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Third Dimension - Physical Reality of the Conscious Being

The Universe allows the illusion of Free Will with this Third Dimension, which gives us the experience of acting like saints or demons.

Third Dimension - Physical Reality of the Conscious Being

This universe is of many dimensions

This universe is of many dimensions

Third Dimension - Physical Reality of the Conscious Being

Dimension relates to the methods of categorizing and systematizing various planes of our life survival that exist and they are structured on the basis of the vibratory rate of every person. All dimensions have any specific arrangements of principles, theories, and laws specific to the dimensional plane frequency rates that govern the human life path. Our consciousness is our awareness. This is important to understand. When we inhabit a certain dimension, it is because our consciousness vibrates in resonance with the frequency of that dimension. The afterlife is the realm of the fourth dimension. We can think of this place as the afterlife because it is the place where souls go after separating from their physical bodies.

Today, we are in an environment of the Earth and we have no other choice but to face the earthly 3-Dimensional shortcomings and concentrate on correcting ourselves.

Do higher dimensions exist? There exists a different mystical world, unseen and unknown to human beings, who are living on this earth. The detection of the mystical world is emphatically beyond human reach because they are invisible to human eyes and their existence goes beyond the basic physical and material laws.

The higher dimensions not only exist but can explain some of the deepest secrets of nature. Although we stress that there is at present no experimental evidence of higher dimensions. In principle, they may solve the ultimate problem in physics. We live in a 3-dimensional world. But, whatever modes, methods, or machinery we use and apply, it is simply not possible for the delicate brains of human beings to envisage the prevailing spatial fourth dimension. Computers, of course, have no problem working in N-dimensional space, but the spatial dimensions beyond three, simply cannot be conceptualized by our feeble brains.

We live in the three-dimensional world on this earth. It is where our energy is set and congealed into a dense and dark pool of matter. This is the plane of thought and mind. These dense layers forming this plane on the earth’s surroundings hold and control all our material matters, worldly ideas, and thoughts.

Because of our consciousness, we are able to identify with matter and therefore become dense ourselves. The Universe allows the illusion of Free Will with this Third Dimension, which gives us the experience of acting like saints or demons or somewhere in between, by choice.

We human beings, believing that the third is the only dimension suffer from the illusion of separation from our Spirits. Whereas, the physical senses cannot detect the spirit, which is beyond form. If we are not one with spirit, then we cannot be one with others. This dimension of thought has the ability to interpenetrate all of life, like a sort of euphoric river of water. These aspects are not related or confined to any activities of our brain. The brain, in fact, performs in a manner the telephone exchange operates and controls the switching station. Our all thoughts pass through it to the fourth-dimensional world. This is the beauty of our experience in such a dense atmosphere of earth, indicates that we live and survive in this loving and adorable Universe.

That is the reason we need to remain in contact consistently with our mind-world’s upper strata by cultivating the related segments of the brain, as all seekers have attempted to do, we shall gain inconceivable knowledge.

Humans possess a body made up of chemicals in liquid, solid and gaseous states. Our human body can be easily penetrated and see another invisible body, supposed to be our counterpart, also called our Etheric Body, which is formed of a refined web. The Life-forces of the Electromagnetic nature can be supplied in our physical body. These Lives-forces of the Electromagnetic nature come from the outer Universe.

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Our life is to awaken and expand our consciousness. It is to realize our inner purpose, to awaken the real Me, to enhance our qualities by our thinking, understanding. We need to awaken our ideals, for successful accomplishment. We are inherently spiritual, inspirational, and practical, and with the great inner waves of change, we can bring the transformation.

Without a greater destiny and a purpose to know and understand our own existence, in reality, we will remain a stranger to our own self, drifting internally.

We may feel marginally in control of our life, possessing all the splendor and riches. Despite all the achievements, we will fail to understand our main goal, the purpose of living, and to know what we are really here for. It is the purpose of our life journey guided by such knowledge is to understand, feel, realize the divine spirit within us.

In the absence of sufficient knowledge of the spiritual and spatial world, we are like, in fact, living in a floating house, which has no foundation.

Can you imagine the entire world in a cultivated form! Envisage people well educated, polished, and refined where every single person gets a free approach to an invaluable course of education and knowledge and is proud to play a role to contribute, share and comfort others imparting that acquired knowledge and thus the learning process continues!

In this fashion, by writing this book What We All Are Living For, my self-reformation process continued to rejoice the glorious human existence and to understand the ultimate One, with one singular spectacular goal we all are tending towards....the Ultimate Bliss.

We are involved intensely in several unrealistic goals and ideas on this earth, in everything that isn’t real.

The Anima is the inner self, inner persona, in touch with the unconscious part of our mind that works automatically, without introspection or awareness. The Anima affects our dreams, fears, and habits. Normally and regularly, our spirit, consciousness, and psyche connect the most subconscious aspects of the deepest part of the mind. We should know that the hidden power of the subconscious is profound. Every mind has to pass through the complex analysis and interpretation formalities because of our mind and body, subconscious behavior, and actions, which we are not objectively aware of. It is necessary for us to develop control, to dominate and manage our subconscious and conscious state of minds, to reach the peaceful and harmonious Superconscious condition in which we can visualize the individuality and distinctiveness of our soul as well as the Celestial Spirit. Our conscious thinking actions happen in the left part of the brain, while the activities of the Superconscious state of mind happen in the right part of the brain. It is necessary for us to acquire sufficient control and gain power over the subconscious position of our mind, by which, our own numerous activities can be managed and directed to impact our actions forcefully, and that will make us perform our duties without understanding why. We are born to gain such knowledge, acquire control over it and learn the reason and values of these mysterious specifics, to recognize the power of the human mind, our spirit, and soul, by gaining spiritual knowledge.

We all strive to live peacefully in this distressful and afflicted world. We should be aware of the reason for living today, the purpose of our life and What are we living for!”

So, it is better to be in that infinite light of wisdom, than to remain ingloriously in this ruthless land of the terrors of the terrible, to understand our potential and what we want to do with our life.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2021 Shyam Gokarn

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