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Touched by angels? – Real life accounts about guardian angels who lend us a helping hand at times of distress


I don’t know about you, but personally, I think life is full of mysteries. Nothing is ever really as it seems. The world we perceive with our five sensory organs is only the beginning and not the end of an even greater reality, which we occasionally have glimpses into through our intuition, extrasensory perception, magical sychronicities or unusual encounters. Take guardian angels for instance, just because we could not see them with our human eyes does not make them less real. In here, I like to share some real life occurrences about the protective celestial guardians that happened to me, my family and my friends.

Saved By Angels?

My father Jason likes to talk about the time he nearly drowned if not for two mysterious strangers. He was only ten years old at the time, living in a rice farming village in Kaohsiung County, south of Taiwan. One day, threatened by the imminent approach of a tropical cyclone, all the schools closed early to make sure the kids get home before the bad weather set in. Jason followed his mates making short cuts across rice paddies; the group of children had to jump across an irrigation ditch about one meter wide in order to get to the other side. The water was higher then usual due to continuous rain falls in the days leading up to the cyclone. Jason made the attempt to jump across the ditch but slipped, fell into the deep water to the horror of the other young children. He couldn’t swim, and his feet could not reach the bottom of the ditch like he usually could.

Panic set in and he started to choke on water in his struggle while the kids screaming at him to get out. In the middle of this horrifying chaos, just as Jason started to sink further below the water, two men appeared from nowhere and pulled him out. When the village adults finally arrived, following the lead of desperate kids that went calling for help, the two men had disappeared. Every kid on the scene claimed they didn’t know where the men came from or disappeared to. And no one had set eyes on them before in the village or ever since. Complete strangers were nearly unheard of in the kind of remote rice farming village in 1935.

Jason’s grateful parents had asked everyone they could think of, but they never did find out who those two strangers were. The ditch where Jason nearly drowned was in the middle of some endless rice paddies, away from any country road or traffic of any kind. To this day, my father Jason thinks of them as heavenly guardians, celestial bodhisattvas, without whom he would surely have perished. I felt I owe my own existence to these two angels, for want of better words, and their timely intervention.


The Instinct Of A Mother And More . . .

My parents Jason and Susan took their very young family and moved out of the little rice farming village to Kaohsiung City when I was around 5. They rented a little shopfront where mum could set up a little hair saloon while dad used the flat roof space to paint billboards and signs for small local businesses. My brothers were only 3 and 2 at the time. Pre school children and toddlers used the single main street as their playground. It wasn’t a very busy street, so the parents let the kids roam freely as they busy with making their meager income to help meet the daily expense. My mother still chuckles when she remembers the times when she would hear the loud swearing from the truck drivers, pulling on their brakes. When she poked her head outside of her shop, she would see my youngest baby brother crouching right in the middle of the road, smiling happily that he had stopped another big truck. Apparently he was that cute and chubby that he always got away with it

One day, I was entertaining myself on the main street as usual. I was only 5 and everything looked fascinating to me somehow. I wandered a little further from mother’s shop that day, however, as I spotted a moving truck down the street. I entertained myself for a long time, watching people carrying all kind of things off the truck and up some stairs. After a while, some teenage boys started to befriend me. I think there were three of them. Somehow, they succeeded in enticing me to follow them up some stairs to one of their homes. They were really friendly so I never got afraid. I was having a good time until one of them asked me to go lie on top of a bed and to take my panty down. I thought it was a very weird game. I just lied down on the bed, still fully dress, and started to feel uncomfortable when I suddenly heard my mother calling my name very loudly and urgently from the street. I jumped up, saying “I have to go, my mother is looking for me” and ran out of the room.

I didn’t know what a close call that was until I was much much older. I never told my mother about the teenage boys, but I did ask her one day why she was calling me with so much desperation that day. It was highly unusual because it was the only time my mother came out looking for me for all three years we lived on that street. For three years, I wandered off to all kinds of fun places for long stretches of time, including spending entire afternoons digging out mud from nearby rice paddy a few streets down to build an entire family of mud people. She said she didn’t know. She said she was very busy that day, but half way through doing a client’s hair, she felt terribly uncomfortable. She was taken by a sudden powerful sense of dread, and an uncommon panic regarding my where-about. All of a sudden, she felt the strange need to find me. She got scared when she couldn’t see me anywhere on the street. Which explained her desperately calling out my name all the way down the other end of the street. To this day, she had no idea how she had saved her little girl that day. Was her sudden panic purely a mother’s instinct, or was it also instigated by a higher power that watches over our young ones? The reason why I suspect a little celestial intervention is because of the following incident that I also personally experienced:


Peanut Butter At Midnight?

The year was 2006. I was spending a night in Auckland at my family home with my brother and his 9-year-old son Brandon. My brother and his first wife had just got separated, and his son Brandon only got to spend the weekend with him. It was a terribly emotional time for them. I think it was due to the emotional trauma of the separation and the need for healing and bonding, my brother and young Brandon were sharing the large master bedroom when they finally got to see each other over the weekend. I was in the bedroom next to them. I think we all went to bed at around 11pm that night. I had a large bedroom and a Queen size bed. I was sleeping with my earplugs as I dislike being woken up by any noise during the night. I was sound asleep when I suddenly got woken up by a powerful smell of peanut butter as if it was right by my nostrils. I opened my eyes because peanut butter immediately make me think of little Brandon as he was always having peanut butter on his toasts at that age. My immediate thought as I was woken up was “Brandon needs me!” I jumped off the bed and opened my bedroom door and there was little Brandon right outside of my bedroom door in the middle of the night! He was clearly in distress.

“Is everything ok?” I felt bad, he had obviously tried knocking on my door but I couldn’t hear anything because of my earplugs.

It turned out that Brandon was kept awake by his father’s snoring. He felt bad about waking his father as he knew how hard he worked during the day as a builder. He tried knocking on my door. He tried the doorknob and it was locked. It was late, he was exhausted but didn’t know what to do.

I was so glad the smell of peanut butter woke me up. I got him set up in the living room by combining two couches together with extra pillows and blankets and made sure he was comfortably tucked in with his teddy Chippy.

I went back to bed, happy that I was able to help. But where on earth did the smell of peanut butter come from? It was the middle of the night, and my bedroom was nowhere near the kitchen. We ate out that night and didn’t even do any kind of cooking. Besides, the peanut butter in question was safely in its container, tucked away in the pantry. In my sleep I had rolled to face the wall. My nose was inches away from the wall. So how on earth did any peanut butter smell get into my nostrils so much so as to wake me up when I was sound asleep?

My only “logical” explanation was celestial intervention, and I am being serious. It warms my heart to think that some spiritual guardian is looking after the welfare of little Brandon at that most difficult and emotional time.


Is Your Name Johnny?

This next amazing true story was told to me by my friend Johnny very recently.

Johnny* was actually a student of mine. He is also Taiwanese. I tutored him English since he was 15. He was a very likeable young man, very hard working and responsible. It was very difficult for him, however, to try to fit in at school as an overseas student without a good command in English at the time. Being away from home, away from his parents for years on end couldn't have been easy. What I didn't know was how deeply unhappy he was. He said he was seriously considering suicide as an option, and would have done that horrible deed had something very strange not happened one day.

He said he was making his way home after school one afternoon, dejected and deflated, getting more and more certain about his secret plan of finishing all earthly suffering. It was around 4pm when he was approached by an Caucasian elderly gentleman.

"Excuse me. Are you Johnny?" asked the kindly looking man.

"Yes?" Johnny answered gingerly, feeling a bit perplexed that a stranger would call him by name. But what the older man carried on to say was even more startling and entirely unexpected.

"My name is ____. You don't know me, but God told me that I must meet you here at four o'clock. I was so worried that I would miss you, I had been waiting here since 3:30"

Johnny was unprepared by this most unusual conversation. He did not feel alarmed as the elderly gentleman looked very kind and reassuring. The older man carried on to say: "God wanted me to tell you that everything will be ok. He will look after you."

Johnny thanked him politely and continued home. Speechless and bewildered. But he no longer felt so sure about his imminent plan to kill himself. He never told anyone about this strange encounter until years later. Today, he is happily married with a lovely caring wife. Life is full of challenges, yet he will always look back to that uncanny afternoon when a perfect stranger called him by his name and warmed him with a loving message.

* Johnny's real name is not used here.

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You Are Not Alone . . .

All the above are real life encounters that happened to me or people I know. Whether or not there is a more scientific or logical explanation, it could not explain away my conviction that there are higher spiritual forces that watch over us. People from different religious or spiritual background might call them by different names, or even divide them into different categories; but the truth remains that you and I are not alone in our earthly sojourn.

I know that I am never alone. I know that I am always guided and protected by a host of higher spiritual power. May you also live and thrive in the joy of that certainty.

Many blessings and I look forward to hearing your story xo

Vera Lin, Auckland, 2012


Frank Satya Butisingh on May 29, 2020:

God is real . Jesus is real .

I believe all your true stories .

In my own life in retrospect , it is God's

loving grace saving & keeping us and giving us many more years when we could have died , his loving angels protected us . God bless you

Laura on January 09, 2018:

Hermosa imagen

Violet Flame (author) from Auckland, NZ on March 28, 2013:

Dear Skot, thank you so much for sharing your amazing stories about your father! I feel very honoured that you should share them with us here. They are so intense and mysterious and on both accounts saved the lives of his loved ones at the most crucial moment. They make me speechless and fill me with grateful bliss at the same time. I actually feel sorry for people who need to explain magical events like this away with logic. There are so much more to our reality then meets the eye. Thank you once again and blessings xoxo

Skot on March 20, 2013:

My father has had two experiences in his life that seem to have the guidance of divine intervention. The first was when I was an infant, I was asleep two levels below in my crib and my father was upstairs on the other side of the house shaving when he felt something grab his shoulder and say my name. He rushed down to me instantly and I was completely blue and nearly dead. A good friend of the family had accidentally lost her thimble from her blouse pocket in my crib and I had put it into my mouth and it had lodged in my throat. My mother came running down to see what my father was screaming about and by instinct stuck her finger down my throat and the thimble stuck to her finger and came right out.

The second time he had divine guidance was when he was a boy and he went into the kitchen to get a banana. Instead of grabbing a banana he unconsciously went to the cupboard, grabbed a big yellow bowl and then proceeded to fill it with water. He came to his senses seemingly surprised at his actions when his sister screamed. She had been doing her hair and got too close to a space heater and her entire head was engulfed with flames. He turned as she ran by him and dumped the bowl of water over her head and saved her. He said the entire incident played out in a matter of seconds. I have always been amazed at those two stories and it is nice to be able to share them.

Violet Flame (author) from Auckland, NZ on January 14, 2013:

Hi savvydating, Thank you so much for your lovely comment and your kind encouragement! You have no idea how much that meant to me! I love writing and I try my best to be good at it, but being a non-native speaker, I can never entirely get rid of my niggling self-doubt. So, you see, your telling me to keep writing are indeed like words of angels! I will take that as a shining green light to keep going ahead!

wow that was indeed a very close call! Your parents must have just got there in the nick of time. One minute late, and the car could have been anywhere! I am so happy the little girl you were safe. I am so happy for your parents to have gotten there in time instead of waiting for you at home! A split second, sometimes, makes a huge difference.

Thank you, I am so grateful for your encouragement, YOU are my divine intervention! xoxoxo

Yves on January 12, 2013:

Whatever you do, keep writing. Your style of writing is easy to read and very interesting, not to mention entertaining in a sincere and honest way.

I once had a close encounter with a stranger who picked me up in his car when I was walking home from kindergarten. I don't know if it was divine intervention, but luckily, my parents came running. I could see the distress on their faces. The stranger then zoomed away. I am a baby boomer, so perhaps parents were OK with letting little kids walk home alone from school at the time. I never asked them. I just knew they were relieved to get to me in the nick of time. Anyway, I could relate to what you experienced.

Thank you for a wonderful hub. I love reading stories about angels among us, and I am thankful for the divine intervention you experienced. I am voting up!

Violet Flame (author) from Auckland, NZ on January 01, 2013:

Hi stayingalivemoma,

Thank you so much for your comment! I am so glad you feel inspired by the stories. I think most of us go through life without knowing just how special and loved we are, and how we have celestial helpers all around us. Would you like to share your mother's angel experiences with us? Thank you and look forward to checking out your hub. Hugs and blessings xoxo

Violet Flame (author) from Auckland, NZ on January 01, 2013:

Hi Valleypoet, Thank you so much for your comment! I think it is fairly common for people to be "touched by angels" in their life without ever knowing that it happened. They might just have a very vague feeling that "something" might have happened, or they might not. An analogy will be, if you saw a blind person walking down the pedestrian and that he would soon be walking into a skateboard a kid left by the sidewalk, you might quickly remove the skateboard before the blind person reach that spot. In that case, that person would most likely never know how he was assisted by your kindness, but the fact remains just the same. It is my opinion that incidents of magical coincidences or synchronicity are more often then not examples of benevolent celestial intervention. The truth is, we might be more blessed then we will ever know! Thank you and wishing you a blissful day xoxo

Valerie Washington from Tempe, Arizona on January 01, 2013:


Your stories are so inspiring and really hit home with me. My mother is the one in our family who is "touched". Thanks for sharing and will definitely be following!

Valleypoet on December 06, 2012:

I haven't had any of these kinds of experiences, however I have heard many stories from people, like yourself, who have. It is difficult to dismiss them with so many first hand accounts...thank you for sharing this fascinating hub....voted up:-))

Violet Flame (author) from Auckland, NZ on December 04, 2012:

Hi Mhatter99, thank you for dropping by, you are right, we don't need to see, feel, hear or smell anything to be part of an angelic encounter. All we need is to believe. And I believe that every time we love, we are creating a miracle. Every time we forgive, it is a miracle all of it self. I would very much love to hear your story. Thank you and blessings xoxo

Martin Kloess from San Francisco on December 04, 2012:

Believe. I have never seen or felt an angel. Yet, I have been told I have been part of a miracle. Believe.

Violet Flame (author) from Auckland, NZ on December 04, 2012:

Hi moneyfairy,

I forgot to mention, in order to put articles "In The Spotlight", you need to go to "Edit Profile", then you will see where you could simply select any of your hubs (featured or not featured) to be In The Spotlight slideshow. I love it, it's like my very own shopwindow :-) have fun xoxoxo

Violet Flame (author) from Auckland, NZ on December 04, 2012:

Hi moneyfairy,

It seems any new hub goes through a screening process for 24 hours before they will be "featured" which means become visible under your listed published hubs. It happens to all my new hub too. Sometimes it takes two days. I have however discovered a way to go around that, which is, to list any of your "not featured" hubs under " In The Spotlight". If you go to my profile, you should see about five hubs in a larger "In The Spotlight" slideshow. I always put my new hubs there until they become properly featured. Don't worry darling, give it a try, or else it will come up in another day. I look forward to reading it as soon as it's out! xoxoxo

Money Fairy from New Woodstock on December 04, 2012:

Violet Flame: I wrote a hub on my angel experience but they have not published it??? Don't know why?

Money Fairy from New Woodstock on December 04, 2012:

Hi Violet Flame,

I wrote a hub on my angel experience over 2 days ago and they still haven't published it??? Can you check out my page and go to activity and you will see "Angel Intervention" let me know if you can see it. Thanks. Very strange???I wonder why it is taking so long to be published or why it isn't published? I don't think I did anything wrong? Anyway let me know if you can find it. Thanks!!!

Violet Flame (author) from Auckland, NZ on December 02, 2012:

Hi moneyfairy, that's fantastic!!!! I am so glad you are feeling more comfortable about sharing your own experiences! The way I look at it, if we could tell our experiences as truthfully as possible in the exact way it happened to us, then all we are doing is like a field reporter, reporting a true event as honestly as we could. Then it is really up to the reader to take it in or to leave it. Tell it as it is to the best of your ability, and the reader will not fail to sense the authenticity. I am so looking forward to reading about your experiences. This is very exciting! :-D

Money Fairy from New Woodstock on December 02, 2012:

Violet thank you for sharing these angelic experiences. You are definetly a blessed woman. You are most certainly guided and protected by the spiritual realm, because you believe they exist as do I. I have had several experiences where there was angel intervention. Ihave always been a bit trepadacious to write about them for fear of being judged. But now that you have written yours. I may just feel brave enought to write at least one of mine. Thanks so much!!!

Violet Flame (author) from Auckland, NZ on December 02, 2012:

Thank you Ericdierker, I am very grateful for being sensitive and intuitive in nature. I would imagine that had I not being sensitive and intuitive I would have being less inclined to believe in the subtle field of energy and vibration and the touch of the spiritual sphere. I guess that's why I feel compelled to write down my own personal experiences, for them to be a kind of clues, for whoever wish to find them. For all the ways that open my hearts and mind, I am forever grateful xoxo

Violet Flame (author) from Auckland, NZ on December 02, 2012:

Thank You Anne/bac2basics, I think we are the lucky ones because we know we are never going at it alone and that we will always be looked after one way or the other. I hope that the more we share the more the awareness could be accepted into the hearts of people who otherwise wouldn't know it as a possibility. Thank you for coming by my friend xo

Violet Flame (author) from Auckland, NZ on December 01, 2012:

Thank You saprkster, yes it actually didn't register how lucky I was that day until I was a grown up. I am sure I have a lot more lucky escapes then I will ever know. I am very grateful for all the times I have been kept safe. Sometimes I am a little bit frustrated by the limitation of our five senses, I can't wait for when we are fully evolved!!! :-) You are lucky to have a whole family to relate to with your paranormal experiences. In our household, my dad and I are the only weirdos, lol. Thank s for coming by and look forward to reading your hubs xoxo

Eric Dierker from Spring Valley, CA. U.S.A. on December 01, 2012:

There was a teacher who said: "whatever you do for the least of these you do for me". If we open our hearts and minds we can be guided by angels and do wonders for those less fortunate than ourselves.

This is a beautiful hub, thank you.

Anne from Spain on December 01, 2012:

Hi Violet. As you know I need no convincing that we all do have our guardian angels watching over us. Great hub violet and thanks for sharing your experiences :)

Marc Hubs from United Kingdom on December 01, 2012:

Interesting hub, who's to say what is out there that we are unable to perceive. That's really scary about the three boys, I dread to think how the outcome of your future timeline could have turned out had your mother not intervened at that time. My mother also seems to be extremely intuitive about certain situations - she can sense when someone is about to phone her with bad news.

Many people in my family have had paranormal experiences and I believe it's almost a given fact that our 5 senses, as you mention, do not allow us to perceive everything which is truly present. Perhaps not until we've fully evolved anyway.

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