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To Fable Enable Aleethia & Goliath Escape Their Hideaway. Disguised Sexily, They Head for Times Square! (Chapter 11)

Christofer spent 10 years in family counseling. Later he obtained a Psy. D.. His focuses: Health, History, Astrology, Politics and Fables


Hidden With A Ravenous Maid and Goliath

“So here I am, hiding in a secret Hideaway that even Eurebus, a secret agency can’t find. The father and daughter team of Goliath and Aleethia are here with me deep in a Nevada cloister that is decades old, even with its high tech accoutrements.

I called myself Crystobol Mith, a nom de plume. I am a reporter, and I became famous overnight because a Sheriff picked up a drunk in the Nevada desert with gold nuggets in his pocket and a case of brand new documents from the 1940’s. I happened to be on the scene with Myra, my friend who has a shop on Staten Island, who had connections with the tarot and sci fi networks and graphic novel publishers.

As the first 10 chapters have gone, “Nephilims” were discovered in the desert. An entire community that had a hidden history. I helped the government catch them. But then, as mysteries go, they used me to help them ESCAPE from Pagosa Springs, Colorado to this truly hidden spot on the planet.

I Know My Real Name Is Joshua McBride

I know my real name is Joshua McBride. But that guy has disappeared. I escaped with Goliath and Aleethia to this hiding place. Oh yes, beautiful Aleethia has taken a liking to me. It’s probably that I am the only human earthling she has ever gotten to know. I will not deny that I am a 27 year old regular American guy. And yes, she is the only “Neph” that I have ever known. We can hardly disguise our attraction for each other, but her 7 foot, 300 pound father is with us, only a foot away. He is all muscle, but has a cheerful way. Of course, he is unafraid; and inside, I am still somewhat terrified.

So this night, something was going on. They were drinking. They loved Tequila. And of course being a “News Reporter” I jumped into the joy. But tonight they were pushing magazines at each other and speaking in their “out of space” tongue. Then every once in awhile, they would slip into English, a tongue they had grown up with since they were children in the caves and under ground.

“Oh Dad”. She came out of her room after undergoing a change. “Mith, don’t you love this on me? This is New York, right?”

It was truly an Evening Gown. “Yes, Aleethia, of course, he’ll like it. How about your Dear old Dad?” He pretended to twirl like his daughter, but he stumbled a bit and he laughed as he gained his balance.

“Its OK. You can talk to me about your “Times Square plans! Or are you just going to snuff me out tonight?” I strained my voice a little, losing my poise.

She Came Over and Gave Me a Long, Sloppy Kiss!

Aleethia looked over at me and felt for me. “Oh, you wonderful human earthling.” She came over to me, planted a long durational, moist, sloppy and spit swapping kiss on me. She was so committed to this act that I felt transformed. “How was that honey?”

Goliath entered the conversation, and just slapped me on the shoulder. “You are our Valet, Butler, Driver and all around Translator. You see, we speak not English very good at all!” He laughed at his phony accent. “You are EVERYTHING to our plan. We must go to the Adirondacks in New York mountains. We must meet special person. And you must be there!”

Aleethia still had love on her mind. “No, we will not snuff you out this night, or any night. However, if Dad would drink just a little bit more Tequila…”

Was This just Romance, a Mixing of Two Races, or a Secret Family?

Still recovering from Aleethia’s deep kiss, my brain finally went into gear. “Sure, I’m you Driver, Valet and all. But I am realizing that I am an essential part of the Overall Nephilim Plan.”

Getting tipsier and even more overjoyed, Aleethia purred. “Let me tell the whole story, Daddy.”

You know our story starts with “the Sons of God saw the daughters of men that they were Beautiful…”

I stopped him. “Yeah, Genesis 6:2. A whole lot of mixing going on, way back when.

“Well our core Royal families wanted to remain without human blood in the strict Royal small groups, even though our basic identity was to mix and make love and survive! Right?” And…keep from getting exterminated.

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“Very SPLIT MINDED.” I stared into Goliath’s green eyes.

There was a very long silence between the three of us. Neil Diamond hits were playing softly from the speakers in the wall.

“Hands, touchin’ hands, reaching out, touchin’ me, touchin you….Sweet Caroline…”

“The Anakim Code Should Be Trashed!”

“All of our deep thinkers…our philosophers have been hard-headed about The Anakim Code. Its just an ancient Religious Idea that is useless to us. It reflects back to archaic times. It stands against our basic drive, a basic drive to love and propagate. While the generations have passed, we have been defying our core religious belief. As we live, we break our Sacred Law.”

I folded my arms like Joshua consulting Moses. Like a “White Tornado” powering my speech, it all came out so quickly.

“And ever since the Night of Your Crazy Drunk, discovered by a Sheriff, finding precious brand new magazines from the 1940’s, and a pocket full of gold nuggets, the Nephs have been chased and interrogated and made famous. Your past is over.”

“You are pretty swift there, Reporter Guy.” She nuzzled him with her nose.

“I haven’t finished.” He looked at the photos and artwork of the Nephilim Ancients on the walls.

Goliath and Aleethia are the new Authors of Anakim Code #2. “Something like “All members of your “Super Royalty”, or whatever you call them.

She broke in. “That’s good enough. Keep going.”

“In preparation for coming sacred nuptials, the Intended may engage in pre-marital love making”.

In order to marry and remain royalty must marry a Human Earthling of high morality and deep love and innocence. And all that gobbledeegook”…

I walked around in a self-satisfied jaunt, rubbing my hands together.

Aleethia jumped in.

“And with the Hidden Priest in the Adirondacks, who will ordain these three as the King, Princess and Prince of the New Nephilim on the Planet Earth”!

And Goliath jumped in. “And King Goliath, the Author of the Anakim 2 Code, and Father of Princess Aleethia, and Grandfather of all her Children, must stay wed until death do them part.”

I joined in, exhausted but happy.

“And I, a pure Human Earthling, having absolutely no Neph blood in me, will marry Aleethia, Princess and Daughter of King Goliath, fictitiously known as Crystobol Mith, and naturally born as Joshua McBride, will sire as many true breds of the new Earth Bound Nephilim Race, as my wife can tolerate.”

We laughed and drank and hugged and kissed until Goliath went into deep sleep. Of the proceedings for the rest of the night, I am bound to Secrecy under the New Anakim Code 2 in Subsection 1:1. “In preparation for coming sacred nuptials, the Intended may engage in pre-marital love making”.

© 2020 Christofer French

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