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Three Reasons Why Everyone on Earth Needs Jesus Christ

Chika is a Christian who loves seeing Christ Glorified in every aspects of life.


The need of Jesus Christ is not for the christians alone but for anyone that is a human being on this physical earth. The coming and the death of Jesus Christ is to save humanity for three major reasons and this three major reasons is not what anyone will by pass if they will truly come to Jesus Christ and at the same time are for Him because Jesus Christ will accomplish those three reasons in his or her life.


1. Every Human Being Was Born With The Nature Of Sin

The Bible says that all have sinned and gone short of God's glory. And the only way God made it possible for every human to reconnect with God is through His son Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ is the only source that has the capacity to connect us back to God and the reason being that God has given Him the authority to do so by virtue of His sacrifice on the cross of Calvary. Jesus Christ is the only one that can redeem men from their sin. If you were born with the nature of sin and the only solution to that is Jesus Christ. It means that everyone needs Jesus Christ. Some will say that I was not born with the nature of sin but my question is "why is it that no one thought you what is evil? The answer to this is because you were born with the nature of sin. Sin entered man when Adam defaulted in the garden of Eden and immediately they did that sin took hold of them and is through them that every human race came to be. So having Adam as your forefather, you inherited sin by nature first before by act. This is the first aim of Jesus Christ dieing for all. You need to be redeemed from the nature you inherited from Adam and Eve. So this is the first reason why everyone needs Jesus.

2. Jesus Christ Holds Your Future And Destiny

No human on earth was born to be non entity or useless. Everyone on earth has a future, purpose and destiny and the only one that has the blueprint of that future, purpose and destiny is Jesus Christ. You only discover your destiny, purpose or destiny in Jesus Christ. The Bible says I Know the thought I have for you, to give a future and an expected end. The one that is saying that He knows the thought He has for you is Jesus Christ meaning that if you are far away from Him it will be hard to discover that thought that Jesus Christ has for you. So you need Jesus Christ to discover who you really are as a human on this earth. I will also like to say that ambition is not purpose, ambition has to do with what you want but purpose has to do with who created you and the reason for your creation, your ambition becomes purpose only when it align with the purpose of God for you. How can you be far away from who holds your future and destiny and expect to fulfill destiny; It can never be possible to fulfill destiny without Jesus Christ unless you want to fulfill selfish ambition that has no Christ in it. Christ must be the center of what you are doing before you call that purpose fulfilment. So the second reason why everyone needs Jesus Christ is because there is something that God sends everyone here to do.

3. Every Human Being on Earth is an Eternal Being

Every human on earth is a spiritual being; a being that has spirit meaning that the death that takes place here is not the end of any human but the death is just only a transition to eternity and eternity has two different locations(heaven and hell) where everyone on earth will transit to after death. The location anyone ends up in is as a result of how your relationship with Christ is, Christ is the major determinant to where we spend our eternity. You spending your eternity in heaven is as a result of you having Christ as you lord and at the same time working in line with His commandment but you spending your eternity in hell is as a result of rejecting Jesus Christ and living in disobedience to His commandment. Human being are not like beasts that die and go. Human being dies and transit to another destination and the destination will be as a result of the person's relationship with God. When you have Jesus Christ in your life your eternal destination is secured but when you don't have Him in your life the reverse is the case. This is the third and last reason why every human on earth needs Jesus Christ.


These are the three major reason why anyone on earth needs Jesus Christ. It starts first with the sinful nature that every human has, secondly there is a purpose and destiny upon everyone on earth and lastly every human is an eternal being. If you understand this you will know that having Jesus Christ in your life will solve the problem of sinful nature in your life, the problem of purposeless life and lastly the problem of spending your eternity in hell.

© 2021 Chika Nwankwo

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Chika Nwankwo (author) from Nigeria on February 20, 2021:

Amarachi thanks for the observation

Amarachi Nkwoada from Nigerian on February 20, 2021:

Inspirational article. You can improve it by adding an introduction and maybe a quiz, and more quality pictures

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