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The Master and the Empty Class

I am a long-time Futurist, and technologist. In my career, I have spanned the birth of personal computers, to the rise of Cloud Computing.

The sound of the celebration was all around the master


the master could hear the celebration around him!

The master wished nothing more than to sleep. But that didn't of the New Year's celebration was all around him. He tossed and turned for a bit on his cot—the sounds of the Revelation, the sounds of the jubilation, the sounds of the welcoming all around him. The master, when he was younger, had also celebrated the birth year. Each year is a new beginning, perhaps a chance to atone for the last year's mistakes. Hence for one person or group hoping to the right past wrongs. It was a time of celebration—a chance to open the door to happiness. And let happiness into the room, sharing the joy with others. The master was older now. He knew he needed his sleep. He was older now and knew the sounds around him would not be able to sleep. He also knew that the young students celebrating the new year would not celebrate as vigorously or as happy if he walked out and joined them. As a master, joy and delight are sometimes lost in the teacher's presence.

So the master sat in bed and began to meditate by the movie's light. As the moon washed over him, he journeyed far away from where he was. To a place, he had often visited as a child. It's a place he knew well. He would often meditate on that memory. Sometimes memories are a great starting point for meditation. And so the master let the moment carry him away.
Further and further in both time and distance from where he was. Over the mountain that he crossed when he was 19 and first came to school. Over the river, the ferryman had taken him across Williams 19 on the weight through the woods where he had slept curled in the face of a beautiful tree sleeping through the long night. For moments that broke the strain of the meditation, the master looked around the room, but he quickly regained control and returned to where he once was. Back to the path, he took when he was 19—walking away from his parent's house to the far distant school. As a child, though, his favorite place was not the village he grew up in. Rather his favorite place was the home of his uncle.


Each year the master faced an empty classroom.

His uncle was a gnarled man whose back was bent by years of throwing fishing nets and dragging them back to the boat. Years of sorting fish from things you cannot eat and filling his boat with the fish for the village where he lived—and then taking it back to the village. His uncle was a man of great joy. He was often smiling at the sun. It's a wonder; the uncle would say that each day the sun comes up, it is a new world. As a young boy, he found great joy in helping his uncle's hands soon calloused by throwing that over and over his eyes good at spotting things you can eat and things you must throwback. Not then the master than a boy. But he had great joy in casting those nets, and I said before often meditated upon that.

The master knew the joy was something you found. Happiness was not always something that found you. Although, at times, standing on a boat in the gently rocking see throwing Annette as far as he could never as far as his uncle, there is joy there. Joy found him, and he found happiness.

The next day, when the new year had begun, the master awoke still sitting in his meditation position but having slept the sleep of a thousand years. They awoke refreshed, joyous, and ready to greet the new year. It's a time of joy, the new year. The students shuffled in for their morning breakfast, tired from their revelations the night before, each resolving not to spend so many hours chasing the new year the next year. The new year is the story of the young when we chase the moon. Age and experience teach us not to chase the moon on New Year's Eve. But rather, instead meditate on the things that bring us joy. From within chasing joy, within finding and holding joy in our hearts, we are better able to create a new year.

The master smiled at the class as they sat at their desk, tired but attentive. Ready to begin the new year of learning. The master smiled, and as he had every year since becoming a master, he told students to go back to bed. The new year has begun. Find the joy of sleep.

Each year he would begin the year with an empty classroom full of promise.


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