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Top Ten Tarot Cards for Infidelity

Shaloo Walia is an astrologer and tarot reader. She is an Art of Living teacher and also an ardent Krishna devotee and a follower of ISKCON.


When someone asked me a question about infidelity of the partner in a Tarot reading for the first time, I was a little shocked. But such doubts are common in a relationship and more than often, you will be asked such questions in Tarot readings.

Infidelity is something which wrecks a relationship. Even worse is the doubt and uncertainty that comes along with it. Though we can see the signs and sense if our partner is cheating on us, still a small flickering hope in our heart wants to believe that it's all a lie.

Is my husband/wife loyal to me? Is my partner cheating on me? Is he true to me or am I being taken for a ride? Sadly, these are common questions in a Tarot reading.

Relationships are tricky and so are relationship related questions. Whether my partner is unfaithful or untrustworthy, Tarot Cards may give a clue about that.

So, here are my top 10 Tarot cards for infidelity:


Ten of Swords

The image on the card says it all. You have been back-stabbed and left to bleed and die. Ten of Swords is the card to appear in your Tarot reading if you have been victimized, betrayed or back-stabbed. Your partner has betrayed you and this has caused you deep emotional pain. The relationship is dead but there is a silver lining in the card. This emotional pain will eventually subside giving way to someone new in your life.

Seven of Swords

Seven of Swords scream 'deceit'. When Seven of Swords come in the Tarot reading, then something fishy is going behind your back. You may be dealing with a cheating partner who thinks that he is successfully getting away with it. He is not only a cheater but also a liar and a thief who may not only cause you emotional pain with his infidelity but can also take away your money and self-respect.

Divination is the quest to understand more about the past, present, and future. In other words, Tarot readings are an attempt to understand ourselves better and discover how we might live better in the future.

— Theresa Francis-Cheung, Teen Tarot: What the Cards Reveal About You and Your Future


Devil is the card of temptation. Your partner might be cheating on you for short term pleasure and sexual gratification. Your partner might be a serial cheater just out of his addiction for sex and the thrill of excitement with variable partners. Satisfying his lust is what matters to him. You are dealing with a partner with unbridled lust and fiery temper.

Three of Swords

He has stabbed your heart and killed the love with his infidelity. Appearance of Three of Swords in a Tarot reading indicate heartbreak and deep hurt on all levels- spiritual, mental and physical.


The Tower

Your partner is cheating but he might get caught and a scandal may follow leaving your relationship in ruins. The tower signifies the end of your marriage or love affair as the very foundations of your relationship have been shaken. You have lost trust in others due to this betrayal. It's time now to rebuild your life and trust in others.

Eight of Cups

Look at the image in the card - A man trying to steal away in the dead of night to avoid any attention. Not only your partner is cheating on you but he/she is also planning to dump you and do a vanishing act in order to avoid confrontation.

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Three of Cups reversed

There is a third person in the relationship who is a threat to the harmony and peace of the couple. You may not be aware now that your partner is having an affair but you will come to know of it in time.


Eight of Swords

Eight of Swords indicate cheating. You are kept blind-folded in the dark and are unaware of what is happening. You feel stuck and oppressed in your relationship but see no way out of it.

Moon reversed

There are some hidden secrets which are yet to be revealed. The reversed Moon card indicates that things are not as they seem. You are not aware of some deep secrets which your partner is keeping from you. Act with caution.

Nine of Swords

Your partner is making excuses like working late to stay away from home. You are having sleepless nights wondering about why is he not spending time at home. He is cheating on you.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2020 Shaloo Walia


Shaloo Walia (author) from India on January 22, 2020:

You're welcome, Lorna. Glad that you liked the article.

Lorna Lamon on January 22, 2020:

Such an interesting and fascinating article Shaloo and sadly more common than we like to think. Thank you for sharing.

Shaloo Walia (author) from India on January 22, 2020:

Thank you Eric.

Eric Dierker from Spring Valley, CA. U.S.A. on January 22, 2020:

I find this so interesting and insightful. I reckon my Christian brothers and sisters think poorly on such matters. I say that if God cannot speak to me in Tarot cards yet he can though an enemy of mine. That makes no sense.

Not to mention great writing here.

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