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The Creation of Mankind

Life origin and the tree of life

Evolving to human; There are good reasons to believe that slowly evolution has helped in making man the way we are, with the help of God of course, since God is the essence of all existing life of the universe.

Evolving to human; There are good reasons to believe that slowly evolution has helped in making man the way we are, with the help of God of course, since God is the essence of all existing life of the universe.

The origin and the creation of life

Welcome to our article (60) the creation of mankind

May God guide and help me to write the right things?

Dear reads, we believe that God, Mother Nature, and evolution have worked together. In our articles, we have talked how God could have started to create life on earth; and that description was compatible with Darwin evolution views. So, we believe that even the atheists can accept it. By describing that in our articles, we have paved the way of how God can continue to create new life, or how to improve the life that God has created, which needs to finish with the creation of mankind.

Therefore, let us continue to talk about the creation of mankind, the way that we believe could have happened. Anyhow, our views are described hereunder.

Now, because we are trying to change existing religious beliefs, because I am a believer, I am thinking that I need to pray our Lord God to guide and help me, hoping that God will guide me.


My Lord God, to you I turn God-Most-High, and I start to pray with all my heart, my soul and my mind. I am praying you in the name of The-Father The-Son and The-Holy Spirit, I am praying and hoping that the ever-present guiding force of the Holy Spirit on earth would guide me; So that, I can write the creation of mankind, as humanly as possible per your will, and in such a way that it links all existing religions together and form a single religion, that can be guided from a super God. Then mankind could accept this new religion and use it for the future benefit of mankind. Father hear my prayer and guide me! Amen.

The origin of mankind

Did God start us from scratch or did he use a humanoid that was already living on earth as the first man on earth as Adam?

Did God start us from scratch or did he use a humanoid that was already living on earth as the first man on earth as Adam?

Our modified creation of mankind

Dear readers, I have prayed God several times, and I will continue to pray God, hoping that God guides me.

My Lord God, I pray you to forgive me all my life sins and make me clean of all impurities that may affect my soul, so that I would become worthy to pray and my prayer would be heard and accepted, I am praying hoping that you let me see through my mind eyes, what I need to write in this part of our religious writings. Father hear my prayer and help me.


Dear reader, after praying God I feel more confident. Anyhow, these are our beliefs and we must follow them, if we want to follow our logic human explanations, about how things could have evolved and how man was created, because we want to reconcile, God’s creation with Mother Nature and Evolution to make sense and agree with our human logic reasoning.

So, let us talk about the creation of mankind, which may not have been a real creation, because ‘The Creation of Mankind’ may have started at the beginning of time and creation, and that God of the universe, in conjunction with Mother Nature and Evolution have worked to bring it about for a long time. As it took millions of earth years for life to reach its present advanced state.

Anyhow, to continue our explanation, and connect creation and evolution we must tell you, what we believe could have happened; You see, we believe that all this has happened during the last 100,000 earth years, when God of the Universe became interested in us, because we had evolved and became so advanced that we were able to start thinking for themselves.

Having seen that there are many living species on planet earth, and some are very advanced, we may assume that God became more interested in us. Here, we want to suggest that, after all God did not need to make Adam the first man on earth from a piece of dirt, because there were already so many animals around to choose from, and all God had to do was to improve one of the thinking animals.

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So, God selected one of the best unblemished males of those existing animals which looked almost like a man and improved him. By putting this selected animal to sleep and by using his power He changed this animal to a real man, God also gave this man a special soul when He blew on his face to wake him up, and God called this transformed animal who now was a man Adam. God used the same way to make Eve, in order to give Adam a wife; because all the animals were male and female.

The rest of the story is all written in the Bible, how Adam and Eve failed to follow God’s instructions, therefore, they were banned from the Garden of Eden that God had given them.

Dear reader: This is how we believe it could have been in the beginning, and we hope that we got it right, and it can be accepted from atheists and those who believe in evolution. Anyhow, if we are not right; then, I pray God to forgive me, because this is as far as I can see.

Now, let us talk about our planet earth, which in our discerption of the spiritual universe, is situated in circle 7


Adam and Eve

The awakening of Adam Michelangelo

The awakening of Adam Michelangelo

Adam and Eva, Michelangelo

Adam and Eva, Michelangelo

Our planet mother earth

Now, let us talk about circle number seven (Mother-earth). As we have said, we are suggesting that God created Adam and Eve in a different way; I believe that this way it is more acceptable to the atheists and scientists.

Anyhow, I believe that most things that are written in the Bible are true. However, let me go back to when God created Adam, because I want to bring to your attention that in our description God gave Adam a special soul when He gave Adam his breath. So, when God created Adam it was extra special, because God gave Adam His own breath, so, He gave Adam this extra bit of Himself, hoping that by doing so Adam would become perfect and follow God, and do whatever God wanted him to do, but it didn’t work that way, because of the intervention of the negative life-force of the universe, which the Bible describe it in the form of a serpent, we don’t need to write here the story of Adam’s fall, because it has been written in the Bible and everybody knows about it.

Now, God has tried many times to improve our lives. Since God started life and then improved it, and this pattern of improvement is evident in the Bible if we look for it.

There is another way of how God improves humanity, and this is when God causes special persons to be born; these special persons may be great religious leaders, who will guide the people of their time back to God, or it may be just a very special person who has received a special gift from God.

One of this was Abraham, who was able to starts a new race that would follow God and believe in God. In the Bible, there are children born from very old women, who were believed that would never have children: But God did intervene and visited them and made them conceive, so, they gave birth to special children. Now if you have followed the Bible, these special children were special as they had been perfected from God before they were born, and they did great things that normal people would never been able to do. Of course, the most important of all these people is Jesus Christ our Lord, but he was born from a virgin young girl and not an old woman, and he has been the greatest man that ever existed.

Anyhow, since the beginning of the world, God has intervened to improve humanity, in the hope that we become perfect beings, and understand him. But so far there are reasons to believe that we have not. We must do better in the future if we want to reach perfection and find the way to salvation.

I believe that we have said enough in this article, but to reach our goal. Anyhow, in our next article we will be talking about, Angels greeting me.

May God bless us all.


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