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The master and the lighthouse

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The master walked by the lighthouse each day.

You'll master walked by the lighthouse many times a day. The town had abandoned the lighthouse many years before. It's last Kuyper packing his bags and heading on to another lighthouse. Now the lighthouse is overgrown. We's and small trees taking over the long and the other ways to the lighthouse. Like the lighthouse no longer shown into the darkness. And what is a lighthouse that no longer shines a light?

Time passed as time will do. The paint on the lighthouse has begun to chip off. The door to the lighthouse, old and battered, was still able to do its job. It kept the wind in the snow and the rain out of the keep. The old lighthouse door was barred with a padlock, and a giant sign was on the door do not enter. The master smiled at the sign every day he had no intention of entering. He watched we need slowly grow and begin to take over the lighthouse.

Fats, the master thought one day it is an examination of mortality, at that moment when a person has less value than they did before. It made the master sad. For they truly did not believe that anyone ever outlive their value.

One day as he passed, the master cut down three tall weeds that were around the lighthouse. Later that same day, we passed again. He cut down three more. Every day for a month, the master cut down three tall weeds at least each day. Some days 12 and 15 weeds were cut down. Slowly over a couple of months, the lighthouse again had a yard if you could see how to walk from the road to the lighthouse.

The lighthouse sat upon the cracking cliff that overlooked the ocean. Once, it had warned ships of the danger of the rocks beneath the cliff. But now, no ships came that way. There was no need for a warning. But the master continued to clean. Over time some of his students began to help, and they carried off all the dead weeds making the lighthouse look closer to as it had.

Master when the evening went to the town Council. The master has been many times the town Council, and they all knew him. They smiled and patted his back as he sat down. The Council, as it always did, went through the business of the town. They were listening to citizens as they complained, listening to citizens as they rejoiced. That was the job of the Council.

Finally, the Council said, is there any new business?


Is there any new business?

The old master raised his hand. The Council was surprised. The old master had been many times but had never spoken. The leader of the Council said, what is your new business?

I wish, the master said to use the old lighthouse keeper to teach.

There was silence in the room. The council members are whispering amongst themselves for a moment. Finally, the leader of the Council addressed the master. The old keep in the lighthouse has been abandoned for 30 years.

Yes, the master said I was a student when the lighthouse closed. I remember the day well. The town gathered to send the old lighthouse keeper

Off to his next job, the old lightkeeper walked out of town. And that night, the lighthouse light did not shine. But I wish to use it the lighthouse is a classroom.

Again the master's words were met with silence, and again the councilmembers leaned back from their desk and whispered among themselves. Finally, the leader of the Council addressed the master. If you clean the old keep in the lighthouse and check it for safety, you may teach in the old lighthouse and keep.

The old master smiled and said, yes, I will clean the keep. I will clean the lighthouse and, of course, may check to see that it is safe. With that, the master got up and walked out of the Council meeting.

The next day the master carried paint and cleaning supplies and cleaned the keep, and the lighthouse from is Monday arrived. The master began walking from the school to the keep. His students in tow top to bottom students began painting first the key, and then the lighthouse finishing the lighthouse by lowering themselves from the top with ropes and painting. The city came and found the building safe. The master announced that he would begin teaching on Monday in the old lighthouse.

As Monday arrived, the master began walking from the school to the lighthouse. His students following behind, wondering what magical things would happen. Halfway there, the leader of the Council started to walk with the master.

The leader of the Council asked the master of question. Why the old lighthouse keep, for a classroom?

All things, the master said, begin with the purpose: person dog, cat, and even a lighthouse. There is value in that purpose. But sometimes, that purpose ends. We sometimes forget that even though the purpose is over, the value of the created thing is still there.

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