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The magickal properties of green baltic amber


As a stone, there are few others that have quite the same history as Amber has. It was initially called "electra" by the greeks for it's ability to generate and hold static electricity. This is also where the word "electron" was later created from. Aside from the belief that Amber is like an electron wrapped in a stone case, Amber is also believed to have many healing and magickal properties.

Below you'll find some well known (and maybe lesser known) magickal properties of Amber, and most specifically, Green Baltic Amber.

Magickal Uses

Amber has a great many uses and has had them since before the rule of the Egyptians. If you're looking to incorporate Amber stones into your life, rituals or spells, keep these properties in mind...

  • Cleansing - Amber is well known for it's ability to dispel and cleanse a person or area of negative energies.
  • Past Life Connections - Amber is often used in meditations or spells that concern discovering and/or contacting our former selves.
  • Balance - Because the stone has so many uses and many elements, it is considered a stone of balance.
  • Youth - In Neolithic and Roman times, it was thought that Amber had the magick ability to preserve life and even reverse some of the effects of aging.
  • Protection - When worn around the neck, carried in a pocket or in a medicine bag, Amber is said to be immensely protective to the wearer.
  • Anti-Kidnapping - In some places, it is thought that if a child wears Amber, they'll be protected from being kidnapped. This is part of why you'll see amber bracelets or necklaces as gifts for young children.
  • Astrology - Amber stones are strongly connected to the sign of Leo, Sagittarius and Aquarius.

Healing Properties

Amber of all types is one of those "general healing stones", as it has healing properties that are pretty broad. Amber can be used to clear away imbalances, as well as to bring in new energies, making it a very versatile stone for the witch or healer.

Some healing properties that Amber stones have:

  • Solar Plexus - Whether yellow, green or red, the home of Amber in our bodies is the Solar Plexus. This is our energetic connection to our digestive system, ego and 'intellect'. Because of this connection, Amber stones are often used in energy medicine for aligning the Solar Plexus, or for helping a person overcome digestive challenges.
  • Cognitive Functions - It is believed that Amber has the ability to help strengthen your memory and confidence.
  • Fevers & Chills - Amber is said to help relieve a person of both a fever and/or chills. It's just cool like that.
  • Generalized Anxiety - Amber is thought to be very beneficial for people with generalized anxiety troubles. It's often fear that causes us to have unexplained troubles with anxiety, and Amber is known to calm us and help us think clearly.
  • Earaches - Old folk remedies show that amber used to be ground up and mixed with honey and then eaten to relieve an earache.
  • General Disorders - When amber is worn, it's believed it can help with a number of things, including (but not limited too): toothaches, sore throats, headaches, heart burn, deafness, liver conditions and nervous system troubles.
  • Other Chakras - Green Amber has strong connections with the Heart Chakra, the center of our immune system, respiratory system and emotional center. Red Amber has connections with our Root Chakra, the center of our blood, lower organs, circulatory system, sense of security and groundedness.

Deity Associations

When using stones and gems for magickal purposes, it's important to take note of any patron or patroness deities that are or could be connected with the stone. By being aware of this, you'll be better able to access the powers of the stone and to get some assistance from higher powers.

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In General:

  • Sun Gods and Goddesses - Because Amber is usually yellow, and because it is a stone made from hardened sap, it is connected with most sun gods and goddess.

More Specifically:

  • Apollo - One of the mighiest sun gods known to many of the germanic pantheons, Apollo is the god of the stone and Amber stones are most commonly associated with him through the Greek beliefs that amber was the tears of Apollo's daughters.
  • Freyja - It is said in Norse myths that Amber is the tears of the goddess Freyja, so naturally most Amber is connected with her, especially Amber of the Baltic seas.
  • The East Wind - Many Native America tribes associated Amber with the east wind, the element of Earth.
  • Brigid - Celtic goddess of fire, hearth and home can also claim the Amber stone as one of her own.

Note to Readers

Many if not most Amber stones found in stores today are not true Amber. Any authentic Amber is millions of years old and is either found in mines dug specifically to find them, the baltic seas or in the hands of someone of jewelers.

True Amber stones are precious, rare and often expensive.

That being said, common Amber stones which are synthetic, can be embewed with the same powers found in authentic Amber stones.

What do you know about Amber's magickal properties?

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