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To Fable Enable, Mith & Nephilim Priestess Aleethia Escape to Hideaway, Share Secrets, Father Goliath Appears! (Chap 9)

Christofer spent 10 years in family counseling. Later he obtained a Psy. D.. His focuses: Health, History, Astrology, Politics and Fables

Princesses Can Be Spoiled and Insult Entire Peoples, Or They Can Be Stunning and Capture Praise.


Into the Darkness, Mith Crystalizes a Fantasy Into a Real Live Royal Female With Much on her Mind!

“Really, I’m just an over educated struggling Reporter with a propensity for drama and argument.” Other than the sheer surprise of this fate that we have blindly engineered together…why would you want me to join your group? Sure, I’m a young guy on a high adventure, but that goes to why I would want you! Other than when I go to sleep; my mind has fantastic fun. Is it the sheer happenstance of this situation? Or something still inexplicable?” Or something you simply have yet to reveal?

Goliath's Secret Domain

As she brought her super-powered SUV to a stop, and idled, she turned her lights to high beam. “See this flat gray wall covered with sturdy desert vines, hidden by those lofty branches?. Watch it move. I press a button and the wall opens and permits us to enter a friendly well-designed and equipped collection of living units Since I am being polite right now, would you permit me to invite you into Goliath’s Secret Domain? When we are properly ensconced in my boudoir, I will answer the Vital Question. Goliath told me to speak of this with you. In fact, he was insistent.

"Get Him On Our Side, Or Else!

“Get him on our side!” He mumbled it with his gravelly tone.” Aleethia had her usual calm demeanor. She even added a sweet wink.

“Or else? I asked meekly.

“Leg over leg the Dog went to Dover.” She declared with a slight English accent.

“What?” I asked. She parked her SUV and we started to unload. “Its an old nursery rhyme, but it creeped into language. When you walk around here, you are going to think of our home as a vast library.

“But this now. When we are done, I am not going to know how you will feel. I am actually kind of scared that I won’t get the decision I want.”

Her eyes welled up.

Sometimes, a Shower and a Big Breakfast are All You Need Out of Life!

A Floor Length Big White Cottony Robe With Bouncy Blonde Hair on her Head.

I tried to lighten the moment. “Hey, dogs on their way to Dover don’t shed tears. I made that up.” I turned my head and walked to go to the bathroom and washed my face. Boy, did I need a shower.

We slept that night with just pecks on the cheek. In the morning we showered, tended our hair. She of course, was breathtaking, but nevertheless simple. She had a big, floor length white super cottony robe with a hood, which was left loose on her shoulders. Blonde curls piled so high that it seemed to add a foot to her height. We consumed sausages and fried eggs and hot toast soaked with butter.

Fate Loves Little Details Like The Devil Himself!

Her perfume wafted like an airborne nymph headed for my brain. “Sorry ,bout the over application of the evening cologne. The inappropriateness has to do with my guilt over our super sweaty trek, and my desire to “seem” well bred. Hah!”

“You’re great. It’s fine.” I stole a splash of Aqua Velva from the vanity in the other bath. It’s not mine of course, but it seemed “quite old”.

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“I haven’t had a man down here in a long time. So, let me talk. I mean, you can talk, but don’t go on like a reporter. Just ask questions. Lots of high points here, OK?” I nodded.

“The response to “Why we kidnapped you and gave you our wonderful designation” really does have to do with Fate, in all of the ways that that naughty Medusa has of dealing with us mortals. Fate is our crazy Marty getting drunk and stumbling into the desert night with a briefcase full of magazines and books and gold nuggets in his pockets. He should have been eaten by coyotes or wolves, but no, an alert sheriff saves him and takes him to the cooler.”

Fate loves the little details, like the Devil himself. An excitable officer with nothing else to do takes a bunch of photos and puts the package on the internet and wire services with the Headline: “Drunken Miner Arrested with Not Only Gold, but Priceless Books and Graphic Novels”.

“So where did he get all that stuff?” Thinking that that would suffice as an inquiry.

Drunken Marty, Other Runaways and Always Hungry Coyotes.

“Ironically, we have books and magazines from decades. So, the answer to that question is the answer to virtually all the questions, which is - why Drunken Marty accidentally put us Nephilim into a hell of a mess!.”

“Marty himself is a “Neph”, about 78 years old. He is an alcoholic, so you know, around the “ranch” he’s charming, but foggy. He’s a shadow of his old self. Our leadership neglected him.”

“So, your people settled inconspicuously over 200 years ago in a cave system that was fed by fresh-water streams and a whole lot of unexplored holes! No humor intended.”

“On our books, Marty was born to Alexandra and a captive Settler who we saved from carnivores. He is going to register as “experimental biologically”. That brought that government agency in --- Eurubus.” SO RIGHT THERE! We are in the soup.”

“Amazing it didn’t happen sooner.” We’ve had escapees and derelicts and rebels. Probably 25 over the years, out of a couple hundred of population. But Marty, he was bright and related to Goliath and me. Our particular line. He got away with a lot.”

Enter Goliath. “Obviously, we failed to escape Eurubus. You two marvelously got to our only place of Safety!

Just then.

Goliath walked in, bending his height to enter the door. “Hi Kids.” He stretched out his arms beckoning for a hug from Aleethia. She complied with a loving squeal, and as only a daughter would do for a Dad, she embraced him mightily.

“I have much to explain.” I stood and shook his hand, as his handshake was more like an iron grip.

“Obviously, we failed to escape Eurubus. You two marvelously got to our only place of Safety. Just so you know, I was feigning cooperation before attempting our surprise escape. They showed us their government maps of our Desert Camps. Anyway, they have no knowledge of this little home.”

“So all the rest of our Neph crew are in government hands. I got away, and you did too.” Aleethia held her disappointment like a trooper.

“I have a plan, but it will depend upon our young man here. And right now, I have no idea how he’ll react.”

“Eat a big breakfast before we hatch our scheme.” Aleethia moved about surrounding him with full dishes. “Let’s all your Pray for help”.

© 2020 Christofer French

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