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Ghost Corner Haunted Fishing Spot

There's a place near Mangrove Mountain - NSW, Australia, known to the locals as Green Man's Bend or Ghost Corner, where only the bravest fisherman will dare to dangle a line.

In the early 1800's, Green Man's Bend was an ideal place for rum smugglers of the day to hide their stills out of sight of the law and then transport the finished product down river to Wiseman's Ferry to be shipped across to the convicts who were working on the Great Northern Road.

It was during this time a young woman named Florence became pregnant to one of the smugglers and paid with her life.

The story goes that the smuggler killed her and then buried her body beside the river.

The ghost of a woman with long hair has apparently been seen ever since that fateful event, standing on the river bank.

Locals have reported other ghastly happenings on Green Man's Bend, like the two boys who were fishing off their boat when they spotted what appeared to be a mutual friend in a dinghy across the river.

They yelled out to their friend, 'Are you catching anything?'

Receiving no reply they started rowing toward him, when the mysterious boat suddenly vanished.

The two boys saw their friend later, and he swore he hadn't been fishing at all that day.


But that isn't the only time a boat has disappeared under unusual circumstances on that part of the river.

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In 1976, a local was asked to go and help out three people who were stranded after their boat had broken down at Brooklyn. On the way back they witnessed something that defies explanation.

Rounding Green Man's Bend they spotted a punt with two people aboard going around in continuous circles. As they approached the boat, it suddenly sank straight down into the water.

The police and local maritime authorities were contacted, but there was never any trace of the vessel and no one was ever reported missing.

A strange tale, but not nearly as strange as the hand that appeared out of the water and grabbed a woman on the leg.

Many years ago, two women were on a boat between Green Man's Bend and Pumpkin Point.

One of the women rowed, while the other relaxed by dangling her legs over the side.

Suddenly the woman rowing became aware that the boat wasn't moving, and as she looked up she heard her friend scream, 'Get your hand off me!'

A ghostly hand had emerged from the river and gripped her friend tightly on the thigh before sliding back into the water.

Not long after the incident, the woman died of gangrene that started in that leg.

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