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Envy: A Deadly Sin: The Green Eyed Monster And You!

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Green with Envy

Green with Envy

The Ruin of Love

The famous play: Othello by Shakespeare, spells the ruin of a deep love affair driven by the envy of another. In the play Iago says to Othello.

"O, beware my lord of jealousy! It is the green-eyed monster which doth mock the meat it feeds on."

Iago is determined to bring Othello to his knees. Iago was passed over for promotion and his thoughts are full of revenge. Cassio was the lieutenant promoted, so he too must be punished.

With tricks of deceit, Iago convinces a very naïve Othello that the love of his life, the beautiful Desdemona is having an affair with Cassio.This play weaves the wrath of conceit and resentment to the death of Desdemona smothered by Othello, driven into a state of madness by the ever manipulative Iago.

Othello finds to his dismay the pleads of innocence from his beloved are all but true. The vindictive Iago has set him up.

Othello: 'One that loved not wisely, but to well.'

The story of course has other villains, who helped Iago succeed in his quest. But surely to be passed over for promotion wouldn't rear such an ugly head as the green eyed monster! Would your green eyed monster lead you so far astray? Think before you answer and remember; to lie is a sin.


Envy dwell's in all our hearts;

Alive and feeding...

The green eyed monster's mantra...

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In our ears jeering...


The Brain Has It!

I realize some bright sparks will blame jealousy on the brain. There are scientists who believe the part of the brain that experiences physical pain is also associated with mental pain. Lets face it; the feeling of envy which results in feelings of insecurity, suspicion, possessiveness and mistrust are going to hurt a hell of a lot whether the brain theory is right or not. Scientists also put murder up there on some lobe or other, but that 's hardly a worthy excuse.

I think the words 'It's my brains fault ' will probably see you making buddies with all those other nice people that have special friends and live permanently with bars on their windows. In other words you need to learn to cope and conquer your personal little green monster.

There are different levels of envy. Being a little jealous of a friends new hair cut, handbag or car is a normal feeling. However if you don't get over it pretty quick, then that's not a good place to be in. By right you should love your pal or family member more than what they own. Your level of jealousy should be a little pang and nothing more. Anyway, you can always borrow the bag and hitch a ride in the car.

Sibling rivalry is completely natural (I come from a BIG family). All children want their parents and grandparents attention when they are young. Sisters and brothers often get in the way of that, so from a young age a little jealousy sets in. Their toys seem better or they get more attention, and sometimes they do. Not because your loved less; it's often because you are a confident and stronger child; more independent. I know this is a cliché, but it is so often the case.

Wild animals leave their weak young behind as they may result in all the family being killed by predators. In the world of people it is the weaker we help the most, so that they might one day 'stand on their own two feet'.

A lover or partner can stir the wrong emotions by being secretive, evasive or mysterious.The result is you being wary, suspicious, fearful, insecure and possibly feeling inferior thus making you resentful and angry. Don't let things escalate to that level. Talk about your feelings and admit it may seem OTT, but it's upsetting you. While you don't want to be neurotic, rose tinted glasses just don't suit you. Sometimes people spread rumors. The worst thing you can ever do is believe them without having reason to. That doesn't mean breaking out the magnifying glass and doing a Colombo. It simply means be realistic and knowing your facts.

Of course there is a complete different type of jealousy; one that inspires bitterness, contempt, rage even betrayal. This degree of envy is dangerous and corrupt. Breathing nothing but destruction. Emotions and thoughts can get hazy. Aggression is like a drug and can force you to do and say things you really don't mean.This level of jealousy well open wounds that originally, where just mere surface scrapes.

Don't let jealousy rule your mind and ruin your life, learn how to overcome your jealousy...

The Colour of Envy

Green and yellow were the colours associated with jealously among the Renaissance painters. Paintings of love lost and tragic romance where dominated by greens and yellows. Green is also the colour of unripened fruit, once eaten causing stomach ache (hence pain). Jealousy causes pain.

A person is never liked or loved because of their possessions. A true personality is fun to be with no matter what the stage or the players. To love and be loved is special and should not be given nor taken lightly in any way or form. Trust is probably one of the most important emotions we can share with another being. Remember that and don't abuse it.

First and last rule: never envy someone you don't really know. There's probably a lot more in those Christian Louboutin shoes than you care to know about and I ain't talking painted toe nails.

Othello The Play: A great guide to one of the most famous plays ever written with envy the main character flaw...

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