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Preparing For Intercession (Article 3)

Entering A Sacred Place

Entering A Sacred Place

(NOTE: I am using poetic license with the words "soulical and soulish" for this work.)


Prayer is one of the greatest weapons in the Christian’s armament; but it’s the least used. Why? Partly because we’ve been greatly deceived, and the church has been kept in the dark about what prayer can accomplish. Doctrines have been written by past scholars, disqualifying prayer and purpose, replacing intimacy with a caring God and opposing the infilling and working of Holy Spirit; believing instead that there is no power present for the believer’s life. The tactic of the enemy: do not pray/intercede, be oblivious, and be passive.

God is willing to meet with us, his beloved, and exercise his will through us, if we will focus ourselves on him. He desires mere men and women to fulfill his ordained purposes. The way we meet this need is to give ourselves wholly to him. This means relationship, no longer simply knowing about God, but knowing him. We need to step outside our personal understanding, our personal doctrines even, and embrace all that he is. Getting to know him, better, and ourselves, will help bring us into a fuller, richer and more effective prayer life. (This will require an exercising of our faith and a stretching of the things we think we know.) Not because we have reached some new plateau in our learning or our spiritual experience, but because we have willingly laid ourselves aside. This means complete abandonment of our personal prejudices, jealousy, pride, soulish and what we think are spiritual judgements, condemnations, complaining, grumbling, and everything else that is against Holy Spirit who indwells us. This means all selfish ambitions and dying daily to self and all that self demonstrates and ready to die for the sake of Christ. We must become more like Jesus, modeling after him. The only one, who can teach us to pray effectively, is God himself. The only way he can teach us all we need to know is by our time spent with him. This does not mean time spent, just with our many words. Knowing someone means, spending time with him or her. He desires to be known by us and can be. We must spend time in his presence, not just in our closet time, but we can make ourselves “God presence” oriented. We can will ourselves to walk this way. This is real spirit walking. Imagine if the church would focus being spirit walkers. We would overwhelm the world with God likenesses; and so we shall. Here is where we can respond with attitudes that pick-up on and reflect God’s mandate. Prov. 8: 17, Jer. 29: 13

So this means, how we then live, reflects on how we pray. The same is also true, that how we pray is a reflection of how we live. We need to be conscious of how we are living. We need to discipline ourselves, having complete honesty with God. He knows all our ways anyway. But at the same time, we need to discuss what is in our heart with him. Our reflective nature to others must be true also, and this requires humility.

God does not want a non-personalized robot; that is not how he created us. He desires to enhance our personalities with his fullness and gifting and he desires our choosing and activating our wills in accordance with his. His will, will fill our minds and our thoughts and his thoughts will become one. This will not happen overnight. The more we know him, the freer we are to represent him and do his actions or follow through with his plans. For his perfect will to be done on earth, we must spend time with him in heaven right now. We can do that because we have access to him through Holy Spirit. We become the vessels prepared for his holy presence, to carry his anointing. This access has requirements, as it did the Levitical priests. You could not be a priest and have scabs or open wounds.

What are open wounds to us? Areas of our life we’ve been wounded in. (This will be different for each of us.) The cross, and blood of Jesus must filter everything that happens to us, so we are free from uncleanness that might infect our praying.

We come through and under the blood of Jesus and have access to him. God has ordained that we be in Christ Jesus, our lives being “hid with Christ in God” (Col.3:3) We have availability to all that Christ is. We have an inheritance that needs to be claimed in faith, with humility. Satan does not want us to have this knowledge and does everything he can to keep us from gaining these truths. He hates our love for God, others and unity in the Spirit.

Satanists pray against the church:

1) that the church won’t pray or fast

(2) that pastors, ministries, missionaries fail.

(3) that Christians become complacent, wanting only for peace, and ignoring the gospel

(4) that the gifts and the power of Holy Spirit be ignored.

Perhaps we need to take a microscopic look at ourselves, to see if Satan has been using anything against us to keep us under his thumb. There are spiritual laws that govern his access to us, and we are the ones (most of the time) who give him permission to gain a foothold in our lives. Example: unforgiveness, pride, characteristics of the unregenerate nature and so on. These are simply a few areas that can allow him to defeat our prayer life. Our abandonment to the infilling of Holy Spirit and a better understanding of the armor of God will help us to stand strong. (see Eph. 6)

We win or loose by what we allow to have residence in our minds. The thoughts we embrace and the mindsets we acquire are what control the larger part of our thinking. Until we become so God ordered and Spirit filled we may find ourselves fumbling and stumbling aimlessly about and will make little or no contribution to the Kingdom of God and we may actually find that we’ve been assisting the enemies’ desires.

(Note: I’m not suggesting that we aspire to become some spiritual Super Saint; it is the contrite heart and lowly in spirit that gains the attention of God. Humility before him and the attitudes of Christ are what we seek after. Is. 57:15)

We must make a conscious decision not to allow our minds to be controlled by fleshly desires, soulish or devilish propaganda. (We may have accepted some church doctrine as absolute truth and this may hinder Holy Spirits working in us and through us effectively. See Peter’s vision Acts 10.) Also by not allowing our minds to slump into an euphoric haze that accepts any voice or outside influence it hears. Remember that Satan has the power to deceive, by making things appear to be right. He has captured many sensitive people and used that very thing to overcome their thought life, by making them think that they are some special chosen prophet, evangelist, prayer warrior, priest etc. The weapon he uses in most of these cases is pride of self and self-centeredness that control their thinking. These people often become some of the hardest to reach because they become unsubmissive, unteachable, and they elevate themselves above everyone else. Be aware of this deception and trap and ask God for discernment for this in others so you don’t fall under their influence.

Paul describes the renewed mind (Rom.12.2) not a new mind, but your mind being renewed by the power of Holy Spirit and him only. This is a process necessary for us to recognize what God is doing in and through us. We will actually see and feel the difference.

The powerful action of the shed blood of Jesus is a weapon God has devised to assist us in having the ability to rest (which means relax, trust, be secure) in Holy Spirits work within us. He helps keep our thoughts on things pure, holy, true to God and in balance.

Our praying should be coming through our spirit connected to Holy Spirit connected to Jesus connected to God. Then we will be praying effective powerful prayers that originate in God. If they are not connected this way, then where are these prayers coming from? They can originate in our minds by way of judgement, hurt, unbelief, wounds, soulish, works, you can fill in the rest. (See Jn. 17 Jesus high priestly prayer)

We need to be free to look within ourselves and allow Holy Spirit to examine us under his microscope, letting him tell us about the light that is within us. If we are a wounded person having a wounded spirit, then the prayers we pray may cause us to be less effective until there has been a greater measure of healing in us. We must try to keep ourselves as free from impurities, sickness and disease that gain access through the soul. These things can attach themselves to us and suck the life out of us. Many Christians get stuck in limbo and live out their lives without effect because their souls take control of their lives instead of Holy Spirit.

Our goal is to come into a fuller sense of Holy Spirit living in us and His ability to use us to accomplish Gods will through our prayers/intercession, as Holy Spirit lives out Gods desires in us.

1) Woundedness. Be willing to be healed.

2) Know your mind and heart.

3) Does your righteousness exceed that of the Pharisees?

4) How much cleansing do we need? Daily, monthly, yearly. Continuously?

5) Jesus prayer, Jn. 17. How does this happen and whose responsibility is it?

QUERY (These pages are from The Handbook for each article)

Preparing Others to Pray

God is not looking for experts, but obedient servants (friends),trusting Him with our weaknesses. People willing to partner with him. The laws of prayer work, whether you are seasoned or novice. The level of experience is different, like flying.

1) Key word: FOCUS> lenses bringing things into sharp view.

2) concentration/clarity/center of interest /convergence. Noun/center of attraction meeting place/target. Personal choice what we focus on.

3) Not striving; waiting = desire = lusting for His presence, consumed

4) with His greatness, passion. (Book, Mike Bickle, Passion for Jesus)

5) Relationship> We are connected by blood = relative, the shed blood of Jesus makes us family. Heirs of Abraham, of the promise.

6) What are personal Doctrines? A belief taught through church or school, or person. It is an opinion. (also judgement) They could be an inherited superstition, heresy, religious dogma, mother/father always believed such and such. Where did your prayer experience come from?

7) Knowing someone. Many words: example; having a colleague that you have only spoken with by phone, you may think you know them, but go away on a weekend and live with them, your eyes may be opened, as you see who they really are.

8) Discipline is not striving, but can it become such?

9) We want training that produces orderliness, obedience, self control, and Godliness. Phil. 4:8 Think on these things. Gal. & Eph. Not worldly thinking.

10)Our Heart> The good, the bad, the indifferent. Don’t try to be a copycat, be who God intended you to be.

Did you know that Satanists pray against the church? Afflicting through curses, sickness, mental illness, temptation etc.

Part 2

1) How do things gain residence? We simply let them in. Familiar sin that doesn’t get dealt with affects our praying.

2) What are MIND-SETS?

WORDS = MIND: thinking or intellectual faculties, memory,

intention, attention, sanity. (influenced by others)

whatever the intellect accepts gains the attention.

SET: To put or place in specific position, or condition, a fixed point,

become firm, established, have direction, unvarying, action,

state of being set, posture.

Attitude = we choose the attitudes we want in prayer by what we listen to in our mind and reason in our heart.

3) MIND: Why doesn’t God give us a brain transplant? Many of us wish this.

4) Jn17, Prayer for oneness. Do you accept this as possible? Praying at the point where you are so mingled together with Jesus that the Father can not tell the difference.

5) The SOUL: All that pertains to man, whatever is included in this life, strength, power, choice, thought, opinion, love, feelings pertain to the soul. We inherit this life at birth. All that our life posses and will become are in the realm of the soul. There is this need then to recognize what is soulical, to make it easier for us to know what is spiritual. The spiritual can be divided from the soulish. Also, the spirit is to rise above the soul, so that you are not praying for the things you want to see happen in others. Witchcraft praying are acts from the flesh. Gal. 5:20.

We sin by making choices through influences in the soul.

Our soul represents who we are. Before salvation we were controlled by the soulish life, either over the mind through emotion or mind over the soul through acts of reason or intellect.

Holy Spirit made appeal to our spirit, to turn from the soulish life and enter the spiritual. He does not appeal to our emotion (soul) or our reason (mind), although we make a choice to believe with our mind, and we may encounter emotion at conversion. Suddenly our spirit is given life and our mind needs to enter renewal, as our intellect begins to accept the things of God, and then our soul (person/who we are) rejoices in God. Many times throughout the Psalms David speaks of how his soul rejoices in God. Our personalities, when Spirit influenced, result in our soul (person) becoming more Christ like.

Soulish prayer will put a ceiling on your praying. Here is the need for discernment. We want Spirit influenced prayer that overcomes our soul and comes through our renewed mind, where we will make good decisions exercised in our spirit now connected to God with faith. Our soul is not inactive but submissive, because our personality is represented through the soul = who we are. But, we are constantly being renewed, sanctified.

This renewal process is based upon our co-operation with Holy Spirit. From Glory to Glory to Glory to Glory...

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Saint Lawrence (author) from Canada on January 31, 2011:

sky2day, thank you. I am pleased that these teaching articles on prayer and intercession are being a blessing to you. That's what it is all about. I pray for your prayer tent to be enlarged and filled with His glory! Be continuously blessed, St.L

skye2day from Rocky Mountains on January 31, 2011:

saint HI brother. I was led to this page. The Spirit is moving in you to show me 'more' I am honored and touched by the words. Your works for our Father are mighty. Keep on Saint. I needed to hear. It is a wondrous Lord that puts sisters and brothers in our path to hear a message. God Bless you. Keep on in Him. Powerful heartfelt teaching of love. Hugs to you and yours. Beautiful works. Glory to God.

Saint Lawrence (author) from Canada on May 16, 2010:

Ictodd, again thank you. Unity of the Spirit, right on! And the desire to always want to be closer to Jesus. Amen Blessings L.

Linda Todd from Charleston on May 15, 2010:

My goodness; this was a wonderful message. Thank you so much for sharing. It is true, the oneness is not like it used to be..and of course Satan wants it that way. I believe that is why we do not see healings and more salvation. There is more judging than it used to be. Jesus does want unity of the spirit. This makes me want to draw closer to Him. Thank you.

Saint Lawrence (author) from Canada on November 26, 2009:

thank you to all who are reading.

i welcome any sharing or questions.



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Powerful words.

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