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I was Southern Baptist. I achieved my third degree as a Wiccan High-priestess. These days I call myself a Mage, A seeker of knowledge.

In the Beginning

Like I tell all my students, in order to really understand any subject in history, one should first find out what life was like before, during and after whatever the specific subject you are trying to learn about. For instance, would there have been a Boston Tea Party if the people of Boston had not experienced the history of their culture before and during the time a bunch of tea was dumped into Boston Harbor? And let us not forget that there might not be an America if there had not been a Boston Tea Party.

What is Wicca



Wicca is in many ways the modern version of “That old time Religion”, Pagan is the big umbrella that all the other flavors of modern day “Alternative religion” is nestled.

Before written words

Back before written words there was no need to have a name for your spiritual path, all you would have to do is name the gods and/or goddesses you worshiped and you spiritual path would be fairly understood, For that matter if you told a stranger who you worshiped they would most likely know what group of people you came from, or held slave by.

Looking up at a 747



I truly believe that wherever you find a truth in many different places, there is the truth. And one truth I have found it that there is something greater than us creatures that walk the earth. A force that we mere humans can only try to put a name to. We humans are little ants standing on a tarmac looking up at a 747. We ants are calling that 747 God. Some of us ants claim we know what the 747 is, but so far NONE of us ants can have the whole idea of what that 747 aka God is.

Something Greater

Not just one answer

So if I am right and there is a power greater than us, it seems to me that whatever this great power is many of us feel compelled to connect to it somehow. I really don’t think that it matters how a person connects. For some, the various types of Christianity is sufficient to fulfill this instinctual need. Just because one person feels that they have found all the answers they need in the bible and the religion of their choice, it does not mean that they have found the only answers. They have just found their answers. I have read the bible 7 times myself. I think that the bible is an excellent research tool. I haven't just read the King James version of the bible, or just modern translations of the bible. Here again it is important to look at the history around a book to really understand what you are studying. King James was an interesting man. But the age in which he grew up and things that happen before his birth most definitely influenced his translation of the bible. Ah but that is another essay. Many have written about the history of Christianity. And if you are truly a seeker of personal truth I encourage you to learn everything you can! And if you decide to become a Christian I encourage you to do so. Because that is really what it is all about!

Mind, Body and Soul


Religious Freedom

From the beginning of time we have been trying to know what this power is. Another truth that I see repeated over and over throughout history is, when you want to conquer people, you need to conquer them mind, body and soul. To take control of a person’s soul you must take control of the person’s religion. So like all of us mutts that walk this earth, all religions are a type of mutt. Religion is a culmination of many peoples thoughts, feelings and writings. There never was and never will be any religion that is from solely one source! However I think that is how it should be. And we will all find heaven on earth when every man, woman and child can practice religious freedom. I personally enjoy having a discussion about spiritual thoughts with any person who has made their choice of paths out of personal study, and not just following what a person told them. That includes Pagans.

What is truth?

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Seek Truth

One of the problems with studying the history of any Pagan path, including Wicca, is humans tend to twist facts in order to support what they are setting forth as truth. Maybe this is just human nature but it does make it difficult for the seekers of truth who come after them. This is why I feel that there is some truth in all spiritual paths. Read the red words in the New Testament of the Bible, Jesus was all about loving one another, treating one another as we want to be treated, and help out your fellow man whenever you can. I know these things ring true to me.




The reason that I am saying these things is because like many other forefathers of other religions, Wicca’s forefathers and mothers fibbed. But this doesn’t mean that all of what they said is not true. There are many things in their writings that are truly MAGICK.


Seek Knowledge EVERYWHERE

If you really want to become a Witch, don’t only join a coven and follow your High priestess and/or High Priest's teachings, or read a book by one of our forefathers. Seek knowledge from everywhere! I strongly encourage you to watch a movie called “What the Bleep do we know”

Trailer for What the Bleep Do We Know

The Secret

Another movie that gives a clue to what magick is, is “The Secret ”

The Secret Trailer

I am a Witch

Awesome T shirt

Awesome T shirt

A definition of Pagan Witchcraft

“Pagan Witchcraft is a fully developed, independent religion…it is a modern development which deliberately draws upon ancient images and ideas for contemporary needs.” Professor Ronald Hutton, The Triumph of the Moon: A History of Modern Pagan Witchcraft.

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