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Tomorrow Will Be the Election Day Here in the Philippines

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Tomorrow is the judgement day

Tomorrow (9th of May 2022), most of the Filipinos will go out and reserve their right to vote from President, Vice President, Senators, Congressman, Governor, Vice Governor, Board Members, Mayor, Vice Mayor and Councilors. I am one of them.

As of this writing, although, I'm already have concrete in my mind for my President and Vice President. However for the Senators, I only have 5 concrete names for them and 7 names still undecided because we need to vote 12 Senators. For Congressman, honestly, I'm still undecided. I'm not voting for Governor, Vice Governor as well as Board Members because I'm voting in Quezon City which those positions are not needed. For Mayor and Vice Mayor, I'm already decided, however for Councilors, I'm only decided for 2 and the remaining 4 will be decided during the time of my voting.

Well, with those information, I'm hoping that I must exercise my right to vote. I'm looking forward that the names that I will be choosing and already been chosen will be the right men and women in the politics to serve us and not to gain us from their own will.

Why Vote?

We'll be voting tomorrow because it's our right to vote for politicians to help us our needs to upgrade our economy and not to upgrade their wealth. You know what I mean. Most of the politicians are those persons whose faces are like a clown in which they're happy in front of their constituents, however, when they're already seated in their position, they'll gain money with their personal wealth.

We'll vote for our President that's someone who uses power to help our economy, financial, infrastructure, security, either local and abroad. I'm hoping that the one we'll vote has the power to decide for what's needed by our people and not the needed of his/her family or party mates. We'll voting our President not because of his color and political dynasty or political affiliation. We'll voting them because they have the mind and control that will help all of us. We'll voting them because our family members, friends and other affiliations. We'll not voting our first choice because our family members, friends and other affiliations told us not to vote them. We'll not voting them because our enemies voting for them.

Who shall we vote?

We'll vote for the people has a trust to fulfill the needs that a 3rd world country will become a 2nd world country or probably in the future will become one of the first world country. In my dreams.

I'm excited to vote

I am excited to vote tomorrow. I am excited to ride in a bus for more than 40 kilometers just to exercise my right to vote. I should vote wisely. I should not fail the person who's waiting for my right to vote. My choice will be his/her win. If I will not vote tomorrow, that may be a chance that the politician I am aiming to vote will not win. So, in view of this, as of 9:24pm of 8th of May 2022, while I am writing this hub, I am still thinking for the incomplete names that I am not even decided for them to be part of the complete Senatorial slate as well as the completeness of the 6-man councilors. To tell you honestly, I'm not voting the complete senatorial from one party only. They're coming from different affiliations. I am looking for their expertise and former projects that I know they did well.

Before I post this hub, I'm almost decided to complete my senatorial slate. And looking forward that they all win. However, if they'll not win, I am hoping that majority of them will win.

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Prayer of a voter

Here's what I want that all voters should pray before we go to the voting booth.

For those already decided the names to vote:

"God, thank you Lord to these names that I've already chosen. Please guide that I will not change my mind for someone or somebody in my surroundings to shout a different name that's not part of my list. In case, I'll change my mind, hope I'm going to decide to fulfill the correct name that I'll be removing a particular name in my list. Again, thank you and guide my safety also while going to the voting booth."

For those not yet decided for some of the names to vote:

"God, thank you for arriving here safely and sound. Please guide me that I'll vote the right person in the particular positions that I'm still undecided. Hoping this politician that I am going to vote will be the right person for my right vote. Thank again."

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