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Troy's Death Trap: Leonard Hospital

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Troy's Leonard Hospital is now disheveled and sits in a suburban neighborhood. It's high fences and barbed wire keeps out trespassers but many who've gotten in have met a terrible fate.

In 1893 the trustees on the board of the Leonard Hospital met together in order to discuss the building process. One year later they met a second time to discuss the final decision of opening. The entire process of building the hospital was covered by the press (the Lansingburgh Courier) for many years before it was actually built.

After the hospital's superintendent resigned in 1911, they debated building an addition to the hospital. This venture would cost about $13,000 (equivalent to nearly $350,000 today). At the time, the hospital only had enough room to accommodate twenty-eight patients, and the addition on the hospital was proposed in an effort to accommodate more patients.

In 1995, after St. Mary's merged with Leonard Hospital it was decided by Seton Health that in order to save money and cut costs they would close Leonard Hospital.

My Experience

To be completely honest, when I first visited Leonard Hospital I was in no means sober. In fact I was light years beyond sobriety- completely inebriated. I had never been to Leonard, I had passed it multiple times, and at one point my friend and I pulled into the driveway to see what we were getting ourselves into before deciding to explore.

About a week had passed by before we actually decided to explore. There was just a bad feeling I had about the place that I couldn't explain. My friend ended up slipping and falling in ice cold water (it was February) and we had to turn back and "explore another day", but we never ended up following through.

A year later one of my best friends and I decided to explore. It wasn't super late outside but late enough that no one was really out. We parked the car next to the retirement home and walked a quarter mile or so. When we got there however, there was a man standing outside with his dog looking at us in his yard. He looked suspiciously at us and so we kept walking pretending that our destination was elsewhere. When he finally went back in we approached the fence and tried to find a way to get in. This was in January so it was freezing out and we wanted to be in and out as quickly as possible.

We circled around the entire building but found no way out. And that's when out of nowhere, a headlight appeared shining right at us through the bushes. It was as if they were looking directly at us. We bolted right after that incident. We haven't been back since.

Photo does not belong to me

Photo does not belong to me


Maybe it's a good thing that I never got in, because those who have gotten in have met terrible fates.

The first recorded incident of injury was in 2014 when a man and woman decided to climb to the roof of the hospital. The woman ended up falling through the roof and at 4:00 am authorities were notified. She was somewhat responsive and was transported to Albany Medical Center. The man was charged with trespassing as well as possession of a weapon and carrying marijuana.

The most recent injury was in 2016 when a teenage girl fell through the floor at Leonard. The injury was so bad that she suffered severe brain trauma and fell into a coma for months. A lawsuit was later filed against the city of Troy because per NY state laws they had grounds to sue.

Photo does not belong to me

Photo does not belong to me

Current Status

Currently, there are 24 applications (most of which are from developers) on buying the property. There is talk of a plan on building up to 120 apartments on the lot but the city's council did not approve the one dollar offer on the property. The current assessment of the property is nearly three-hundred and fifty thousand dollars.


Disclaimer: it is illegal to enter most abandoned place because they are usually privately owned or owned by the county and are off limits to the public. Leonard Hospital is not only illegal but extremely dangerous. Enter at your own risk.

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