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The practical manner of dealing with emotions

Do you feel exactly what I love? Or do I feel exactly what you do? Where does happiness come from? What is the real need? Well, we need peace of mind, for sure. And this is the actual need.

If I can make everyone happy, it will certainly give me the peace of mind that I actually need. Is it really possible to be so, or can I make everyone happy? It can be possible if I am really looking for it. I am not always be able to balance between things or matters simultaneously; but I can be right for each matter individually. And this is the key role I should play to gain what I need.

If I merely seek happiness or one-sided happiness, it is more likely to bring conflicts in consequence. If I manage to satisfy my close people like who are close to me in any respect, I can go ahead peacefully. If I can deliver the best thing I can do for someone who expects something great from me, I will enable myself to be truly and peacefully happy. My gains, offerings and sacrifices are all that can bring me the real happiness if I do everything intelligently so that there remains no displeasure in anyone that I am dealing with. A true and practical understanding can bring me the real gain I need over what mere emotions can dream of. So is how I can acquire peace of mind.

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