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The Worlds Most Haunted Places New Orleans

Spooky New Orleans Ghosts

On this page you will find all kinds of videos about the haunted places in New Orleans and Louisiana. If you don't believe in Ghosts you just might after you watch these spooky ghost videos.

You will find on this page a wide variety of videos of haunted New Orleans and Louisiana. Where the Ghost come out each night and try to make contact with the living. The French Quarter of New Orleans is especially haunted.

Below you will find a whole collection of New Orleans Ghost Videos that your sure to enjoy so why not check them out now. Do you know a great New Orleans Ghost Story why not tell us about it now in the comment section below.

Do you believe in Ghosts? If you could walk the dark streets of the lower French Quarter late at night you might just find yourself believing. When the fog rolls in off the river and the moon peeks in and out from behind clouds you will start to walk a little faster. And then if watch down there at the dark end of the alley you just might see something.

New Orleans Bourbon Street Cam


Haunted New Orleans

New Orleans is considered by many people to be the most haunted city in America. The graveyards known to the locals as the cities of the dead are all thought to be haunted and yes Voodoo is still practiced in New Orleans.   The Ghosts are said to inhabit many different places in the city but one of the most haunted sections is the French Quarter where there are reports of many ghosts. At New Orleans City Park under the live oaks they say you can see the ghosts of men repeating the duels they fought all those years ago.

There has been so much war and unhappiness in the area and the spirits of the long dead hang around trying to finish what ever they were doing when their lifes ended. If you look around New Orleans you will hear hundreds of ghost stories and if there ever was a city that was haunted it would be New Orleans.

There's even a cafe down in the French Quarter where a cat has been haunting the building for over a 150 years. The large white cat is often seen after the cafe closes setting in a window or even up on the roof. No one knows the original story but many people have seen the ghost of the cat.  


Hotel Provincial , New Orleans

The Lalaurie Mansion in New Orleans

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Tell Us Your Comments About Ghosts Now.

Rusty on December 29, 2011:

My wife and I had an experience at the Royal Orleans Hotel. We were staying there for a couple of days, and one night both in bed asleep at about 1am. We had the curtains pulled so it was very dark in the room. My wife got up to go to the bathroom, and when was coming back to bed, the lamp on the bedside table came on by itself, as if it knew somehow that she was having trouble seeing the bed in the dark. She was at least 3 feet away from the lamp and table when it happened, and I was dozing on my side(the opposite side) of the bed. The light woke me up and I asked why she turned it on. All she said was "that was weird" and turned the switch, and the lamp went off promptly. Nothing else happened that we noticed.

newsworthy on June 15, 2009:

Do you know a great New Orleans Ghost Story ....?

I don't know if what I saw were ghosts but they were sure alive

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