told her want happen, we heard a blood curdling scream come from the basement. She took my hand and we ran up to the attic where we saw apparition of a hanging woman. She screamed even though she new about the stories. We felt a chill down our spines, and there stood the boy, with a bloody face. My friend and I have seen this before, I am always at her house, but this is the worst. You see, me and her always like to record EMPs on hour phones, and we did get results. We took pictures and saw floating orbs, but the best we got was when I was alone in the attic by myself and got the picture we were looking for, the young boy by the old bed that was in there. I also recorded some EMPs, and got a young boys voice saying our names. I did not hear this until later that night. All we could do was be afraid as we see the same apparitions over again. But we couldn't do much, we ran to the attic door, but it was locked. The boy looked at us with sadness in his face then yelled that same scream. At this time both of us passed out, the scream was too much. I woke up on the old bed, but I had this weird necklace on me. My friend had just woke up, except she had cuts on her. We promised not to tell a living soul about the note we had found, which was a story about the missing past in the story. I hope this serves a reminder about spirits. Both me and my friend buried our necklaces in the backyard, keeping the promise that was on that note, we think that the boy didn't want us to leave. Which was sad, the story about it was that the boy had a older sister, she promised him that she would be back from her trip in a week. (this was in the 1800s) She never did return, later that year, the war had started, and the boys mother was hanged in the attic for helping slaves. The boy had disappeared with no trace. Both of us must have been like the sister. I guess it is the luck of the draw. Because the sisters name was Hope. My first name and my friends middle name..........hope you liked this story.....

Carren Bullingham on June 07, 2011:

My ghost story...took place 5 days ago, I'm 13 yrs old. Here we go: One day I was up in my room watching a movie and writing songs. I was home alone, my dad went to go get dinner. Then as I went to go sharpen my pencil my door opened and a red glow went on. I wasn't scared, cuz it was my phone telling me it was on dead battery, but it was fully charged! So I couldn't call my dad, cuz my phone was dead, but my dad came home and I had to go collect crabs for our special dinner. So as I went I saw that the clouds were rolling in, all gray blue and black. And then I heard a crying so then I started running home but then it started getting windy and I saw a hurricane! So as I was running I tripped and my leg was gushing with blood! I was really scared but my dad came and got me. He told me that there was no hurricane! I was okay 2 days later. But, just yesterday as I was jumping on my trampoline with flower petals all over the trampoline but just then the flower petals started to burn! I was freaking out I didn't want to die! And then I saw a girl about my age jumping on the trampoline! Her face was red and she smiled at me and her teeth were sharp just like a sharks!!! I was hopefully okay and 4 hours ago I searched up what happened with me and turns out that I caught the oceans curse while I was getting the crabs and the girl was called the Unknown Mysery!

You may not believe me, but it was all true!

Katharella from Lost in America on May 26, 2011:

I live right by these places here in NC! I am not surprised at all! I met a couple selling their house, and we decided a rent to own as they wanted to move (their kids really wanted to get to their new Florida home with a built in pool) LOL so, in the past 7 years, I just finally went through the closing and it's mine! BUT before that, a neighbor came over a few times to get to know me, and one night her and two friends came over! They were dying to see upstairs! Well, I would have certainly let them, but I still had unpacked boxes and everything was quite a mess! The reason they wanted to see is they've lived here years and years, and said this house is known to be haunted, and that the people who lived here BEFORE the people I bought it from practiced witchcraft in the room above my living room.

I didn't doubt her or anything because I shared back my stories of living here. I have been siting quietly, maybe getting ready for sleep, and all the sudden I will hear what sounds like a brick coming through a window. I'm the weirdo who goes to seek out the sound LOL, but I'll never find one broken thing! All the normal "haunting" things have happened here including hearing the loud crash of something falling IN THE ROOM IM IN AND NOTHING IS MOVED!

A few months back, a band I know of, it was the 5 year anniversary of his death (he was brutally murdered, but the 3 are in prison in another country) and his former band mates were making a song for him.

Having nothing to do with that, I needed to sell some things and I found a few boxes of baseball and movie and rock cards. Since the band he was in was special to me, I have all their rock cards in an actual scrapbook. So I was thumbing through the BASEBALL card box and a card comes whipping OUT of the box like someone just flipped it out. I mean literally turning, and well, it was HIS card.

I'd gotten a Ouija board awhile back, and had promised a friend I would indeed get RID of the board! But, that night I said, I'm getting it out, my friend was over, so while we were going to rest from putting together yard sale items, I sat his card in the middle of the top between the "yes & no", then sat the planchette (which a fake one was used, but by the rules it doesn't have to be the plastic one that had gone strangely missing, so I made my own) I aimed it toward his photo! I lit a tea light candle over the yes and the no.

THIS BOARD WAS NOWHERE NEAR ANY PLACE WE COULD NOT SEE NOR WAS IT CLOSE ENOUGH FOR EITHER OF US TO TOUCH. The house is big, one of those huge high ceiling houses. So we reclined for a rest and turned on a movie.. just a random, I don't remember which one! When the movie was over I looked over at the board, and the photo of him was sideways and the planchette was facing to the "NO" We both looked at each other and got goosebumps because we KNEW neither one touched it. Well, I took the card off and tossed the board in the back room, which the next day after my fried had left ended up in the front room (there are two living rooms, as the house has been added onto over the years.) So I put it by the back door so it could go out in the next burn garbage day. Again, back to the living room and faced downward. Again I took it, only this time I actually put it OUTSIDE IN the box of things to burn. It didn't stay there, it was upside down on my cooler.

Well, I could go on and on about the strange things that have happened here and yes the board made it to the burn pit. But glass still breaks but I've still never find broken glass. And I know old houses are creaky, and yes squirrels do jump from the trees to the house and pitter patter across the tin roof, but it doesn't explain the sound of boots taking large steps that are right above my living room.

Just sayin'..... (I'M NOT MOVING no matter how many things move or change!) :)

John Reynolds on February 21, 2011:

Ok. I have to ask have any of you actually been near these areas. I mean half one of them is way out in the middle of nowhere. If you have seen a ghost there then your eyes might just have been playing tricks on you.

Amy Aninion on February 03, 2011:

I am a working student here in Tagum (ST. MARY'S COLLEGE,INC)FROM 2006-2011 ASSIGNED AT THE School President's Office.

Every working scholars has its individual responsibility such as we called the morning and evening Bayanihan.

I am alone in the office, sweeping,wiping even I am tired that time.

my Boss always remind me to open the air condition when she coming...

the main glass door was open and I'd expect my Boss was there so I turn on the air conditioner.there's a transparent glass between the secretary's office and my Boss office.I am inside of my Boss office that time

My Boss is an RVM Sister wearing always white or gray habit....

after a few seconds I'd open the door from the office of the President then looking at the Secretary's office where I saw Sister or my BOss is coming. She is wearing a white Habit.

Unfortunately,there's no one people there except me around 10:30 PM.

Amy Aninion on February 03, 2011:

I am a working student here in Tagum (ST. MARY'S COLLEGE,INC)FROM 2006-2011 ASSIGNED AT THE School President's Office.

Every working scholars has its individual responsibility such as we called the morning and evening Bayanihan.

I am alone in the office, sweeping,wiping even I am tired that time.

my Boss always remind me to open the air condition when she coming...

the main glass door was open and I'd expect my Boss was there so I turn on the air conditioner.there's a transparent glass between the secretary's office and my Boss office.I am inside of my Boss office that time

My Boss is an RVM Sister wearing always white or gray habit....

after a few seconds I'd open the door from the office of the President then looking at the Secretary's office where I saw Sister or my BOss is coming. She is wearing a white Habit.

Unfortunately,there's no one people there except me around 10:30 PM.

Ryan Oxendine on January 08, 2011:

One time when I was small in Lumber Bridge on Warnell drive at my aunts house I was attacked by something I couldn't see or touch. I don't care who believes this or not but to those who have had this happen to them. You are not crazy. Something is out there.

megan on November 28, 2010:

wow scary stories my mom tells me some of hers all the time like when her mom was sitting on the side of her bed 2 years after sh ehad died and my mom ran like heck to the living room and the she felt sad because that could have been the last time she can see her mom

blimp on October 25, 2010:

creepy stories

scarer on October 20, 2010:

Some ghost stories i believe in somweof them i don't

Sammi on October 06, 2010:

I'm Sammi Bullock...i'm 16 years old...and thiss is my story. When I was mother and I were extremely close to my Grandma. When I was 9...I was at school and got a call to go to the office to go home. I was informed when I got home that my Grandma had shoot and killed herself...I was too young to understand it. My Grandpa moved in with us for a while shortly after. During the time he was with us...we all smelled a familiar smell. Nobody could explain it...but then we recognized was my Grandma's smell. The smell of perm...and my grandpa's after shave. We continued to smell this scent until my Grandpa moved out. I thought everything would be ok then...but not long after I had turned 11...I was laying on my bed...wrapped in the covers with the door open like I normally did. I couldn't get to I just staired down the hallway. There was only one light on in the house and it was in the living room. Out of nowhere a blue glowing figure walking from the dining room and into the kitchen. This figure looked as though someone was standing under a black light. I thought I was just imagining things. But to my surprise...the figure came from the kitchen and started walking down the hall way to my room...I put the covers around my head and left a little hole where I could see a little. The figure sat beside me...and the bed moved as though someone had actually sat down. I was in shock and couldn't say a word...or move for that matter. The glowing figure put it's hand on mine and began to rub my Grandma used to do. The hands were just like my Grandma's...they were boney...the fingernails had been bitten off...and she had white medical tape..wrapped around her finger tips. But I still wasn't sure...until the figure spoke and the voice was the same as my Grandma's. "It's ok...i'm here...don't be scared." I wanted to run...but at the same time...I wanted to cry...because I knew it was Grandma had came back to me. I noticed the hand was warm just like a living person. She continued to rub my hand until I fell asleep. The next morning when I awoke...she was gone...and there was no sign that anyone had sat beside me...but I still had the covers around my face. Every since that family still smells her scent...and occasionally me and my brother have seen shadow figures throughout the house...but nothing of the I had saw that night.

ghostbeliever on October 02, 2010:

ghost that gets young men to take her home-if she were my relative i would take every opportunity available to me to be on the road trying to get up with my loved one i wonder if any of the families tried to no one has ever said ?

kristy on October 02, 2010:

hello i was 9 years ol and i lived in nc and i seen the maco light in oerson my dad took us there to scare us.the light we saw was a light green glow and they were making him mad by turning the lights on and off and using the sirens from the fire dept and the lights and it came up and shook our car and unfortunately we saw is weird that i seen this cause for the last 15 years i have been telling my hubby about this and i had no proof then i saw the maco light and new imediately.i am so freaked out.

brandonfan from Mid West on September 24, 2010:

Fortunately I don't have any ghost stories myself, but I really enjoyed this excellent hub! Thank you Crazyhorsesghost!

roan mtn tenn on September 13, 2010:

i don't believe in ghost spirits or anything like that if i cant see it with my own 2 eyes i don't believe it

Carolyn Hatch payne on September 12, 2010:

I live in Stokes County NC. When I first moved here I had a recurring dream of of a man shooting and killing his family it was like watching a horror movie. From their clothes I could tell it was in the past. Two years later I learned the story of White Christmas Bloody Christmas. I don't know why I dreamed this.

Ashley on August 10, 2010:

I've heard a ton of stories like the one about the girl at the underpass. I used to live in Florida, and there was one about a girl who died in like 1990 in a car accident who would ask you to take her home that I heard alot. Apparently, she lived in Palm Beach? So I wonder if that story is more urban legend than truth.

gogo4gaga on August 02, 2010:

hey nice stories. damn scary...

erina123 on June 07, 2010:

I believed in the supernatural all my life and i always want to hear a ghost story no matter what time of day. One tome and my grandma's house my mom told me,my brother and my sister a true story. It was about a house that was in front of my great-grandma's house. IT BURNED DOWN ON HALLOWEEN NIGHT! Everyone in the house died,it was a family of 4... 2 kids and their parents. the parents died from the smoke and the kids burned to death and before they tore the house down every holloween you could see the kids banging on the windows screaming for help and you could see burn marks where their hair had been. and now in that area of North Carolina you can't see anything anymore. And THANX FOR THE GREAT SCARY STORIES THAT ARE POSTED! (:

lonelygirl01 on May 10, 2010:

i used to never believe in ghost but i do believe in spirits, i lived in this very old apartment building it was built in the early 30's there was a man that walked from the back of my apartment and would stop at the door going into the living room he would only do it twice a day that was in the morning and right before we would go to bed. He kind of resembled Abraham Lincoln he never bothered us but it was kind of scary cause it felt like he would just stand there and look at us.

unknown on April 25, 2010:

OMG me and my friends call each other the ghost whisperers because we can see ghosts and communitcate with them, it was my friends 11th birthday and she got a camra, we were jumping on the trampoline and we went to get the camra(it was never out of our site)there was 19 pics! all shadows except for one, it was of me!!!!! I was so freaked out but I calmed down then wen we looked at them again they were all mystereously deleted! we saw a gilr about 16 (ghost i mean) red face and sharp teeth, we think she did it, she keeps on pushing us off the trampoline, she made my friends ankle hurt and when i tried holding her pain went away and came on to me! it was freaky, im supposed to be doing sum research right now, they are at the house searching for clues

kayla on February 24, 2010:

once i was at home alone...i was watchin tv like any other day and then the tv cut off i got up to get the remote thinkin nothin of the tv goin off then the radio came on...a few years ago mi grandma died in mi house...the music playin was her cd...then i ran out of the house sooo freaked out..i had to call mi aunt to come pick me up cuz i was so scared! i no the spirit wouldn't hurt me but i was still really scared!!(btw thanks for all the great stories!!)

Unknowen on December 02, 2009:

Well i believe in ghosts n i believe most stories people say on these sites im as well 13, i sum times see things that i cant explain, people might think this is bullcrap but think wat u wanna i no wat i think i saw n thats all i needa no. Oh n summer dnt u get scared bout all this, i mean like i dnt but sum times i feel like sum 1 is watching me. but itz only family looking out 4 me

Place Kick from North Carolina on October 28, 2009:

I've always enjoy ghost stories and just wanted to say that the The Maco Light area is only 30 miles from where I live here in North Carolina. There is also a ghost light on the old tram road thats only 10 miles from me, I've seen it with my own eyes. Have a nice ghost night all!

micaela lovingood on October 27, 2009:

i was 9 years old at the time and my father,brother,sister and i went to my grandparents house and played hide and seek with my cousin haley.the next thing you know is we hear noises and we all stopped playing and heard footsteps that's what they where all right except for they weren't on the floor they was on the wall crawling it was two women with black hair and they had blood all over them and turned around to look at us and i fainted while my cousin,brother and sister was screaming and going crazy i woke up and i was like "what the hell"! i am never coming in this damn house again!

Sarah on October 27, 2009:

the tv went off. and went back on. it was 3 in afternoon. i saw a tombstone of jack bera.

hollie stevens on July 18, 2009:

i was in my room one day and i was sat on my tv, sterio, computer all that was all off and i was sat in complite silense.all of a sudden my sterio came on all by its self, so i went over to turn it of and didn't think much of it until i got there. i stood looking puzzled at the sterio that was unpluged and turned off but still playing music. it was the kind of old fashion music the type no one in my family listen to so we had no cd's of it.

So i tapped it a little and it went off.i thought after a bit it would stop but it didn't.

Summer on April 23, 2009:

Hey this is Summer, i read the stories & their bone chilling. Im 12 years old. Im a homeschool student. I research spirit & ghost all the time, I know this may seem abit odd but i can see them. I have tons of books about how to communitcate with spirits & how to be a ghost hunter, & i even have a book about true ghost stories that happened in North Carolina. ((:

Kristina on April 15, 2009:

The Ghost of the Girl At the Underpass is SUCH an old story. I have a plethera of ghost books and that is in one of the very first ones that I received that was kid-friendly. The places for the ghost changes with every story, but the story is ALWAYS the same. (I forgot the title of the book I was referring to, but it had Hitchhiker in the title.)

dominique on March 19, 2009:

The story of the girl of the underpass! what should you do if you ride by where she died at and you see her should you stop or what????

this story really shiked me deep in my heart......

But at first when I read this story i thought that is was the story of the BLOODY MARY>>>> And i have a question about the story of the bloody mary is the story THE GIRL OF THE UNDERPASS is it being compared to bloody Mary????/


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