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To Fable Enable Mith. He is a Captive of the Nephilim and Needs to Invent a Seduction Takeover Plan (Chapter 7)

Christofer spent 10 years in family counseling. Later he obtained a Psy. D.. His focuses: Health, History, Astrology, Politics and Fables

Mith Uses Piscarian Duality To Mimic The Nephilim Demeanor


"Soporific Solitude" Has Placed Me In The Only Private Domicile I Can Possess

I went to my cousin in Staten Island who had ownership of a wild graphic periodical. I had a "beginner's reputation", so she smiled on me because of our shared DNA.

"Old Giant's Bones" Buried in Caves

I showed her an article with these spooky photos of "old giants bones" buried in caves and old cemeteries.

Late at night, Nevada Deputies had discovered an aged alcoholic in a cold stream. In the ambulance they noticed he was clinging to a magazine from the 40's, but it was shiny and new. "This is shocking, but weird. Let's call you "Crystobol Mith". As if even we were having an odd fun with the wild tale."

"OK, but I spent a day with this guy, bought him lunch, drove him to the spot where he was picked up, but he would not let me take him to his "home", and he said he just stole the magazine from a shop. (The Sheriff's had possession of the document) Let's play this up and see what comes out of it all. I appreciate your willingness to take a chance.

Meerya, smiled. "People think of me as a Graphic Novelist/Tarot Reader with an oddity shop. If something comes out of all these photos, then you've got a new ID, a new Reputation and who knows?

"I'll Tell You A Secret!"

Meerya's shop was an old vintage urban site, built in the 40's, but I leaned back and told her my secret as if I had not a worry in the world. "I'll tell you a Secret. I asked the Deputy if I could take a photo of the magazine. I had turned him into a pal. I had my camera in hand. He smiled with a grin that only a middle-aged male can exude. "Aunt Meerya, I tell you, you resemble her!"

"Who?" Meerya held her stately poise.

"Jane Russell, the woman who transfixed Howard Hughes. I took numerous shots of her, kind of played a bit with the magazine; asked him if he could get me a coffee. As he dashed off for the Java, I quickly and deftly cut a page out of the back. When he returned, Jane was still intact. That page is now at a high tech laboratory. We will see what is forthcoming!"

Well, that's all history now! The magazine was legit and the pages sure enough were decades old, but not extremely deteriorated.

Being Discovered Back By Your Captors Isn't Saying Much, But Aleethia Saves

While High Tech tracing was off burning energy seeking the Nephilim's "New High Priest", I found an old vintage Motel through a 1986 Chevy pick up and a female driver dressed up in an oversize mechanic's blue outfit stained with oil spots.

"Oh great!, It was a chick", I said to myself when she produced a pistol, a smile and a "Howdy". I gingerly jumped in to the chugging Chevy, not being sure of whether she really would shoot me, or not.

Goliath's Daughter Fools Her Father And Gives Me The Essential "Inside Scoop".

"Aleethia is my name, again and I don't blame you for your masterful escape. If I were you I wouldn't Believe the High Priest stuff from Daddy Goliath either."

"But". I hurried her along because I was Terrified, I would have pissed my pants, but I was pretty dehydrated running scared in the Rockies.

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"So, the Eurubus gents from NASA will just as well snuff us out from embarrassment and letting this haywire story into the media. The Nephs really do have a wild story, but before we get caught and killed, or disappeared, I have to tell you the real story!"

Once in the old Motel, we snuggled. Two strangers warming up. No sex, just terror in the male. Aleethia, naked to the waist was having a hell of a time talking about the stars and earth and the "History of the Naphilim" and "The Great Scheme".

As we warmed up, drinking Tequila and various candies, I couldn't resist whirling fearful images -- one in which Goliath pounds through a flimsy door and crushes my head, and the other in which through DNA Magic my children become inheritors of a new race nomenclature. Anyway, I had to slow the Tequila down and stop staring at Aleethia's breasts.

"So, tell me The Great Scheme" before we finish those Oreos." I was getting looped.

She went on with her high IQ and unbelievable confidence. "I am going to tell this story as fast as I can. Keep up!" She covered her breasts with her blanket. Leaving her arms free for hyper gesticulation. "Stop drinking and listen."

"OK. You know the territory. Big Eras. Pre-Adamic, Post-Adamic-but Pre-Flood, Post Noachian Earth. Lots of Real Estate on Planet Earth! Word got around. We Nephilim were quite a package. Made to save existing small populations and "Doing the will of the Divine".

When Certain Humanoids Think They Are Doing The Will of The Divine -

I would like to stop there! There's a load of complication in that phrase --- "The Sons of God saw the Daughters of Men that they were Fair." does not say much, but it sure leaves a lot to the Imagination."

In a book that starts with being thrown out of Eden, getting cursed with the Labors of Living, Murderous Cain getting tossed into the Land of Nod, and Adam blaming Eve, and those "trees". Why you can see that Newcomers, would want to protect and provide Solace to growing Tribes and Villages.

Nephs were what you might say "Overdesigned for their Purpose." They easily blended until complications set in. It doesn't take a fortune tellers talent to know that Original Earth Residents are going to take a warlike attitude toward the New Horny Oversized Monster Humans.

Then I realized where the stories converged.

"You are the Nephs that went on the Journeys for gold to Solomon's Mines in the "New World".

Aleethia realized she could now give way to the beckoning of Tequila's Magic. She put her head on Mith's chest.

"Now, we are the last of the Original Secret Corps of Goliath's Nephs; out of the Caves in Nevada. We have lots of Secrets. Now, go to sleep."

Aunt Meerya looked like Jane Russell - The Magazine that Changed My Life!


© 2020 Christofer French

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