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To Fable Enable Mith's Nephilim Priestess Aleethia, Reveals Scheme for New Hierarchy! (Chapter 8)

Christofer spent 10 years in family counseling. Later he obtained a Psy. D.. His focuses: Health, History, Astrology, Politics and Fables

Mating With a Horned Creature Would be Intimidating as Ancient Tales Might Suggest, But Maybe Not.


Aleethia Managed the Getaway to the Secret Nevada Nephilim Hideaway with Ease.

Mith was a prisoner by virtue of a special injection, which made him both alert enough to hear and understand, but also filled with a lassitude that made speech slow, encumbered and ponderous. He noticed, when she asked if he could speak, that his response took far too long than his normal clipped and speedy Michigander accent. "I can hear and understand. When did you give me this shot?" (That line in itself felt laboriously drawn out.)

She laughed, unable to withhold her amusement. "Students, scientists and original thinkers, we Nephs are smarter than you know. Extremely curious and facile as a breed; but also, we have terrific memories, and aim for objectivity as a daily goal. The reason for such development is because Survival and Study have been the goal of the Royal Family. We as a ruling family did not have to fight wars and internecine prolonged attacks on each other, we have allowed our strange earthly circumstance to be our "Sacred Home".

Aleethia was viewing a mirror as she guided their vehicle through the cloudy, rainy Nevada thunderstorm, driving their awesome SUV with confidence. "I know what you're thinking." She twinkled a little pixy smile. Since it will take you far too long to keep a lively gait in the pace of our talk, I will speak for both of us."

Our Efforts Were Damaging and Fraught With Drama

She picked up her monologue. "So Aleethia, why am I a prime candidate to be joined with you?" I was silent and truly curious. She continued. "Well, gaining access to human DNA over the last few centuries has been hit and miss. Kidnappings were semi-successful but they were damaging and fraught with drama, occasional combat, suicidal attempts and rough sex, if you know what I mean? Some loved the idea, as males are more inclined. I know you are asking what problems did females present?" I freely nodded my head, wanting her to continue.

The Miracle of the Human Female Pelvis

(That extraordinary Hip to Waist ratio allowing the delivery of the large human head) means that the human female (lost women in the desert), really could not deliver the Nephilim much larger head.

"Oh, this is an awful subject. When I was a girl and read about these case histories, there was much discussion about C-Sections. There was a true difficulty that our doctors had in knowing when the "maturity of the fetus" was right. Many infants died. The whole problem was put to a central vote from everyone. The group wanted to make a "tribe" - using Neph females to begin to bear our "cross-breeds".

"Since I am indeed a Princess, I was given the option to "kidnap" you into our core new group. Thankfully our "candidates" are tested for having larger pelvic girdles. You, my dear Mith were chosen solely by my television viewing."

Drunken Marty was a Total Accident or...Fate

"Our escaped individual,(old Marty) wandered out in a stupor with his weird dated magazines and was discovered by the Sheriff. They were just trying to save him!. And then you made the news 2 days later with your friend. We had TV in our cave ever since the 60's, so we had our noses stuck to the screen,"

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She was entirely too animated and gave me a jostle with a "wake up" injection. "Can you believe all that, Mith? You were just some reporter type guy..."

I shook myself, attempting a "Pychological Bugle Call". My voice was inordinately low and my speaking was very slow. "What I have learned...of your history is still unbelievable. How I got involved with your group is beyond belief. I am glad you found me attractive. The fact that your thinkers and scientists want to create a new group to bless the world...a prospect I assume you are planning for? Well we can talk about that, but I must tell you now; that as a man I am truly attracted to you, And just thinking about it, as I am, as an earthling. She put two long fingers on my lips.

"Oh dear, remember, I am an Earthling, too!

"Oh dear loving High Priest to be - I am an Earthling too! I was born in that weird Nevada building. It was disguised as an old decrepit western hovel, but behind it, built back into the hillside, was a modern home with housing units and much technology.

"I know that this is a bewildering prospect for an average American boy, but having a young woman who is completely beguiled with you, you should smile at the prospect of fathering lots of little earthlings, and being a High Priest of a New Family". She glowed as the pace of Mith's speech was returning.

He lost himself in the Wonder of Aleethia's dream. "Dear? He reached up to he cheek, and touched it softly. If our first baby is a boy, can we name him "Goliath"?

Aleethia smiled in agreement and whispered, "And if it's a girl?"

"Rachel." Mith spoke with certainty.

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