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What is Love Magick? - Myth or Reality

It is astir spirituality and matters of faith that I nearly savour writing and as I continue to write, I am learning more

What is Love Magick?

Love Magick - it is an energy-informational action directed at a specific person that the person pays attention to establish a romantic and sexual relationship.

There was even a study on the subject that found that 99 % of People aged 15-65 know what incantations mean. Incantation- a series of words said a Magick spell.

Even 50 % of them tried to take advantage of it, another 50 % of respondents confirmed that they felt signs of love, Magick, and 10% of respondents said it was effective. Meanwhile, the magicians themselves claim that everyone has been spoken to at least once in their lifetime, and in most cases more than once.

Conversations can ruin a person’s destiny

Ask your friends, acquaintances if they had ever approached the sorcerer and asked for the coveted object of love to be spoken to.

Note, for many years the spouses agreed, the country, even looked like an ideal couple, but suddenly took off and divorced. Or not a single love affair for one of your acquaintances or friends, but started and stopped, you could say, for no reason, in an equal place.

Of course, you shouldn’t write everything off for incantations, but you can’t ignore them at all either. Because incantations can ruin not only a person’s destiny, but also their health.

There are three types of incantations

1. Influencing the circumstances when the desired person is indifferent, feels some feelings, but the circumstances prevent him or her from taking decisive steps or he or she doubts when making one decision or another. He is therefore persuaded to make a decisive decision in favor of a particular woman.

2. When affecting a person. He is speaking to provoke his romantic feelings or sexual desire towards a particular woman.

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3. Combined. When you need to make an impact on both feelings and circumstances. This method of incantation is used in very complex cases. For example, a wanted person is in a different social class or status and who does not even intend to experience any feelings about the woman who wants to convince him with the help of a sorcerer.

You may get a result outside of the desired scenario

However, those who will try to use an incantation about a particular object of love should note that 100% of Incantation causes irreversible changes in your life and destiny, 99% of cases, you may not get the result in the scenario you would like and not as efficient as you expected.

Besides, in most cases, incantations have a so-called side effect. For example, a man who consumes alcohol in moderation begins to drink heavily and is no longer able to overcome his addiction. Therefore, if any sorcerer says she can speak without any ill consequences, it is either a dilettante or a scammer.

Magick is an electromagnetic attack

A tremendous amount of energy is needed to support the feelings caused by speaking. And if for some reason you are in conflict or nervous, the energy that "nourishes" the desired object is directed and used for other purposes.

Pulses of a different frequency are then accepted than those detected by the sorcerer. In short, persuasion is only recommended when there is nothing left to lose. That is, you can get what you want, but lose everything else: the opportunity for successful learning, a career, financial stability.

If a skeptic or a person who doesn’t believe in anything at all thinks that the Magick of love cannot make an impact, then he is very wrong. Magick is an electromagnetic attack. The same goes if you insert your finger into an electrical outlet. Maybe for a skeptic, it is not even a motive, and a person interested in magical things can feel the invisible attack of love against him and take measures to repel it.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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