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Top 5 Haunted Places in the USA


Searching for the top haunted places to visit? There are many recordings of spirits, demons, and unknown shadows throughout the world. I don't recommend searching for any haunted cemeteries, however if you want to experience something out of this world, go ahead. Just because we can't touch it, it doesn't mean there isn't another realm out there. When visiting any haunted houses for spirit research, be sure to bring a camera. You'll want to get as much proof as possible. Here is a list of possible haunted houses, and who knows - there might be some located even in your neighborhood.

A personal story searching for Haunted Houses

I remember when I was roughly 19 years old. Often, being my curious self - it would lead to different experiences in my life. One of my first sightings of a true spirit spooked me but also led me to think something else was lurking out there. In our small little town in Santa Rosa, I lived near the Fairgrounds at the time and would mostly go out partying with friends. Typical thing to do when your young, right? Although it was a few yeas back, I remember this in vivid details.
A few times I would cruise by the gas station, noticing a small house behind it. A part of the street was blocked off, which used to lead to the freeway. That was odd I thought, but dismissed it while continuing on with my day. Every few months I noticed that people would be moving in. What was even more unusual is that they moved out, generally in less than a month. Talking to one of my friends, they believed it was haunted.
I really didn't believe in haunted houses, but one night we decided to drive by about 2 hours before our party. It was around 9pm, and we went to the very back of the house, four of us in the vehicle. It was a small blue house, with curtains, and no furniture inside. Of course, everyone had moved out. We sat in the back of building for at least five minutes. I remember looking into the window, the place was absolutely abandoned. Suddenly, the blinds started rolling up all the way. No one was there. I quickly said that it was a good idea to leave. I remember this in a blur, as we were leaving I never took my eyes off that house. In that second I also noticed a light orb traveling across the ceiling of the haunted house. It was highly visible through the bare front windows...
After that incident, decided to do some heavy searching for any answers. The Press Democrat revealed a little girl had died in front of her home, as a result of a car accident from the freeway. That is why they blocked off the entrance to the freeway. This surprised me. Maybe there is something else in the realms of the dead?



Alcatraz, San Francisco

Alcatraz, San Francisco
This former island prison is located in SF, Bay. In cell block C of the prison, there were many haunted disturbances reported. The frequency became worse so psychics were called later on. Abie Maldowitz, also known as the "Butcher" from the mob was killed by a prison inmate in the laundry room. His spirit remains lurking in the premises. Another man, Al Capone can be heard faintly practicing the Banjo. Many visitors have heard strange screams and voices from cells 11,12, and 13. It is apparent that there is more than a few spirits linger there.


The Peyton Colony in Austin, Texas

Currently the Ghost Research Society in Austin is doing research on paranormal activity in this historic Board House. Founded by free slaves after the Civil War, it has many reports happening on the property. Electrical issues, faucets turning on by themselves, and "misplaced" objects appearing elsewhere. This house was inhibited by Lawrence and Ellen Coffee about 50 years ago and they began taking photographs of their findings. These photos contain streaks of light, apparitions, and faint spirit outlines.


Holiday Inn - New York, Buffalo

Many of the house keepers in this Hotel claimed to hear jumping in the bed, running, and "playing". A few sightings revealed it was the ghost of a small girl named Tanya, deceased by a house fire that was here. This hotel was built directly over her home.


Winchester Mystery House in California, San Jose

A woman named Sarah Winchester lived in this home during 1881. Her deceased husband was famous for making the Winchester rifles. She suddenly became concerned about the evil spirits killed by the Winchester rifles. Seeking help, she appointed a psychic who told her to start expanding her house. Back then, it was believed that spirits were confused by walls and wouldn't be able to find her as easily. By the time of her death in 1922, she added over 100 rooms to the home.


AmityVille, New York

I am sure you all have seen the Amity Ville Horror. Yes, it is a true story. During November 13, 1974 a close family was killed by one of the family's sons, Ronald Jr. During a court appearance, he said that demonic forces told him to kill his own family. Located on 112 Ocean Avenue, this home began experiencing ghost phenomena, witnessed by their new owner.


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Lee Cloak on March 08, 2015:

Very interesting hub, well done, thanks!

Tricia Mason from The English Midlands on March 17, 2010:

I watched a TV programme about the ghosts of Alcatraz. Spooky!

Silver Poet from the computer of a midwestern American writer on March 15, 2010:

Interesting. I wrote a hub on my grandfather's experiences while being the pastor of a haunted church. I think we need to be aware of the phenomenon.

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