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Tithing Contracts Are Not Biblical


Reconciling the old with the new

The scripture on the above photo makes it clear that the children of Israel gave from their crops and were promised that their barns would be full. Some teach that because money is our current method of exchange we can use it in context to this scripture because people today go to work and earn currency rather than till the ground and obtain produce. This is a valid point to keep in mind as you read regarding tithing contracts that bind a church member to giving 10 percent for face consequences.


Tithing contracts are the in thing

Recently someone on a social media forum mentioned a church where members had to sign a tithing contract. This is obviously the latest method that pastors use to attempt to force congregants to give at least 10%, II Corinthians 7:9 says we are to give as we each have proposed in our own hearts and not out of compulsion. Unfortunately, a growing number of ministries are using manipulative methods to intimidate His sheep and extract that dime, Tithing was an Old Testament practice that involved produce from gardens that the Israelites grew. The chosen people were required by the Lord to give 10% to the priests whose duty was to minister to the Lord. The priests cared for the temple and had no way to earn another living so the people took care of them. There is no commandment that tithing changed from produce to money but as mentioned above our method of earning a living has evolved from the crops in the ground to receiving a paycheck or direct deposit. Tithing should be a free will choice and not done by force. Signing a contract implies that it is legal, binding, and you are obligated to fulfill it. Giving a tithe because you signed a contract is not giving as you have purposed in your heart. A contractual obligation is no different than paying a car note or mortgage to a bank and not being a cheerful giver. Please click on the links to read more about tithing contracts.

Demanding the tithe is witchraft and manipulation

The same preachers who tell you that there is a blessing associated with tithing obviously don't believe it themselves. If there was some type of automatic and systematic monetary reward then the churches would be running over with tithers. If what is preached about giving 10% is accurate then the blessings would fall like ripe cherries from a tree and preachers would not have to admonish their church members week after week to give. I belonged to two different congregations where if you were not tithing you could not serve in any leadership positions. I found out that the reason tithing is pushed because it's a method to ensure a certain amount of money each week, If people are giving the tithe because they are in fear of losing a position or signed a contract they are not giving cheerfully from their heart. II Corinthians 9:8 says God loves a cheerful giver. When I was a little girl we used to put dimes in cards with slots called gleaners, When they were full we cheerfully returned them to the church and the money was used to purchase our choir robes. Misquoting scriptures and threatening congregants with the curses of Malachi chapter 3 are basically witchcraft and manipulation. If everyone in a congregation gave at least the tithe then things would run smoother but people have free will and everyone is not going to comply.

Misuse of funds

In the Old Testament, the tithe was supposed to support the Levites those from the etribe of Levi who earned their living through their priestly responsibilities. ZIt was also purposed to assist widows, orphans, and strangers in the land. The tithe today is used to pay utilities and upkeep of large church buildings and also pay the pastor a salary. If pastors were truly trusting the Lord they would not attempt to force members to tithe. They would allow parishioners to give as each one has purposed in his or her own heart. There is nothing wrong with suggesting the giving of 10% because churches do need money to continue to operate. No one should be asked to sign a contract guaranteeing that they will give at least one-tenth because giving is personal between you and the Lord. Churches used to sell dinners, have bake sales, afternoon programs, or hold flea markets to bring in much needed funds. Today pastors teach that if you tithe God will take care of you and you should not have to raise money. An elderly relative of mine said this is what the new pastor of her church taught but now a few years later he has resigned and the church doors might have to close because tithing alone in a shrinking elderly congregation did not provide the same money as when there were several hundred members in the seats.

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  • The Tithe is Illegal
    A thorough publication on the true biblical tithe, proving that Christians in the New Covenant are not under the Old Testament tithe law. Also shows that the early church never practiced tithing.

The truth

In addition to the 3 links I have provided you will find many more online that both support and denounce tithing. You can determine in your heart to give 10%, more, or less and only have to answer to the Lord. If you are only tithing to maintain a position within the church, you are afraid of being cursed if you don't or you signed a contract what does any of that have to do with a personal relationship with Jesus Christ? Your giving should not be coerced out of you so keep this in mind. Remember also that contract signing is not in scripture.we honor the Lord when we cheerfully give from the heart. feeling pressured to tithe because we signed a piece of paper is not cheerful giving. THE LORD NEVER ASKS US TO SIGN ANYTHING BUT SATAN SURELY WILL.

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Cheryl E Preston (author) from Roanoke on July 03, 2021:

This is new stuff from younger pastors

Pamela Oglesby from Sunny Florida on July 03, 2021:

I have never been asked to sign a contract. I don't think I would want to go to a church that requires a contract.

This is a very good and important article, Cheryl. Thank you for expressing this issue so clearly.

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