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Thinking of ming

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Think then become

Mind games

There are some rules of mind;
Some games of mind are;
One of them
Is that thing
Become available,
The mind starts forgetting it!

Whatever you find,
Oblivion begins to occur.
Who is near
To forget it
Chances begin to increase!
Mind that
Who is away;
Mind for him
One not found;
Whatever you find,
Mind him slowly
It seems forgetful!
Mind always
To be in the future,
Not to be in the present!

So if you
Be with me
Thousand wishes
With you
Have come to me
How many
Decorating dreams,
How much !!
But if you
Stayed here
I have a long time,
So slowly you
You will forget me
You big
You will be surprised that you were away,
Were your home,
Were thousands of miles away,
There it
Used to miss so much,
There was so much pain there,
Now near here
A distance is covered!

This rule of mind
Understand and
It is necessary to break!
Break it…
That is meditation!

Meditation means:
That is,
Wake up to it
Which is not
Leave her worried!

The rule of mind is -
Towards what
stay asleep,
Which is not
Stay awake towards him!
All mind games
With lack
To build a relationship!

If you have
If you have lakhs of money
Don't see them
Which is one million
You don't have
Their account
Keeps applying
How to meet that?
When you have
There were no lakhs
There were only ten thousand
Then that
Thought of lacquer
Now there are millions
That of a million
When you have
Ten thousand,
If there are lakhs
You will be very happy!
Now you absolutely
Do not be blissful!
You have lakhs
Now you say,
There will be one million,
Will be blissful then!
Even become one million,
You bliss
Not gonna happen!

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because you
Formula of mind
Can't catch it ..!
He would say,
Must be 100 million!
He further
Keeps on increasing

The mind is like this
Like land
Touching horizon
He is nowhere,
Only visible
You proceeded
He also went ahead!

Where you reach
The mind gets away from there
The mind starts to run forward!
Goes somewhere else!

Always with you
Keeps running forward!
Where are you
There never happens
You are in the temple
He is in the shop!
You are in the shop
So that in the temple!
You are in the market
So that
Thinks of the Himalayas!
Reach the Himalayas,
Of that market
Starts thinking

Of this mind
Understand the game !!

If you do not understand,
So slowly
You will get
You with me
Even after
Gone too far!

By my
Has nothing to do!
by this
Of your mind
Unconsciousness is only concerned!

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