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The masters and the storyteller

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The two masters were opposed

There were two Masters at the school. They were infrequent conflict. Although not conflict in the way it is often portrayed in the world. Simply that their ideas were very different about the world, each of them respected the ideas of the listen to the other hand's ideas on occasion disagree with the ideas of the other. The two masters were diametrically opposed—each coming from a different view of the world.

One of the Masters was young. He had risen quickly through the students to become a master himself. His thoughts and ideas were measured and cherished by others. His counsel was sought, for he was a master. His ideas were traditional. We believe the way things are is the way things always should be. And the way things were just the way things should be now. That change is a bad thing. The change has no value in and of itself except that it presents new and different. You would different being something the young master did not like. For he had grown up in the school as an orphan. And the structure and rigor of the way things were up to him whole and moving forward. He often told people that. That structure and order keep me going. His idea was to keep things the way they always have been.

The other end of the spectrum, at the school, was an old master. He had once taught the young master. It taught many of the students at the school. His way of doing things change. He is bald with the world. He embraced new. He embraced change. And he saw the path to a future where new was part of what was done. But as I said, he was also the teacher of the young master. He had great pride in the young master's grasp of what was presented to him. There was great power in seeing one that had listened and learned. But the old master felt a change was necessary that the old ways were no longer valid. They were important. Tradition has a place in every heart, he would say. But tradition is not the heart. He would finish tradition because tomorrow is what is, and we must live in the days of today driving to tomorrow.


The storyteller came to the school

Each of the two masters had a following, the old and the new. Many students came to both of the Masters for counsel seeking the new and the old answer to their questions. One day a visiting storyteller wandered through the village. He had been to the village many times. As was his tradition, the storyteller came to the school, the storyteller. As was the storyteller's want, he stayed at the school for a few days. He had been many times and knew all the masters of the school. The storyteller had once been a student at the school. As was the tradition of a storyteller's payment for the room and board he received was to tell a story.

The fire was lit in the Great Hall, and the chair was placed at the head of the room. The storyteller sat down and began to speak. I will tell you the story of the two rabbits that live within each of us. One student raised his hand, and the storyteller said yes? The student said, isn't it dogs that live within us? The storyteller smiled and said, that is a different story. Within each of us lies to rabbits, the storyteller continued. One rabbit that seeks the exotic can wander far away from home. The other rabbit stays close to home and does the things that it always been done. The winter that year was very harsh, and the rabbits had stored food in their borough. The rabbit that stayed close to home had brought much more food. But he gladly shared with the other rabbit. The other rabbit had ventured far and brought exotic foods that they did not often get to eat. In the early part of the winter, they gather the safe foods close to the borough until there was a ring. The rain-soaked all of the safe food, and it spoiled. But the exotic food that was harder to find and further away from the borough did not support the rabbits happily ate the exotic food. Without the storyteller stopped for a moment. He looked around the audience. Then the storyteller smiled and said there are harmony and difference. There is harmony in doing things a different way. But there is harmony in doing things the same way. They are not discord. You see, both ways of doing it are correct. Both ways bring value. With that, the storyteller sipped his drink sat back in his chair, and stop speaking. The young master and the old master looked across each other's audience for a moment, and then, smiling, they both rose and clapped the storyteller's story.

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