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To Fable Enable Myra Meets a Mysterious Lawyer, “Aint This Just Another UFO Story? or an Old Viking?" (Chapter 10)

Christofer spent 10 years in family counseling. Later he obtained a Psy. D.. His focuses: Health, History, Astrology, Politics and Fables

The Mythical Look of Myra Is Captured in this Fantasy Image of a Female Aries, or a Knock 'em Dead "Young Jane Russell"


"Queen Myra's Tarot Shop" in Staten Island Over Run With Curiosity and Suspicion

“Queen Myra’s Tarot Shop” in Staten Island New York was now buzzing with new foot traffic. Tarot and Astrology readings were up 40%. Book and magazine and graphic novels were also being snapped up by the curious, her regular clientele and also suspicious “Doubting Thomases”.

Inquisitive “Doubting Thomases”

The weekend spectacle was now more than 3 weeks away. The strange agency Erebus had entered the scene. Pagosa Springs and the sudden escape and disappearance of all parties at that mountain event created more media exposure, but now no one had heard a “peep”. But there was still a “hub bub” at Queen Myra’s Tarot Shop. “What happened?” was the unceasing cry.

A Lawyer from Chicago Takes Myra Out For A Chat and a Reuben

Besides, she carried a .38 Special (Hollow Point) in her purse, and an easily reached dagger.

Then Harvey Hunting showed up. He was in his 40’s by the look of him. He said his accent was kind of “hard to listen to” with Chicago nasality and “throaty sounds from the Wisconsin woods”.

“I have a legal practice – Personal Injury, DUI’s, wills and trusts, for folks west of Madison, but I made this trip to try to meet you, maybe take you out for a dinner. If you do, I’d like to share some things about these “neph-what evers”. I do writing and research on my spare time. I promise I won’t take any more time from you than a “pleasant repast”. This is kind of enthralling, but it’s just another UFO Story right?”

Myra smiled at this “bumpkin”. In the back of her Mind, however, she was always aware that this whole event had gotten national news. She had never heard of Erebus, and the hovering FBI interest, along with the continuing clamor at her once quiet Shop--- all of this noise made her glad to have a Reuben at a nearby Deli with this pleasant and charming Harvey Hunting. Besides, she carried a .38 Special (Hollow Point) in her purse, and an easily reached dagger. What was really troubling her was the disappearance of Goliath, Aleethia and her dear distant cousin, Crystobol.

Great Great Great Grandpa’s Skull Hidden, But Ready For Public Display

“Oh, I love Reubens! I go to my favorite Deli near the Sears Tower in Chicago, this one is superlative.” Myra smiled. “Thanks for the meal Mr. Hunting. So, tell me about your “great great grandpa’s skull, dug up from between two great black Ash trees. Quite an image.”

Harvey was sheepish, and a bit taken with his elegant companion. “I don’t want to sound like Sherlock Holmes, but people kept on misunderstanding his pre-death will. He referred to a “Cemetery off of Lost Grove Road” in his letter. Everybody thought his wife would put him in the Mineral Point Cemetery. But she had his note and the cousins and kin kind of wanted to bury him with honor and not let the Cornish miners and gossipy Irish wives stir up some raid on his grave. I

“Legendary Large” – The “Viking” Got his Nickname When he was Only 15

He was “legendary large”, and our family wanted to protect his bones. You see he married “into” the family. Called him names behind his back, but the kindest name was “The Viking”. He was from the northernmost woods, next to Lake Superior. Ashland, Wisconsin. He left there and got a job as a teenager in the Mines. They couldn’t figure his age because he kept growing to where he was too big for mine work. His great luck was his blonde hair and winsome ways. He married into my Welsh/Irish family. In deciding his place of burial, he was trying to obscure his burial spot; and let the spot itself be hidden from the ravages of curiosity and “small town rage”. It worked until I, Harvey Hunting came along and started my search.”

Myra Feels a Creepy Crawley Prickly Nervousness All Over Her Skin

The feelings came on her suddenly, and feeling this intuitive flush, she decided to take over this “Deli Date”. I just got an eruption of feelings that made me consider your presence here with me. I sense that you have had a big old cranium that you came across as a kid, and you want to get in on this big story. Or, you’ve got a snapshot of a skull and you want to write an article and fill it with fabricated research. Or, you are a deep agent from a Euro Global Agency who has been assigned to ingratiate yourself into our nutty freaks who have gotten to know these Fallen Angels. She took a deep breath, pulled her shawl over her cleavage, as she followed his gaze.

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“Or, you’re just a disguised kook lookin’ to romance crazy Madame Tarot”.

Harvey Hunting was crestfallen. He looked away searching for a response. He pushed his Reuben away, but hoisted his beer up to his lips and emptied the mug. He politely gathered himself with a kind of slow motion “coming to attention”. He was gathering his thoughts.

“Myra, two things can be true about a single issue, can they not?”

“Yes, I suppose so. I’m not sure what you mean.” She was beginning to feel that she had over reacted.

The First Wild Animal Act in Modern Times. Entertained Queen Victoria

“I will read this to you. It’s from my portfolio. One of my Grandfathers was Isaac Van Amburgh. Isaac A. Van Amburgh (1808–1865) was an American animal trainer who developed the first trained wild animal act in modern times. By introducing jungle acts into the circus, Van Amburgh paved the way for combining menageries with circuses. After that, menageries began using equestrian and clown performances in circus rings. Gradually the distinction between circus and menagerie faded.

From the humble beginning of cage-cleaner in the Zoological Institute of New York, Van Amburgh quickly gained notoriety for his acts of daring, for example placing his bare arm and even head inside the jaws of a wild cat. Also known for his domineering attitude toward his animals, he earned the title "The Lion King”. He entertained Queen Victoria.”

He stopped, coughed a little and looked straight into Myra’s eyes. In order for you to believe this, you would have to see genealogical information.”

“If I were in doubt, yes I suppose I would.” Her nerves were settling.

Van Amburgh was full blooded Iroquois, and was raised by his adopted Dutch-American parents. Because of this my genes would most likely reveal a blood connection.”

“Oh,Harvey, I see the point you are making…”

“Why don’t we settle this evening on the IDEA that I COULD BE…both a relative of Van Amburghand part Iroquois, because of this ONE connection. I am not trying to prove these things tonight; but would like you to agree that both of these things could be true because of this one connection.”

“Let’s Say that, after tonight, we could be Commencing a Strong Relationship.”

© 2020 Christofer French

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