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Do You Submit to the Corrupt Church System?

My goal is to write articles that go against the flow to pique discussion, offer a different perspective and connect some dots.


The counterfeit church system creates members who are solely dependent upon their ordained ministers to hear from God for them. They sit, listen and nod their heads while being spoon fed doctrine that fits to their denominational templates. The members conform to a tithing system to finance the lavish kingdoms of their pastor-king and his entourage. They bow to the whims of their king being bilked of their time, money, abilities and energy as they work for a religious hierarchical corporation.

Money + Control = Power

The term 'church' is a treasonous word towards God that is all about money and control. These are the two things that power this abominable system that makes men into slaves to finance the personal kingdoms of ecclesiastical men.


If you go to a building called 'church,' you are simply a piece of merchandise to be used how the pastor-king and his representatives see fit. Every person that walks through the doors of will be trained to bow down to their whims.


Those who willingly partake of the traditions of man will put themselves into spiritual and financial bondage to loudmouth religious pretenders who wants to profit and make a living off of you. You will coerced you to pay for your 'fire insurance.' Assembling together in a cookie-cutter religion means obedience and homage to their self-centred rulers who supposedly hear from God on your behalf. These men imagine stuff up in their prophetic utterances to keep the people in a glossy-eyed religious state blinded to the spiritual captivity that they are in.

The religious elite give their building their own name and and advertise it as a 'house of God.' They call the elevated floor where the pompous pulpit peacock utters his religious diatribe the 'altar.' They talk of tithes and coverings to extend their manipulation to the gullible who will listen. The religious minions become parrots of their pastor-kings.

The latest Church fad.

The latest Church fad.

Super-Heroes, Egos, Celebrities, Fads & Traditions

Christians will line up around the block in anticipation of the latest fad hoping to satisfy their insatiable hunger for their next fix of religious bliss. They rely on the countless religious celebrities who are the modern day super heroes that will bring them salvation.

Unfortunately, many live in a religious fantasy of church system that glorifies men instead of God. They do things in His name, but the truth is that the name they do things in is their own.

The religious masses are blinded in their false religion called church that they inherited from Constantine. The foundation and precepts on which they function are man-driven agendas that denies God's instructions.


Those who conform to the cookie-cutter religion will bow to a self-appointed king or whatever name they give to the person in charge. These people are easily recognized because they have special certificates and diplomas that are hung on their walls. Their framed pieces of paper are display the indoctrination they have received.


Christianity has created psychopathological religious men who live in a delusional world of grandeur who love wealth and power. They have an insatiable need for ego gratification to boost their status among men. These men will hear voices and believe they have special powers as being the 'specially chosen' of God. These types are easily exposed through their charming and loving personas, but really it is about having power and control. Their characteristics are easily detected in the egocentric environments that they are most comfortable in.


Take Heed

For anyone who wants to be free from spiritual abusive and controlling religious environments, please take heed.

God does not work in any way through the widespread and prominent church buildings that plagues the landscape today. Diabolical men assume false authority and fight for prominence to gain the next tier on the religious hierarchical totem pole of the man-driven institution called 'church.'

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The plain fact is that church is a meeting place built by men where Romanized traditions take place violating the purpose of God. These elaborate buildings rely upon the contingency of human merchandise to keep the system running. The men in charge require money to give them power. As they build up their storehouse of riches, their influence and power grows and the demand for additional hirelings are required to keep the people under their power and control.

The monetary is their god and their minions willingly give it to them. The needs of the clergy will always come first. They are the ones who make all the decisions. They do not rely on God's instructions, but the ways of the world to spread their religious disease and false gospel.


Pew-warmers have become blinded by their indoctrination and they have allowed themselves to be victims of manipulation and intimidation. The psychological tactics and techniques are used so deviously that most who enter through her doors will come to believe that the product of human wisdom is God's way. They are merchandised and given over to domineering and controlling religious synod in an in total rebellion and disobedience to God.

The authority of these religious elite will always have to be proclaimed. They will say that God has commissioned them with a mandate to rule. Since they supposedly hear from God on behalf of the people, they must submit to their commands. To defy them means to defy God. These men are deemed 'extra special' with unique powers that they claim to possess.


Self-promoting religious men who put themselves on pedestals do not like anyone chopping at their base. The moment anyone questions their authority, they are automatically deemed to be the 'problem.'

Who would dare touch God’s anointed?

Unfortunately, many concede to the vigorous lies, ridicule and scorn that are used as manipulation tactics to bring them back under submission.


All pastor-kings claim that they have a special hotline to God. That is why they believe they are chosen to be the mediators for the people because only they possess the 'special' knowledge that was given to them. This knowledge often manifests into policies and doctrines that are simply meant to control others. Hidden knowledge is a means of bilking people of their money as the concealed mysteries are only revealed once the price has been paid.

The speciality of seminary trained officials is to butcher God's word for gain. They string cherry-picked verses together to create their own doctrines making themselves the saviours of the people because they have a special hotline to God.

The only way to working up the corporate ladder is to 'sell your soul.'

The glossy-eyed masses will flock into their lavish buildings to hear the special anointed words of the their latest pied-pipers. These are the men of Christianity who win the masses over with ear candy. They will promise you many things appealing to your heart strings with promises of becoming great. This is greatest illusion as many believe they are worshipping God, but rather they are worshipping themselves.

The ego is enticed with the carrot of becoming someone great. Many are duped into the vocation of taking on the great responsibility of leading people to God by training and developing them in the traditions of man. They say, 'this is your God given responsibility.' This really translates into the desire for money, power and fame. The pew-warming minions are the entourage of the religious elite. They are the bond-slaves who jump through hoops by the simple wave of their hands. They give accolades to each other as this is the measure of their performance and duty to the institution.

The power of the human ego must feed off self-centredness in the delusional minds of men who believe they must have spiritual authority over others. How sad it is for their minions who think they are free to independent thought and control in their lives. This is the worst kind of control where people believe they are 'preserved' in God. Religious emotional pleas pull on heartstrings as masses empty their wallets to finance their heresy.

The Church System

Are you part of the institutionalized church system?

You can try to defend the system, but it will be failure because it does not line up with God's word.

The pew warmers and the men who control them are blinded to truth. Get out of this system while you still can.

Christianity dresses people up in good religious works as proof to the world that they are saved. Their supposed good deeds mean nothing to God because they are the bondage of preachers who desire power, control and money.

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Comments Appreciated

charlie from From Kingdom of God living on Planet earth in between the oceans on March 08, 2015:

P&N- other unbelievably timely and accurate, and much needed article. somehow this needs wide spread distribution. Awesome Brother perfect in every way.

Michael-Milec on March 08, 2015:

@ graceinus. Sir, you are providing very interesting informations, serious as matter of fact... Is that so ? Children of the heavenly Father need to know more ,if not all of dangers among us...

Thank you and God bless you.

Debra Allen from West By God on March 08, 2015:

Voted up and will share it!!!

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