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Ophiuchus, the Lost Sign of the Zodiac

Missing Link

Location of Ophiuchus in the sky



Zodiac Symbol for Ophiuchus

The Healer

The Healer

In 2004, I took an Astronomy class as a Science requirement for my Associate in Arts degree. It was fascinating and awe-inspiring to learn about the planets and the space we live in. But the most fascinating bit of information was hearing our Professor say one day, "There is a 13th sign of the Zodiac....One that was "deleted" thousands of years ago. Now, I hold no regard for the psuedo-science of Astrology, but if you think I'm crazy--do some research."

Well-I did. And he was right! There is a constellation between Sagittarius and Scorpio called Ophiuchus, or if you prefer Greek names, it is Aesculapius. Either way, it is known as The Healer.

"This intriguing constellation is called Ophiuchus. Ophiuchus is named by his relationship to the archetypal being called the Serpent. This is the same Serpent that appears in the Garden of Eden story in the bible and also the same Serpent as Quetzalcoatle and Rukulcan, as he is called in Middle America by the Aztecs and the Mayans."

Ophiuchus - 13th Astrological sign by Betmatrho

To many people, the Serpent represents Kundalini...the Sacred energy of the Universe. This energy lives within us, and can be activated by aligning with the 7 Chakra centers in our bodies. A holder of this energy is certainly a powerful figure and worthy role-model to emulate.

Personally, I prefer to go way back to ancient, ancient times, and know Ophiuchus by its original title as The Snake Goddess. Have you studied Art History? If so, you know that the first Supernatural Being to be worshipped was The Goddess. Maybe you also recognize the picture below the map? This is an image of the Snake Goddess, found in ancient Crete. Before the Greeks took Crete by force and Apollo assumed the mantle of Supreme God in the lexicon, there was Gaiai- Ancient Mother/Provider/Protector.

Anyway, I write this because as a person born under the Ophiuchus sign, finding out about its existence has given me a place and a meaning that was always missing before. And there are many of you out there like me! Have you ever said to yourself, "I don't belong anywhere." Have you ever felt lost and out-of-sorts with the world? It's because your guide and protector has been hidden from you. I would always read my horoscope as Sagittarius; count planet Jupiter as my guide. Now I know that my planet is Uranus-- the planet of transformation and change.

Believe me, this has changed my outlook on life, and I feel much more "at home" in my personality. I do not feel lost or alone anymore. I have my place in the sky. And as Plato said, "As above, so below."

And here is the really cool part...synchronicity in action! One day last year, I was gassing up my car, and the total came to $20.12. Well---that was too auspicious to miss! 2012...oh goodness, this means something. So I went home and did some searching...And came across The Lost Book of Nostradamus, which has everything to do with Ophiuchus and the meaning of 2012!

* Ophiuchus, the thirteenth constellation in the night sky, is supposed to be associated with the end of time in the book. The Great Alignment will be when the sun rises with perfect center of the Galaxy as indicated by this constellation.

* Supposedly the constellation Sagittarius is pointing an arrow at the center of the Galaxy. An expert stated that at that great moment, the knowledge of the tree of knowledge in the Garden of Eden will be revealed.

Perhaps that's why it had to be removed and/or hidden from the night sky mythology. We humans are not supposed to know of our Supernatural Origins, which has been lost to us since our "fall". And the key to that destiny appears to lie in this Lost Sign.

"Another important connection to Ophiuchus lies in the fact that the Winter Solstices, since 1937, have been in his area of the sky. Due to a 26,000 year cycle called the precession of the equinox, the spring equinox appears to move from one constellation to another. At this time, it is shifting from Pisces, the Fish to Aquarius, the Water Bearer. It is being suggested here that Ophiuchus, the Serpent Carrier, is the archetype of what we commonly call the New Age and that the time of Aquarius is still yet to come. The last Age of Ophiuchus was from about 4500 BC to 2500 BC. Now that the Serpent Holder has returned, we have the opportunity to "remember" and once again access ancient wisdom from that time and specifically wisdom related to "serpent energy."

I have many times felt that this time, we would have the 60's vibe without the negative side-effects. Do you feel it too?

The Age of Aquarius people! All of you from the Psychedelic Generation know this and remember. This is what we learned as kids! The dawning of the Age of Aquarius... And it is happening NOW...in OUR life-times. it is a great and wondrous time to be alive, despite all the horror. We must hold on to our star legacy and be a part of the Healing and Kundalini Rising.

"Every year between November 22, and December 25, the Sun passes through the constellation of Ophiuchus, from our perspective here on the Earth. Many of us recognize this as the "holiday Season". The Christmas holiday is, on one level, the celebration of the birth of Christ or Christ consciousness. This state of consciousness, also sometimes called galactic consciousness, is represented by the constellation of Ophiuchus, the Serpent Dancer, when achieved within a human body."

"In galactic astrology, the center of the Galaxy is analogous to the Higher Self or the Jungian Self. It is only by transcending the "wheel of twelve" and allowing energy to spiral, resonant with the number thirteen, that we as humans, access and maintain a conscious connection to our Higher Self."

It's no wonder that the 13th sign has been hidden from us. It is our connection to the Sacred in the sky. Our melding with The One, if you will. It is now Time to truly recognize our star connection and connection with all in the universe. Time also to recognize our connection with the greatest power of all...LOVE.

Please join me in claiming your heritage fellow Serpent Holders!!



Ophiuchus - The Thirteenth Constellation

by Raymond Mardyks


Nostradamus 'Lost Book'
TV Documentary Review
By Ted Twietmeyer



Fun Find:

Queen Ophiuca, known as Ophiuchus Queen (オヒュカス・クイーン?) in Japan, is a character from the MegaMan Star Force series

Queen Ophiuca has the following abilities and attacks:

  • Super Armour: Queen Ophiuca cannot flinch.
  • Snake Legion: Queen Ophiuca sends snakes down all 3 columns at different intervals. The snakes can be blocked or destroyed.
  • Quick Serpent: Queen Ophiuca will dash down two adjacent columns. This attack cannot be blocked.
  • Gorgon Eye: Queen Ophiuca fires a laser down her column, paralyzing the player if it connects.

Queen Ophiuca

Star Force

Star Force


  • Interpreter of dreams, vivid premonitions,
  • Attracts good luck and fruitful blessings,
  • Serpent holder, lofty ideals,
  • A seeker of peace and harmony,
  • Doctor of medicine or science, natural-pathic,
  • Adds, increases, joins, or gathers together
  • Poetical, inventive nature, expanding qualities,
  • Seeks higher education and wisdom,
  • Overseer, supervisor of work,
  • Fame - either grand, or completely misunderstood,
  • Longevity, aspirations of healing the ills of man,
  • Architect, builder, reaches for the stars, figuratively and literally,
  • Tax assessor, or levys taxes,
  • Astrological talents, intuitive,
  • Large family indicated, but apt to be separated from them when young,
  • The number twelve holds great significance,
  • Foresight and good fortune to benefit from hard times,
  • Has secret enemies in family or close associations,
  • Many jealous of this subject,
  • Notable father, apple of father's eye when young,
  • High position in life expected [depending on aspects] highest fame and legend comes after death
  • Feelings of grandeur, wise, a genius mentality,
  • Likes to wear clothing of vibrant colors, tartans and plaids in particular,
  • Receives the favor of those in authority.


Leslie McCowen (author) from Cape Cod, USA on January 15, 2021:

“Trump is leaving the White House with the lowest job approval of his presidency -- 29%, per Pew Research poll.”

......yeah, 30% right?

Thank you.

Leslie McCowen (author) from Cape Cod, USA on January 15, 2021:

“The next time I see James Comey or Michael Moore on MSNBC, I'm deleting the channel from my lineup.”

Hear, hear.

Leslie McCowen (author) from Cape Cod, USA on January 15, 2021:

The cop who was crushed in the door said a maga guy was “foaming at the mouth”.....

Erm, no thanks on unity w you! God, no.

Leslie McCowen (author) from Cape Cod, USA on January 15, 2021:

Michael MacKay:

“Social media is weaponized for aggressor Russia. In 2017, Ukraine banned Vkontakte and Odnoklassnik as well as Mail[dot]ru and Yandex. But it was too late to stop the worst of Russia's invasion. This month Twitter kicked out Putin puppet Trump, too late to stop the insurrection.”

“Mark Zuckerberg’s data mining operation, Facebook, has been weaponized by the Russian regime of state terrorism. In the first year of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, Facebook was notorious for amplifying Russia’s anti-Ukrainian hate propaganda and for silencing Ukrainian voices.”

“Leading the battle for national survival against Russia's invasion, Ukraine's President Poroshenko appealed to Facebook to stop spreading Russian disinformation. At a company meeting, Zuckerberg laughed at the Ukrainians and said no.“


Who did Facebook help here? Trump. When Putinite Yukonovich ran for prez, guess what they said to his female opponent?

“Lock her up.”


Go after Zuckerberg. He’s complicit in this sedition against the USG,imo.

Leslie McCowen (author) from Cape Cod, USA on January 14, 2021:


For all the times we’ve been told, the law is the law comply. You got it.

Leslie McCowen (author) from Cape Cod, USA on January 14, 2021:

These people think they’re cute. Not. Read some history. WE won’t re-live it!


Leslie McCowen (author) from Cape Cod, USA on January 13, 2021:

This group of raging violence descended on OUR capital, destroyed OUR building, killed a cop, were planning to cut the head off AOC and Pelosi, on live tv......all of it pre arranged, coordinated and spurred on by Trump and members of his terror group in gvt, media and beyond.

Anyone thinking this is ok, and we are over reacting is an enemy of America.

And we see you!

I hope the fbi does, too. Maybe you SHOULD shut up.

I sure wish you would!

Leslie McCowen (author) from Cape Cod, USA on January 13, 2021:

Uhhh. Our fight is not with conservatives, it’s with far right extremists. I/e Bircher/Birther/Tea Party/Trump.

Nothing conservative about it. It’s domestic terror.

Leslie McCowen (author) from Cape Cod, USA on January 13, 2021:

“Fox’s Brit Hume Tells Tucker Carlson Trump is ‘Radioactive’ to the GOP Now: He Fed His Base ‘Utter Balderdash’ About Election Results.”


Wow....Quite the turn around!

So, keep going.....that means everyone who repeated the “utter balderdash” is radio active, too?

Lol! Lot of them on Fox shmoooze did it!

Let’s see....Cruz, Hawley, 126 members of the House. 12 senators......

Lots of balderdash running around. ;-)

Leslie McCowen (author) from Cape Cod, USA on January 12, 2021:

“Neon Revolt, one of the most prominent QAnon influencers who has spread conspiracy theories and fomented violence among his hundreds of thousands of loyal followers on far-right social network Gab, has been unmasked as a failed Hollywood screenwriter.

His experience in California was not a success, and it soured his view of Hollywood.

“BURN IT!” he wrote on his now-deleted Twitter account in 2018. “BURN THE WHOLE DEGENERATE TOWN DOWN! GLASS THE ENTIRE WEST COAST IF YOU HAVE TO.”


So, another one who did not get his way, and so......everyone must pay.

My trumpers.....a Hollywood screenwriter.....bet he’s good at creating a realty huh?

Don’t forget, Mark Burnett created “Donald Trump, successful business man”

There’s a word for you. Rube. Mark. Target audience. And there are people who believe the moon landing was staged in a Hollywood studio.

Your cult is nothing new. It’s just deadly as hell.

Leslie McCowen (author) from Cape Cod, USA on January 12, 2021:

“you don't get to threaten future violence to keep from being punished for acts of violence you already committed.”


Leslie McCowen (author) from Cape Cod, USA on January 12, 2021:

More terror.....Covid. What do you call people in a closed in room who refuse to wear a mask?

A couple people who were in the room have come down with Covid.....I’ve even seen videos of people spitting on others....because they’re mad at those who ask them to wear a mask.....

What IS that???

I don’t know if you’ve seen this, but this is real. Nothing fake newsy here:


You’re freedom ends at the tip of my nose.....suppose I had a smallpox blanket and handed it to you.....that be ok?

Leslie McCowen (author) from Cape Cod, USA on January 12, 2021:

Sheldon Whitehouse showed us that Republican AG’s are the ones behind the cases against the ACA.....at the behest of dark money groups.

Well, lo and behold, they also did this:

“The organization and a fundraising arm, the Rule of Law Defense Fund, came under fire after it was reported by NBC News and other outlets that they paid for robocalls to go out the day before a pro-Trump mob invaded the Capitol last Wednesday.

“At 1:00 p.m., we will march to the Capitol building and call on Congress to stop the steal,” said the voice on the recording, which was obtained by NBC News.”



Attorneys General......law enforcers! Do we see what’s going in here? We had better.

Leslie McCowen (author) from Cape Cod, USA on January 11, 2021:

WASHINGTON (AP) -- FBI bulletin warns of plans for armed protests at all 50 state capitals and in Washington ahead of Biden inauguration.”


Because of course, if you don’t get your way, you strong arm, like your mobster prez. One of you was on twitter.....owns a lobster and clam bar here on cape cod......with his Civil War shirt on, zip ties in his pocket. Told you there were racists here......and some of them know whose time my husband is doing. Judge retired to Idaho....c’mon, home of what? C’mon!

The South will rise again......anyone know what that’s code for? Can we just stop pretending it’s anything else?

Leslie McCowen (author) from Cape Cod, USA on January 11, 2021:


“Russian State Media Was Embedded With Insurrectionists As Capitol Was Stormed”


Leslie McCowen (author) from Cape Cod, USA on January 11, 2021:

Being honest, after Wednesday, Jan 6.......I could give less than zero shits about the concerns, feelings, whatever of maga people.

Time for you to think of our feelings. You lost big. Try to figure out why. The elections guy in Georgia is well pissed off. He says Giuliani knew he was lying and lied anyway.

“Nearly 1,500 lawyers on Monday urged the bar associations across the US to initiate an investigation and take action against Donald Trump’s legal team, including his personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani, who are leading lawsuits claiming election fraud.

They argued that the attempts of Mr Trump’s legal team are “indefensible” and they must be penalised.

“It is indefensible for lawyers to falsely proclaim widespread voting fraud, submit a pattern of frivolous court claims and actively seek to undermine citizens’ faith in our election’s integrity,. We condemn this conduct without reservation." said the letter.“


Yeah, I know , I know ......you Trumpers know better than they do, and it’s just a conspiracy against poor victim trump.

*sigh*...... the endless victim. As he crushes America with his boot. (3 inch lifts and all)

Leslie McCowen (author) from Cape Cod, USA on January 11, 2021:

“I'm starting to think some Republicans don't want to impeach him for inciting a coup attempt because they're worried that their names will turn up in the investigation.”



Leslie McCowen (author) from Cape Cod, USA on January 10, 2021:

Ok, Parler has got to go.


Boycott everything rightwing. Don’t give them a penny more to feed their hatred, degeneracy, and plain mean ass people!

Leslie McCowen (author) from Cape Cod, USA on January 10, 2021:

Khrushchev said they would bury us without firing a shot. Yuri Besmenov told us how they do it. But it’s not only them. The Christo fascists want control. The uber rich want no taxes.....did you know, the Mercers owe 6.8 billion!

You know how you can find the rotten pos’s? It’s whoever hates the Clintons! Not kidding.

Scratch a Clinton hater......you’ll find what you’re looking for.

Leslie McCowen (author) from Cape Cod, USA on January 09, 2021:

Listen to these maga women.....they actually think they own people!


Leslie McCowen (author) from Cape Cod, USA on January 09, 2021:

Don’t know if this is true, but......is he worth it, I mean really.

Jonathan Blaine, Esq:

“It’s all fun and little boy Cosplay until someone dies and then it’s felony murder and life in federal prison.

What these children don’t understand is that now everyone who went is now guilty of conspiracy to commit felony murder.

Every Single Person who was there!“

Leslie McCowen (author) from Cape Cod, USA on January 09, 2021:

Meanwhile, Biden is choosing competent, experienced people to fill seats in our gvt.

The contrast could not be more stark.

Leslie McCowen (author) from Cape Cod, USA on January 09, 2021:

Geee...seeing hubbers so upset about trump being silenced.......how about right here?

Randy, Paula, AP........banned from whole site.

Me, banned from forums.....for life.

What did people say then? “If you got banned, you must have done something to deserve it”

I see people celebrate others being banned here. What’s different with trump?

*rhetorical question*.......

Leslie McCowen (author) from Cape Cod, USA on January 09, 2021:

Correction. Limbaugh deactivated his own twitter.


Leslie McCowen (author) from Cape Cod, USA on January 09, 2021:

Twitter suspended Russssshhhhhhhhhh talent on loan from god! Also Lin Wood, Sidney Powell......it’s like my wildest dream is coming true.....are we finally waging war on the vast rightwing????

Leslie McCowen (author) from Cape Cod, USA on January 08, 2021:

“moderate Dems are content with the the status quo.”


Leslie McCowen (author) from Cape Cod, USA on January 08, 2021:

Here’s the cop the maga rioters killed:


Pretty odd situation......cops who helped Trump’s insurrection vs cops whose fellow officer was killed by them.

This cop is with maga:


Leslie McCowen (author) from Cape Cod, USA on January 08, 2021:

Mike, you are a Nazi. I hope you get visited by the FBI. Sincerely, I do.

Leslie McCowen (author) from Cape Cod, USA on January 07, 2021:

No, they don’t get forgiveness, “move on”, “oh it was nothing”......

We did that last time, remember? Bushco, remember? “We are looking forward, not back”

Which lead directly to Bush on steroids, Trump. Can’t do it again. Consequences must be had.

I don’t care if it’s done in public or behind the scenes. This time, it must be done.

Because, hello.....the same rightwing ops are still opping. And making money off mayhem and death, and eroding our gvt and way of life.

And that means all of them. And there are lots.

Leslie McCowen (author) from Cape Cod, USA on January 07, 2021:

Im trying to get it. Unless we do what maga demands, they will kill us? That it?

Leslie McCowen (author) from Cape Cod, USA on January 07, 2021:

“I don't think that killing an unarmed Air Force veteran is being treated with kid gloves.”

She was “storming the capital for a revolution”. She knew exactly what she was doing. She died with a Trump scarf around her waist.....part of her revolution uniform, I’m guessing.

Send more of them. More will die. They had plans to cut the heads off AOC and Pelosi. You can call them whatever you wish. I call them terrorists. In a war against the USA. Bring it.

And those IN the gvt and with the revolution.....bring it, too. Scum sinks to the bottom. Have a nice trip.

Leslie McCowen (author) from Cape Cod, USA on January 07, 2021:

For the unbelievable claim that “I’ve seen no violence”....

Just google “violence at the US capital”..... you’ll have your eyes full.

AND, unlike BLM, the police HELPED them do it!

Leslie McCowen (author) from Cape Cod, USA on January 06, 2021:

Here’s the one you call a c*nt. While you worship and adore a mobster who couldn’t tie her shoe.


She should be president right now. I hope sacrificing her was worth it, alphabet soups.

Leslie McCowen (author) from Cape Cod, USA on January 06, 2021:

I’ll bet this was planned on Facebook


Dumpster fire is on twitter now, spurring on the insurrection.

You know......the “liberal” media stuff.

It’s a rightwing coup......decades in the making. Limbaugh must be rubbing his hands in glee.

Leslie McCowen (author) from Cape Cod, USA on January 06, 2021:

“The "party of law and order" is rioting around the country, attempting to storm the Capitol, and beating people in the street.

Never forget what they are. Never forget what they have done.“

Leslie McCowen (author) from Cape Cod, USA on January 06, 2021:

BREAKING: Trump supporters have breached the Capitol building, tearing down 4 layers of security fencing and are attempting to occupy the building — fighting federal police who are overrun.”


Trump told them yesterday, “you can’t let them steal the senate, you just can’t”

Arrest this mf’r for sedition! Like, now, before someone gets killed.

Leslie McCowen (author) from Cape Cod, USA on January 06, 2021:

I’m trying not to be raging......

Moscow Mitch reign of terror is over! It’s a wonderful day today. Soon to be totally ruined by maga.....is Dennis the Menace up yet?

But as of now, it is wonderful.

For America, for posterity, for DECENCY and TRUTH.

Thank you Stacy.....when people are allowed to vote, we will have the humane America we so crave for.

Leslie McCowen (author) from Cape Cod, USA on January 05, 2021:

“Federal court DENIES Trump lawsuit challenging GA's 2020 election results. Judge Mark Cohen rules from the bench, saying he "took an oath" and cannot undo an election.”

****** you can all admit now that that’s what you are trying to do.

Leslie McCowen (author) from Cape Cod, USA on January 05, 2021:

Petition to remove the 126 congress members who said Biden wasn’t legit, but they are.


It’s the principle of it. Somehow, principles have to matter.

Leslie McCowen (author) from Cape Cod, USA on January 05, 2021:

I know magas don’t venture into other realities.....hey, I tried yours. Only lasted about a week. (Parler) Much like when Russshhhhh Limbaugh showed up on the public airwaves, the hate and the crazy was too much....I gtf outta there. RAN.

So, I know you don’t know this, but a lot of WHITE people are saying your whole problem is racism. WHITE people are saying, once we had a black president, you all decided “that’s it, democracy is not for me”, and went with the Unitary Executive theory of Cheney, Barr and Karl Rove.

As long as

1. he’s white. HE.

2. Keeps the “others” away from you. Especially new ones, coming in.

3. Doesn’t diminish your power and status in the world.

I know you deny it. Say it’s just stupid libtard talk......but you’d be surprised how most of the world knows this, too.

It’s a form of mental illness. Look at Rosanne Barr......”I thought the bitch was white!!!...

Yeah, sure you did.

I’m just letting you know, all this drama and bullshit election rigging talk crap......

The whole world, and 70% of America sees it for what it is.

You’re embarrassing yourselves.

And for what?

Maybe you should ask.

Leslie McCowen (author) from Cape Cod, USA on January 04, 2021:

Joe Biden:

“In America, politicians can’t assert, take, or seize power.

It has to be given by the American people.

We can’t ever give that up. The will of the people must always prevail.”


We prevailed. We matter. Stop spitting on us, please.

Leslie McCowen (author) from Cape Cod, USA on January 04, 2021:

Maybe this is who’s protecting trump:


“Each of them is one in a million. They number six thousand on a planet of six billion. They run our governments, our largest corporations, the powerhouses of international finance, the media, world religions, and, from the shadows, the world's most dangerous criminal and terrorist organizations.”


Then again, Ive read he is a Confidential Informant, working for the FBI, hence immune from prosecution.

Either way, the lawlessness is not acceptable. Not when regular people get thrown away for nothing.

Dump the Trump!

Leslie McCowen (author) from Cape Cod, USA on January 03, 2021:


Leslie McCowen (author) from Cape Cod, USA on January 03, 2021:

“The guy yelling stop the steal just got caught on tape trying to steal 11,780 votes.”

Leslie McCowen (author) from Cape Cod, USA on January 03, 2021:

Remove him. Cuff him. NOW


Leslie McCowen (author) from Cape Cod, USA on January 03, 2021:

Oooooh, etymology!


Leslie McCowen (author) from Cape Cod, USA on January 02, 2021:

Noel Casler:

“Trump & the GOP attacked Kathy Griffin for a satirical photo then he pardoned a bunch of sadistic killers that actually murdered people. Now members of the GOP are calling for violence in the streets and the executions of politicians that stand in their way. What did I miss?”

Kathy Griffin:

“Noel, you didn’t miss a thing, because I have a twisted need for people to know...I was on the no-fly list, the Interpol list, I have not been able to tour or earn an income in 3 1/2 years. Investigated by the Secret Service & the US Attorney’s Office. Interrogated under oath.“


If you can’t see you’re a supremacy cult, you are blind. What is it now, 4? At least 4 high up members of Trump’s team have called for people to be executed, the latest being Lin Wood, who said Vice President Pence should be executed!

Will they be investigated, interrogated, put on Interpol list? No, they won’t.

How come Hillary’s server was criminal, but Donald, ivanka, Jared, 6 other members of executive staff use of one isn’t?

How come golfing is now ok?

How come rich people getting tax money isn’t “throwing money away”?

How come complains about voter fraud and shenanigans going back to 2000 is being a snowflake if you’re a democrat, but fine and dandy for you? Even after recount and recount and recount again?

You are nothing more than spoiled babies. And btw, destroying America was the whole point. It’s why they put trump in there!

Democrats and republicans are trying to save America from you. Get a gd clue.

Leslie McCowen (author) from Cape Cod, USA on January 02, 2021:

What is this?

“President Declares Georgia Senate Races 'Illegal And Invalid'.

Leslie McCowen (author) from Cape Cod, USA on January 01, 2021:


“I see lot of complaining about being alone and not being at parties. Thank you for your sacrifice. I appreciate it. I’m alone because when I’m not, I’m working and the sound of screams, tears and fears echo in my ears and heart. Being alone is sanctuary. Away from virus and pain.”




My grandson went to hang out for New Years....but they kept it to the 10 person maximum. One of his friends hasn’t left his house in months.

If my gs contributes to any spread, that is on my conscience forever.

Leslie McCowen (author) from Cape Cod, USA on December 31, 2020:

So the senate intel committee.....bipartisan, conducted a witch-hunt on poor ole trump.

But the Republican investigations into Hillary were all above board and necessary......got it.

Leslie McCowen (author) from Cape Cod, USA on December 30, 2020:

Bob Hawkins:

“Just finished an hour long unsuccessful resuscitation of a16 year old in cardiac arrest. Tell me again how a lockdown is the worst thing that could possibly happen to you.”

Tell him! You mf’ers!

Leslie McCowen (author) from Cape Cod, USA on December 29, 2020:

Steve Silberman:

“STOP dismissing Gohmert's suit to have Pence overturn the election as "far-fetched." It's sedition. Gohmert is guilty of attempted sedition, and should GO TO PRISON for sedition. Stop normalizing treason.“


Why do republicans get such soft treatment? How does media characterize it? When did we become the thing trump likes to grab?

Leslie McCowen (author) from Cape Cod, USA on December 29, 2020:

From the UK:

“Another member of staff from a London hospital: “Things are a mess. Treatment in ambulances, oxygen ran out the other day. It’s horrid. The whole hospital is full of Covid. This is worse than the 1st wave and is going to get worse because the public don’t realise how bad it is.”

“Of course the public don’t realise how bad it is. Boris Johnson and

Matt Hancock have downplayed this so much that even sensible people don’t believe how bad it is. We are an international joke being led by profiteers.”


Definitely true in America. Our 2 most senior “leaders” are golfing and skiing at resorts.

As our hospitals fill and more and more people die. Gosh, didn’t Putin help Boris win, with that whole Brexit thing? Remember trump and Farage in the golden elevator, thumbs up?

And looky here.....knowing what we know now,....this means everything.


Leslie McCowen (author) from Cape Cod, USA on December 28, 2020:

“BUSTED? Why the numbers behind Mitch McConnell's re-election don't add up“


ES and S machines.......not dominion. This is the scandal....where are the investigations?


You can’t say you don’t believe in machine rigging....let’s check these complaints, like we did yours!

Leslie McCowen (author) from Cape Cod, USA on December 28, 2020:

“Democrats will try today to push through expanded $2,000 pandemic relief payments for Americans “

If trump pushed too, they’d do it! C’mon.....show some humanity!

Leslie McCowen (author) from Cape Cod, USA on December 26, 2020:

“Investigated for what? What are the allegations?”


A lot of you trump people with blinders on are in for a very rude awakening, once dumdum mafiya man is out of office.

His kids are involved.

Oh, and ivanka does White House biz from her personal email account, and Jared talks to his buddy saudi prince bone saw via WhatsApp. So....yes, they don’t care about “national security”....and neither do any of the Repubs who were aghast at Hillary. Who investigated her for 2 years..... 11 hours under interrogation....remember? And Hillary’s server was never breached. How hard is it to breach what’sapp or yahoo? But you all do not care one whit. You care about partisanship and power. Dats it.

And you are going to be handed your lunch for ignoring the Trump crimes. Grabbing pussies? Oh my.....that’s tame.

Oh, and Clinton was investigated for his pardon of Rich, remember?

So don’t cry when they investigate trump.

Trumps dad was connected......and it goes on from there. Just cause you ignore it doesn’t mean everybody has.

Leslie McCowen (author) from Cape Cod, USA on December 25, 2020:

“Mogilevich signature is the car bomb.”

Leslie McCowen (author) from Cape Cod, USA on December 23, 2020:

“it seems like a *lot* of people have no idea whatsoever that House Democrats passed a *$3 Trillion* bill back in May.

It included $1200 checks for each adult and each dependent in a household up to 3. ($4800 for a family of four)”

McConnell and Trump and the entire GOP said it was dead on arrival. That it was a “blue state bailout” and that we needed to stop paying people not to work.“


Blue state bailout.....smh.

I’m waiting for republicans to say “only people who voted for us will get relief”



Leslie McCowen (author) from Cape Cod, USA on December 23, 2020:

Ed Markey


“$2000 payments. And make them monthly.”


Dems are ALL on board. Always have been.

Leslie McCowen (author) from Cape Cod, USA on December 22, 2020:

Watched 60 minutes, Australia.....an infectious disease expert in New York.....long time, worked on Ebola, etc., said the 2 people she blames for the worldwide Covid epidemic are Jinping and Trump.

The snare is closing around Deutche Bank.....and that’s not only Trump, it’s kushner, too.

Pentagon is on high alert waiting to see if Insane in the membrane follows through with his treasonous plan to turn the military against the people of the USA.

If not, his private Army is on stand by.

How quaint you were going after Hillary for a private server. It almost seems like another time, doesn’t it?

How innocent we were then.......

Can you see trump yet, or are you still blind?

Leslie McCowen (author) from Cape Cod, USA on December 22, 2020:

Michael Cohen:

“He knows he lost the election. He knows it. But the problem is he has an incredibly fragile ego and his fragile ego will not allow him to acknowledge that he is a loser, that he lost the election to Joe Biden,” Cohen said in a Vanity Fair interview published Monday.

“This is a cash grab. When you finish a job, you’re always thinking about how to reinvent yourself. That’s what Donald Trump is doing right now,” he said.

With less than a month before Biden’s inauguration, Trump still publicly maintains that he actually won the election and was the victim of a widespread conspiracy to rig it against him. Anyone who disputes those baseless allegations ― including Republican election officials, the Supreme Court and even some conservative Fox News personalities ― has become the target of his ire.

“He knows that his next saga of his story is really going to be predicated around a Trump news network. It’s why he’s fighting with Fox every day,” Cohen said.

“He’s looking to steal their base. Because with his social media platform of 90 million followers, he knows that of that 90 million, 20 million are die-hard Trump fans.”

Cohen noted that many of Trump’s most devout supporters have indicated they would support him no matter what.

“From them, he just wants $4.99 a month. And for that $4.99 a month, you get to listen to all the bullshit and all the far-right-wing conspiracies that Donald Trump can dream up,” Cohen said. “That’s what he’s going to sell you. That’s $100 million a month, $1.2 billion a year. That’s going to pay for the gas in his 757.”

Leslie McCowen (author) from Cape Cod, USA on December 20, 2020:

Biden, huh?

“China is feeling stronger than ever after having essentially stopped covid-19 while the United States continues to be ravaged by a pandemic that Trump mismanaged.”

—Max Boot

Leslie McCowen (author) from Cape Cod, USA on December 19, 2020:

Oh, so true!

“If Tommy Tuberville is not going to accept the results of the election, then on January 6, Doug Jones should just refuse to vacate his seat in the Senate.

Problem solved.”

Leslie McCowen (author) from Cape Cod, USA on December 18, 2020:

Alison Greene:

“Trumps legal team wants us to look at States where he lost but maybe we need to look at states like Kentucky where Trump won.”


Leslie McCowen (author) from Cape Cod, USA on December 18, 2020:

If they hadn’t shot JFK, MLK, and RFK.....we’d have a different world.....

Let’s stop these nefarious forces from ruining it for our kids.


Leslie McCowen (author) from Cape Cod, USA on December 17, 2020:

Americans want to know.....

“So, the strategy (no masks, no social distancing) was to infect as many as possible so only the strong would survive? Fewer social security, medicare recipients? Fewer weak and vulnerable? Genocide?”

Leslie McCowen (author) from Cape Cod, USA on December 16, 2020:

Here is a woman who does a deep dive into ES&S......2020

“When I look at it in totality, it all feels a bit hard to believe.

Dems were set to have a good year. Instead...

The GOP only lost 2 Senate Seats (not including Georgia)

The GOP did NOT lose a single House

Amazingly good performance by the GOP...or something else?”


Leslie McCowen (author) from Cape Cod, USA on December 15, 2020:

Education is a good thing. Let’s learn something today.

“The four states w the biggest NET contributions to the federal government each year:

1. NY

2. NJ

3. MA

4. CT“


You’re welcome.

Leslie McCowen (author) from Cape Cod, USA on December 14, 2020:

“Most swing-state counties using Dominion machines were won by Trump, and many areas won by Biden use equipment and software from other vendors.”

“Although no voting technology is perfect, Dominion’s has been rigorously tested and certified—during the Trump administration!—to meet federal security standards by the United States Election Assistance Commission.”


This big, stupid distraction only means one thing:

$479 million into Trumps coffers.

More of OUR tax dollars wasted to placate ole lard ass.

Oh, and making a mockery of the republicans. Did you watch their “witnesses”?

I mean c’mon.


Leslie McCowen (author) from Cape Cod, USA on December 14, 2020:

“Trump fires Krebs. We get hacked by Russia. Coincidence?”

Leslie McCowen (author) from Cape Cod, USA on December 13, 2020:

Proud Boys burn Black Lives Matter flags.


Any question what this is REALLY all about?

Besides making the rich richer, and giving Christo fascists total control?

Leslie McCowen (author) from Cape Cod, USA on December 13, 2020:

Biden Derangement Syndrome coming out strong on hubpages.

Where are the chastisers? Don’t Trumpers get the lecture? Lol.


Leslie McCowen (author) from Cape Cod, USA on December 13, 2020:

Are we just going to pretend this isn’t going on?

“The person representing Trump's campaign in court just retweeted a call for Joe Biden & Kamala Harris to "confess their crimes on national TV" or be executed.”

Leslie McCowen (author) from Cape Cod, USA on December 12, 2020:

Apparently, god works for trump.

Leslie McCowen (author) from Cape Cod, USA on December 12, 2020:

The elites.

“Weird that Covid is just like the flu but every right wing political figure that tests positive is immediately flown to the top medical centers in the country, treated by the top medical personnel and administered treatments the public doesn’t have access to.“

No wonder they don’t wear masks...they don’t need to. They will always get the best treatment OUR money buys!

Those they infect......that’s a different story.

“Don’t go to the hospital unless you can’t breathe”

Do you know, that Biogen conference in Boston was responsible for 300,000 cases around the world? 1.6% of all Covid cases came from that event.

And assholes wondered why Mass cases so high?

That, right there!

Leslie McCowen (author) from Cape Cod, USA on December 11, 2020:

“Two “states” that do not actually exist on Friday filed a brief with the United States Supreme Court in support of Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton’s lawsuit aimed at overturning the 2020 presidential election.”


Do you think they’re laughing in Russia? I do.

It’s a complete mockery of United States Citizens. We voted because our lives depend on it, and they mock and belittle.

The pay masters must be happy with you, that’s all I can say. All the Uber rich freaks and creeps, like the Mercers.....the trumps.......steve Bannon.....Miller.......salute you, maga.

And all they have to do is throw some crap at you about libtards.....that’s all it takes.

The hatred is so real.......and so long-lasting. Since the civil war! Very impressive.

Throw the dog a bone.....destroy a nation.

Leslie McCowen (author) from Cape Cod, USA on December 11, 2020:

Oh hey.....

“I'm thinking about walking to the corner for another six pack.

Should I ask Texas if it's okay?”

Leslie McCowen (author) from Cape Cod, USA on December 10, 2020:


“As journalist Craig Unger lays bare in his book,

Boss Rove

, SMARTech was drenched in Republican politics

. One of the early founders of the company was Mercer Reynolds who used to the finance chairman of the Republican Party. SMARTech’s top client was none other than the Bush-Cheney campaign itself and SMARTech also did work for Jeb Bush and the Republican National Committee. And it was Ohio’s Republican Secretary of State, Ken Blackwell, who ensured that SMARTech received the contract to count votes on election night should the servers go down, which they did at exactly 11:14pm.

Sixty long seconds later the servers came back up in Ohio, but now with vote rerouted through SMARTech in Chattanooga. And, coincidentally, Bush’s prospects for re-election were suddenly a lot brighter. The vote totals that poured into the system from SmartTECH’s computer in Chattanooga were flipping the exit polls on their head. The lead Kerry had in the exit polls had magically reversed by more than 6%, something unheard of in any other nation in the developed world, giving Bush the win in Ohio and the presidency for another four years.”


We know there was a parade of Conservative talking heads in the days before the election predicting a landslide victory for Mitt Romney. Is it because they lived in a bubble, lacking pollster Nate Silver’s facts and arithmetic that actually showed the President winning in a landslide? Could it be that Rove’s election night freak-out was just a result of this same Election Day ignorance held by all Republicans? Or was Rove genuinely shocked by what he was seeing because he knew the fix was in, just like in 2004, and there was no way President Obama was going to win re-election?

Just a few weeks before Election Day, the hacktivist group Anonymous issued a video statement against Karl Rove. Anonymous is notorious for numerous cyber actions against the Justice Department, the Pentagon, the Recording Industry of America, the Motion Picture Association of America, and even the Church of Scientology.

In the video released prior to Election Day, Anonymous warns Karl Rove that he’s being watched. “We know that you will attempt to attempt to rig the election of Mitt Romney to your favor,” a black-robed figure in a Guy Fawkes mask says in the video. “We will watch as your merry band of conspirators try to achieve this overthrow of the United States government.”

The figure then warns Rove that Anonymous is “watching and monitoring all your servers,” and goes on to say, “We want you to know that we are watching you, waiting for you to make this mistake of thinking you can rig this election to your favor…If we catch you we will turn over all of this data to the appropriate officials in the hopes that you will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.”



And, they are still at it. After getting the majority on the Supreme Court through nefarious means.......

“your merry band of conspirators try to achieve this overthrow of the United States government.”

They are doing it now.....last gasp, because CNP needs their Judeo Christian theocracy gvt by 2020.


They think they can accuse dems of doing what they did.....but they can’t. Thanks to Covid, dems votes came by ballot. And, as Trump himself said, if we vote by ballot, republicans lose.

They only win by cheating. They couldn’t out cheat the vote this time. Nor could they with Obama.....people were on to them then, and America simply voted their ass off, and Trump out, in 2020.

Leslie McCowen (author) from Cape Cod, USA on December 10, 2020:

Eric Trump, bragging how much he loves China


Leslie McCowen (author) from Cape Cod, USA on December 10, 2020:

BREAKING: SCOTUS won't let Congress get Trump's tax records but it will let Trump get Biden's son's tax records.


This sound right to you? Oh yeah.....it sounds Right to me. Fascismo.......

Leslie McCowen (author) from Cape Cod, USA on December 10, 2020:

“Imagine the media handjob Republican Senators are gonna get when they recognize Biden won.”

“Real focus will be on the Trump voter. He or she will be looked for high and low - except in the Hamptons and Westport. Ampng the rich, reporters must tread reverentially. Meanwhile: "Nice guy, neo-nazi, Trump voter: can Biden overcome his distrust?"

Leslie McCowen (author) from Cape Cod, USA on December 09, 2020:

Read this thread....


“I live in Illinois, but I’m thinking of suing the states of Texas, Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama because I don’t like that they all went for Trump.

I mean...that’s where we’re at now, right?“


Leslie McCowen (author) from Cape Cod, USA on December 09, 2020:

“Rudy Giuliani says he is on Regeneron, monoclonal antibody treatment—FDA has only authorized on an emergency basis—& a steroid dexamethasone. It’s the same drug combination Trump took. Interesting how Trump’s friends get rare experimental treatment that no one else has access to.”


After denying the virus, and walking around mask free spreading it......he gets the treatment of the gods.

And Trumpists go around bleating about “the elites”......they worship them! Their cult leader is the biggest elitists out there! Why should he care if he spreads Corona around? If HE gets it, HE’LL be safe.

Oh, I forgot, it isn’t real. DErRrRrppPpppppppppppp

And these cult fanatics have turned the narrative from their racism to “it’s a war on the working class”......

Capitalism is the war on the working class! Republicans are the war on the working class! Which one are you?

If you really believed in capitalism, you’d want to spread the money around.

It’s stagnating at the top.....and they don’t give a dam about America. They care about their bottom line.

They need to get Yang and Kamala’s idea moving.....$2,000 a month per family until this pandemic is over. Ppp loans for REAL strugglers.....not their super rich friends.

Get a grip.

And stop trying to prevent Georgians from voting. Cause when we vote, Trumpers LOSE.

Leslie McCowen (author) from Cape Cod, USA on December 07, 2020:

Tulsi Gabbard is on Parler as a maga.......she IS a Russian stooge! Hillary was right about that one, too.

Leslie McCowen (author) from Cape Cod, USA on December 07, 2020:

“Stop the Steal” is a Roger Stone production. Just like the phony claims against Franken.

Stone is a felon who was given a pass by mob asset Trump. And his crowd of terrorists took guns to the Michigan sec of state’s home to threaten her in front of her 4 yr old.

Reminds me of a David Bowie song.....


Leslie McCowen (author) from Cape Cod, USA on December 06, 2020:

“Try to imagine how the Sunday shows would look today if yesterday President Obama was caught pressuring a governor to overturn American election results.“

Leslie McCowen (author) from Cape Cod, USA on December 05, 2020:

“Hearing reports that the new leadership Trump recently installed at the Pentagon has awarded Erik Prince a large classified contract for mercenary operations in Africa.”

“Putin is building a fking naval base in Sudan. Trump is gutting the Pentagon. Erik Prince's goons are heading to Africa. What the fk is going on?”

“And communist China”

“Packaged deal”


He’s selling us out left and right. You all sending him money? I hope so.

You will forever be part of the sedition against the USA.

Leslie McCowen (author) from Cape Cod, USA on December 04, 2020:

Hillary nailed trump. She bailed everything. People would be alive if she was prez.


Leslie McCowen (author) from Cape Cod, USA on December 02, 2020:

They are conducting active measures on the American public. It’s the duty of our military to treat it as the war that it is.

The trumps need to be locked up, and their violent followers arrested for sedition.

This is no joke whatsoever. I cannot for the life of me see what they are waiting for.

The fbi that helped trump get in there can dam well get him out.

Leslie McCowen (author) from Cape Cod, USA on December 02, 2020:

“Lin Wood, the attorney who's been bringing Trump fraud cases with Sidney Powell, is stoking violence on Parler, where hundreds if not thousands of his followers are threatening flat-out massacre. Just a small sampling from today:



C’mon deep state......it’s enough already. Unless, the deep state IS the Christo fascists?

Leslie McCowen (author) from Cape Cod, USA on December 01, 2020:

“Senate Republicans already saying they’ll ‘freeze’ Biden’s judicial nominees.”


They have zero intentions of doing anything for America. The sooner you admit it, the better.

Leslie McCowen (author) from Cape Cod, USA on December 01, 2020:

You people really have rose colored glasses on when it comes to politics.....

I mean, you really think Trump working for Russia is no big deal! Why? Because he’s your guy....or your political persuasion.....

And democrats should have just let him slide with all his criminal behavior! Why? Because he’s your guy, and your political persuasion. And you let him. Refusing to remove him after he was impeached is the blood on your hands.

That is the definition of tone deaf and blind.

As far as republicans taking the higher ground......when was this? Do you not remember Obama?

Filibuster, block, filibuster, block......no no no no no. No Supreme Court pick, because “the people should choose”

How’d that work this time when trump had a pick?


They have already said they will block all of Biden’s cabinet picks. Where do you get this idea they will do anything “for the country”?

Hasnt happened in my lifetime, I don’t expect it to start now.

News flash: orange man IS bad. Worse than you ever imagined. And your continued support for him is why America is in such bad shape.

Your blind partisanship has destroyed us. You can’t even see a horrible man when he’s right in your face.

You get what you deserve. The rest of us don’t deserve it.

And I fully expect you to make him a martyr for life. This is why I hate living amongst youze. Youze are the worst kind of one sided.

No one else matters but you.

Leslie McCowen (author) from Cape Cod, USA on November 30, 2020:

Good going, gop......

“Ethiopia just told the U.S. once it stops assassinations abroad and suppressing people’s votes and locking kids in cages and banning people based upon their religion... it can talk about Democracy-but not before then.”

Leslie McCowen (author) from Cape Cod, USA on November 30, 2020:

“The injustice is unbelievable.”

Agreed. The fact republicans didn’t remove trump from office burns me EVERY day!

Leslie McCowen (author) from Cape Cod, USA on November 30, 2020:

Joe Biden:

“It’s time to put away the harsh rhetoric, lower the temperature, and listen to each other again.

To make progress, we must stop treating our opponents as our enemy.

We are not enemies. We are Americans.“


Compared to “democrats don’t love America and execute babies after they’re born.”

—Donald J Trump

Granted.....I do think Trumpers are the enemy.....and also the Michael Moore brigade......so, I’ll just sit and watch. Let’s see who’s willing to come together for the greater good.

Ive done my part by voting Biden.

Leslie McCowen (author) from Cape Cod, USA on November 29, 2020:

Reality check:

1. We get to hate trump as much as you hate Hillary......without being told it’s only because we hate him personally, (tds), not what he stands for.

2. If you support trump, you support anti abortion policies, and are willing to sell women down the river for whatever you think you gain from him.

There are no in betweens......that’s why we elected Biden....to find some.

Leslie McCowen (author) from Cape Cod, USA on November 29, 2020:

Hmmmm. Sleeping their way to the top.........unless you think she actually has Einstein level intelligence, can anyone say porn model melania? FLOTUS.

Leslie McCowen (author) from Cape Cod, USA on November 29, 2020:

Say what you want....I distinctly remember sitting with my mom in 2010, watching the Tea Party, and thinking, “these people are nuts!”

Now, here is an author today......

Jared Yates Sexton:

“Trumpism is fascism.

We are in a full-blown crisis. We must recognize we're dealing with a religious death cult and warring over reality itself.”

“The giant Nazi rallies were meant to create a sense of myth and power, to make believers feel as if they were chosen to be part of a larger calling.

They were church services worshiping the leader and the cult of fascism. It put them beyond the natural world.”

“We have to take a second and really sit with this.

Fascism is the conquering of reality by force and violence. It's the conquering of shared society based on lies, untruths, and misleading information.

It is a literal war with reality and truth.”


Hence, we get “trump really won the election. In fact, he won in a massive landslide”

This is not true. He actually LOST in a massive landslide. But they will keep up the lie with bogus lawsuits, and big mouths. They seek to create a reality that doesn’t exist.

Sorry.......we can see you’re crazy. And we know you crazies have guns.

If I see it, the real people see it.......the real gvt, the real military.....the real religious folks.

You cannot force your reality on the real one. And the more you try, the further away you are from it.

Here reality is......Trump is a spoiled old rich guy. He’s owned by the Russian mob. He can’t make decisions, he can only take orders. He’s been put there to destroy the USA.

He’s no macho comacho. He’s addicted to speed, downers, adulation. He wears a diaper, a girdle, makeup and shoe lifts.

He bought his way out of Vietnam, and has no respect for those who serve.

He’s not a successful businessman, he owes one billion dollars to his creditors.

He’s not a leader, he’s a reality tv creation.

Hes there for wealthy oligarchs, who don’t want to pay taxes. That’s it. And Bibi and Adelson, who want a war with Iran. And MLB, who wants to continue bombing Yemen. And Putin, who wants the old USSR back.....rule the world.

At the very least, remove USA from dominance.

This is reality. Does that sound crazy, or can it be verified with FACTS?

Wait and see.......and don’t build your castles on sand.

Trump and his family are nothing to be proud of.


Leslie McCowen (author) from Cape Cod, USA on November 27, 2020:

Dear America......magas ARE takers! Look at them. Their churches pay zero taxes.....while promoting trump.

Blue people pay them to live......why? They suffocate us with their religion, their rules, their attitudes.

We just voted for freedom. Never more the chains of redstate people.

Leslie McCowen (author) from Cape Cod, USA on November 25, 2020:

Don’t have tv, but seeing comments that this is going on Again......from the”liberal” channel. Mika already did it with Biden and that interview about Tara Reid......funny, she never interviewed any of Tramp’s accusers.