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Surviving Spiritual Warfare and, Coming out With the Victory.

Dana Tate is a licensed Evangelist under the leadership of "God's Temple of Deliverance Inc, located in California.


The mind is a battlefield.

There's a battle being fought in the universe. The negativity drains my soul

Non-spiritual eyes cannot detect the battle for lost souls

The flesh cannot fathom, only spiritual eyes can see

The spiritual war, against dark forces, and principalities

I'm a soldier in the army.

I've been prepared for the fight

My bible- the sword-

The truth- my shield-

And a breastplate with righteousness inscribed.

This battle is not about me. My companion has joined the fight.

For He knows this warfare is like no other for the enemy’s prize... Is my mind

The mind is a battlefield- spiritual warfare.

In church, I would often hear others give this testimony: “I thank God I woke up in my right mind and for the activity of my limbs." And I thought:

They can't find anything better to thank the Lord for than that!

It seemed crazy to me that people would thank the Lord for something so "common." As a person who woke up in her right mind and, the use of her limbs every day, I took for granted one of the simplistic blessings of life- freedom.

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I visited a church one New Years Eve, and the guest speaker was inviting members, and visitors to come up to the podium and give a testimony, on one thing, they were grateful for that year.

As people began to go forth and give testimonies the speaker scanned the congregation for others who might want to join in.

I slouched down in my seat and prayed he wouldn't call me. That year I had lost my job and as a result, I had to move in with relatives. I was depressed and felt I had no reason to be grateful.

As the testimonies began to wrap up and the preacher began to preach, I breathed a sigh of relief I had been spared.

As the service ended and the congregation began leaving the sanctuary, one of the church mothers approached me and pierced me with her eyes.

"Sweetheart, why didn't you stand up and say something good about the Lord?" she asked.

"I didn't have anything good to say."

"Did you wake up in your right mind?"

"Yes, ma'am."

"Were you able to walk in here on your own two feet?"

"Yes, ma'am."

"Did you eat today?"


"I see you're dressed nicely. You could have thanked the Lord for all those things."

Then her wise old eyes studied me carefully and her voice softened. "No matter what you are going through, someone is always worse off. You always have a reason to be grateful to the Lord. And, don't ever miss the opportunity to thank Him."

Spiritual warfare.

Words spoken out of season will come to pass when their season comes.

Sometimes words spoken out of season won't hold weight until their season comes. As I entered into ministry work many words that were spoken to me years before became fruitful in my life.

I've been called to street ministry many of the people I deal with are very broken. It's a tough ministry having thick skin is essential, being strong in the word is essential, and compassion is essential.

I've been groomed and prepared for this battle. I am prepared to deal with hardened hearts, skepticism, and manipulation.

On the street, I have encountered people who have lost activity of their limbs, and others who are not in their right mind. It was then that those testimonies watered my soul. I began to fully understand what a blessing it is to have good health both physically and mentally and that alone is a reason to praise.

Now, thanking God for waking me up in my right mind has become my morning prayer. As I grow stronger in my faith I realized the mind is indeed a battlefield.

Hard times seem like they will last forever. The enemy will plant lies in our head to make us feel abandoned and alone. In fact, the enemy may come to us in the late night hours to taunt us "where is your God?" Or, he may even open our eyes to others who are prospering and then ask us "Where is your God?" and we began to wonder how are the wicked prospering when the bible clearly states the wicked are an abomination in the eyes of God.




a system of government in which priests rule in the name of God or a god.

the commonwealth of Israel from the time of Moses until the election of Saul as King.

noun: Theocracy; noun: the Theocracy


What does it mean to be a soldier in the army?

Being a soldier in the army of God is the same as being in the army of the world. You enlist, sometimes are called, into the army.

Once there you go through extensive training. Some do not make it- everyone is not equipped to fight in the army.

Those who make it are given spiritual gifts. These spiritual gifts are used to work together with the other spiritual gifts in the body of Christ.

No gift is too big or too small, but all are necessary and work together so the will of God can be done on earth as it is in heaven.

As with any army, there is a commander and chief and others who hold different offices. There are:

  1. Elders, who are the overseers of the church.
  2. Pastors, who feed the flock.
  3. Church mothers, who nurture the flock, keeps the house in order and is not above chastising. Because the church is like a trauma center, the church mother’s eagle eye should be on the look-out for members that are hurting and need special attention.
  4. Deacons and Deaconess's, responsibilities varies depending on denomination. To ministering overseeing tithes, and other functions in the church.
  5. Apostles and prophets, ushers and many more.

These offices do more work inside of the church, keeping the house in order while the other members are out in the field. All members work separate but in unity creating a holy temple in which the Spirit works through.


How to discern a spiritual attack.

I began experiencing spiritual attacks once I grew deeper in my theologian studies. All followers of Jesus are called to be disciples; however, some are given specific gifts such as preachers, teachers, evangelists, prophecy and so forth. My spiritual gift is prophesy and exhortation. This is why I can be seen as encouraging to some and convicting to others. I have a passion to lift up and encourage others, but my ability to discern spirits and motives can make my words seem harsh.

I have always been an encourager thus, people have always taken me into their confidence. However, once I joined the army the spiritual attacks which started out small grew worse. I began noticing a difference in my relationships with people especially after I became more discerning of the heart then I became the recipient of serious attacks.

  • Insomnia: When I first became saved I didn't notice many attacks but once I had become aware of my spiritual gift and, grew stronger in my new purpose I experienced insomnia. I couldn't sleep at night because I felt I was wrestling with something all night. I would wake up feeling drained and depressed every morning.
  • Dreams: I began having nightmares. Two nightmares I would like to share. One dream I had lost my bible which I had remembered putting under a bed. When I went to retrieve it, it was gone. I had become frantic because I could not find it and had a serious meltdown. The next night I dreamed that I was walking with my bible in my hand and pages began to fall onto the ground. When I bent to pick them up the pages would crumble in my hand like dry leaves. Still I stuffed them back in my bible and more would fall and crumble until I was left with nothing but a binder.

Whether subconsciously I was struggling with my faith or, these thoughts were being planted by unseen forces I cannot discern. I do know they would only have power in the late night hours while I was sleeping. As the Holy Spirit began to use my natural gifts such as, poetry, songwriting, and writing plays for the church the spiritual attacks on my mind became unbearable.

How does exhortation play a role in the church.

Exhortation is a necessary gift in the church. The enemy's main attack is through faith. All religion is faith based. We do not see God in a literal sense. Nor, do we see spiritual attacks. We are led by a knowing in our spirit. As humans, we are emotional and visual creatures so this is where Satan attacks us. He uses our circumstances and our feelings to discount the bible.

Satan uses our emotions but God works in faith, so when our faith has been shaken the flesh and spirit began to war. Exhortation is a true enemy of the enemy who seeks to make the believer tired from the constant struggle and turn from belief.

How to fight spiritual warfare.

  • When Satan comes to me and tries to condemn me with my past I say... "All things have passed away, and I am a new creature in Christ"
  • When Satan attacks my finances, I say...
  • "The lord is my shepherd I shall not lack. And my God will supply all my needs according to His riches."
  • When Satan works through others to attack me I say...
  • "When a man pleases God, He makes even his enemies have peace with him. And no weapons formed against me will prosper."
  • When Satan asks me "Where is your God?" I say...
  • "Greater is He that is in me, then in the world. And, I can do all things through Him who strengthens me."

Blocked blessings- or, spiritual warfare? Can you tell the difference?

All spiritual fights are not the enemy. Sometimes as Christians we have a hard time surrendering to the will of God. We don't really mean or, intend to fight against God, but as free-willed, creations, it's easy to have the desire to want to do things our way and not God's. When this happens, the believer unknowingly makes themselves at odds with the Creator.

During this time, the believer can feel as though they are going through spiritual warfare as things they set out to accomplish fail. They may even find themselves praying against the forces that bind them, but of course, their prayers go unanswered because the problem is disobedience and not warfare.

A good way to discern between spiritual warfare and a blocked blessing is to search your heart and see if God has asked you to do something and you didn't do it. A better way is to pray and ask God if there is something you're not doing according to His will and ask Him to reveal it.

A prayer for strength through spiritual warfare.

God, I thank you for giving me the strength to fight this battle. For I know the battle is not mine but yours. Please help me to stay focused and always have the desire to do well.

For I know sin continuously crouches at my door and the enemy seeks to find an opening through my disobedience. Because I know that I walk blind to unseen forces. Thank you for being a shield for me.

And because I know that I walk in darkness, thank you for being a light for me. And thank you God for sending Jesus who has taken away the curse of death so that through Him I may have a new life.

As you have called me to be a soldier in the army I know that I must carry my sword (the bible) and my shield( the belt of truth) and my breastplate (righteousness- my faith) because these things will protect me from the unseen forces that continue to surround me.

I know that I can win this battle because you walk in front of me to guide me. You walk behind me to protect me. You walk beside me to encourage me, and you live in me to comfort me.

And I know I can do all things through you because your word says my weaknesses are made perfect through your strength. And I thank you now for giving me the victory because your word says that I do.

The battle in not yours it's the Lord's

The Saints have the Victory!

It is helpful for the believer to remember that we have the victory. According to (Corinthians 15:57) And (John 16:33), We are freed from the curse of death and the only thing the enemy can do is fill our head with lies. The mind is a battlefield and will continue to be until our mission on earth is completed. The word says the adversary roams the earth seeking who he can devour. So to all my fellow soldiers in the army never grow weary of doing good. Continue to wait in hope. Continue to be faithful in prayer and be of good courage. Remember we are covered in the blood so therefore, the victory is already ours.

If you have experienced spiritual warfare, please share your experience in the comments section. It will be helpful for those who are seeking information to know they are not alone.

© 2015 Dana Tate


Dana Tate (author) from LOS ANGELES on July 28, 2019:


Thank you for stopping by I haven't had the chance to visit. I will do so now and give you my thoughts.

Thanks' again.

Jack Jenn from Living in hope on planet earth. on July 28, 2019:

Hi Dana,

I loved this one too Dana and so glad to see our thoughts on these things are parallel. It's so uplifting to see that some are seeing things through a spiritual lens.

On another note, I'm wondering what you thought about

Again and as always my friend, my best regards,


manatita44 from london on December 17, 2018:

What a sweet thing to say! Merry Chistmas!!

Dana Tate (author) from LOS ANGELES on December 16, 2018:

Love you too. Thank you for beautiful wisdom and always sharing. Your insight is so precious and valuable and I love to drink from it.


manatita44 from london on December 15, 2018:

A beautiful piece on spiritual warfare and truly inspirational. You should write more as humans are hungry and you have a lot to share. Watch your stressors and serve only from a position of strength. Pray harder for wisdom... more Light. Do not give what you do not have. Note your own inner energies.

Just one thing. What we have is not 'free will.' We call it this but if we had then God would not be in charge. The Creator allows us to graze like a cow tied with a loose and long rope until it goes astray and suddenly is pulled back, realising that the rope (God) reins it in.

That is why we say that prayer begins when human capacity ends. Love you, Dana.

Dana Tate (author) from LOS ANGELES on January 18, 2016:

VationSays, I say that prayer often to Satan when he tries to come and condemn me of my past also. That prayer is strong for letting Satan know we will not be shamed by our past because we are new creatures in Christ. Thank you for contributing your testimony.

VationSays on January 18, 2016:

...When Satan comes to me and tries to condemn me with my past I say... "All things have passed away, and I am a new creature in Christ"...

I needed to read these words today. Thanks.

Dana Tate (author) from LOS ANGELES on January 14, 2016:

Thank you Swalia. For reading and commenting.

Shaloo Walia from India on January 14, 2016:

Very interesting and spiritually uplifting hub!

Dana Tate (author) from LOS ANGELES on September 10, 2015:

To God be the glory! Chocolate, thank you for your powerful testimony and your faithfulness in following my work. NO WEAPONS FORMED AGAINST YOU WILL PROSPER! The enemy plays with our mind. He continues to use our desires to try to lure us into sin. It is a hard battle for the Christians who are expected to be "righteous" but we are all human and only righteous through Him and not of our own will. The bible says that Satan is an accuser of the brethren and he comes to KILL-STEAL- DESTROY! As Solomon says in Ecclesiastes " There is a time to reap and a time to sow. Your darkest hours are when you plant. Just as surely as weeping endures for a night- joy comes in the morning.

chocolate on September 10, 2015:

Alright fellow Christian solider. This was truly powerful. I can imagine u go thru deep battles because u continue to lift Him up. I was being attacked on my job. I had been falsely accused of misappropriating funds. I prayed and cried and was about to be investigated. Criminal charges were about to be brought up against me. I said NO WEAPONS FORMED AGAINST ME WILL PROSPER. They found the thief. Someone in payroll and they tried to set me up. Unfortunately they didn't know the God I serve. Thanks for sharing your testimony. We need more honesty and people like u who are not embarrassed by their sstruggles. The enemy has no hold when u walk in truth. I praise God for you. To God be the glory.

Dana Tate (author) from LOS ANGELES on September 05, 2015:

I agree with you Mel, It seems no matter how we pray and hope for things to get better they don't. I will admit it does make it hard to keep a humble heart- especially when your finances are being attacked. But still I keep fighting. Thank you for commenting.

Mel Carriere from Snowbound and down in Northern Colorado on September 04, 2015:

The financial stress we face here in California can definitely be a stumbling block that makes us lose our focus on keeping a humble servant's heart. You sound like you're fighting the good fight. Keep it up. Great hub!

Dana Tate (author) from LOS ANGELES on September 03, 2015:

I know Frank as you can see I had a lot to say on this matter. I had to literally force myself to stop typing. I appreciate you hanging in there though and leaving a nice comment.

Dana Tate (author) from LOS ANGELES on September 03, 2015:

Dr. Pran Rangan. Yes, our mind is a battlefield of evil and Godly forces. I know there are many times when I felt evil had the victory but I realized it was my delusion. If evil had the victory none of us would be standing. So it is an illusion because the victory is already ours. Thank you for your generous comment.

Dana Tate (author) from LOS ANGELES on September 03, 2015:

Michael-milec: All I can say is hallelujah! Thanks for that powerful comment!

Frank Atanacio from Shelton on September 03, 2015:

wow what a wonderfully exhausting hub Dana..

Dr Pran Rangan from Kanpur (UP), India on September 02, 2015:

Our mind is really a battlefield of evil and Godly forces. So many a time it appears that evil forces have won but, in fact, it is our delusion because Godly forces are too powerful to lose.

The Bhagawat Gita was preached in a battlefield when two mighty forces of Pandavas and Kaurvas - divine and evil forces - fought fiercely to the finish resulting in the victory of divine forces of Pandavs.

Michael-Milec on September 02, 2015:

Hello Dana.

" The Saints have the Victory !" - We do have the victory won by the Name of Jesus, the Word of JESUS and the power of the BLOOD. It works all the time when we walk in the anointing; whether it is when satan comes with a virus of cold, I just say " In the Name of Jesus and by the Name of Jesus, satan take it back with you I do not want it , don't receive it, don't need it." It works better then a flu shots , never had either one for long time, or when the storm is coming and our area is under tornado warning, the same :"In the name of Jesus, tornado do not touch in our area. Amen. Following with praising the Name above all name , the Name above any sickness, any storm, any satan's trick. A solder is constantly on the alert and the praises to the heavenly Father never cease. HalleluYAH.

For the sake of voting, up and beautiful article, helpful in time of need.

Be blessed , and continue to be a blessing. Peace with us.

Dana Tate (author) from LOS ANGELES on September 01, 2015:

Erick it seems we are always in some kind of battle spiritual of otherwise. I also agree the problem may be there's either too much of it. Or, not enough of it. Thanks for commenting.

Eric Dierker from Spring Valley, CA. U.S.A. on September 01, 2015:

That old Ephesians 6 kept ringing in my ears while reading this, specifically that oft read 10-20. There is a weird space that soldiers get into, that defies normalcy. They actually get into a groove to want to go into battle and win. Certainly the same for competitive activities from law to football to business. I have been around it so long that I actually fall into a comfort zone in conflict. Perhaps we need less of that attitude or perhaps we need more. Great work here.

Dana Tate (author) from LOS ANGELES on September 01, 2015:

Jodah, thank you for sharing your testimony. Discernment is a very special gift because it will give you insight to a lot of motives. I have also known of people who have had curses spoken against them. A cousin of mine had found out someone at her job, had spoken curses against her, and she almost lost her job. She also had to seek help and get that curse broken. It is true the attacks become more fervent when you become stronger in the faith and thankfully the attacks comes and goes in seasons or a person could lose their mind. I always wished I could interpret dreams. Sometimes I have the strangest nightmares and most I can interpret but some makes no sense and leaves me baffled, still I know they have a meaning. Thank you for reading commenting and sharing your testimony, it was powerful to read...Blessings.

Dana Tate (author) from LOS ANGELES on September 01, 2015:

rehtul: Thank you for your encouragement.

John Hansen from Gondwana Land on September 01, 2015:

Wonderful hub Dana. I am pleased that you were blessed by God with the gift of exhortation. Many a time I have had to don God's armor and go into spiritual battle. At one time my family could not understand why everything was going wrong with our finances, no matter what we did. We found that another person had actually been speaking curses against us and had to call on members of the church to pray against it and put a protection on our house and family. At that time I was blessed with the gift of discernment and dream interpretation. Often the stronger you become in you faith, the more fervently the attacks you have to endure. Thank you for sharing the prayers you say when you are involved in spiritual warfare and everything in this hub. Blessings.

Luther Cline from 21269 Fire Tower Rd. Elkins, Arkansas on September 01, 2015:

Keep it up sister. You are right on.

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