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The Zodiac Sign Compatibility Of Blake Lively And Ryan Reynolds

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It is hard to find a more iconic couple than Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds. They are funny, have amazing chemistry, and both blessed with good looks. Not only do they have the normal qualities to make them a perfect couple, but they are also both Hollywood stars, and have played in many successful roles on screen, earning them their own fame.

Trip to Fame

Blake Lively made her television debut on the award-winning show, Gossip Girls, as the beautiful, trust fund, confident Serena Van Der Woodsen. Her career only grew from there, and she scored roles in prominent films like, The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, A Simple Favor and The Shallows.

Ryan Reynolds has been acting for most of his life, taking up small roles here and there, however, he is most known for his part in Deadpool, Green Lantern, X Men, and The Captive.

Zodiac Signs

Blake Lively blessed this world with her stunning smile and gorgeous blonde locks on August 25, making her a Virgo through and through. She proves to be a part of the Virgo family in many ways. some qualities of Virgos are that they are funny, loyal, sensitive, passionate, and observant, all personality traits that Blake possesses and which help her keep her career and marriage striving.

Virgo's, who are anyone born from August 23 to September 22, are under the ''Sixth House'. They are ruled by Mars, and according to ancient lore, a Virgo's basic traits emanate from this planet.

Virgo's are gifted with many other attributes, that Blake is shown to possess, such as being reliable, as is seen in her relationship with Ryan, and her ability to raise two beautiful and happy children, while juggling a successful career.

They are charming and modest, and Blake is the epitome of both those qualities. She has a natural charm to her, that is seen in interviews, and even when she is walking around with her family and captured in paparazzi photographs. Blake Lively is always put together and stunning in the public eye.

Ryan Reynolds is a Scorpio, as he was born on October 23, 1976. He posses many of the qualities Scorpios are known for. For one, he is passionate and driven when it comes to what matters to him, like his family and career. Scorpios are known to be faithful, and trustworthy, which is obviously a quality Reynolds possesses, as his marriage is still as strong as it was when it began.

Scorpios are born under the 'Eighth House' and ruled by two planets, Mars, like Scorpio, and Pluto.

Both planets represent strong traits, that Reynolds possesses, like, the fact that Scorpios are logical and loyal. You can see these personality traits in Ryan Reynolds every day, because they are what is required to have a successful career in the Hollywood industry, as well as be in a successful marriage.

Scorpios also have an air of mystery to them, and this is evident in Reynolds. Because although he remains in the public eye, as an actor, he still manages to keep his relationship with his wife and children private.


Their Relationship

The couple met in 2010, during the filming of Green Lantern, they hit it off immediately, and shortly after Reynolds finalized his divorce with Scarlett Johansson, Marvels Black Widow, they were reportedly seen dating. They married a year later, in 2012, on September 9.

they welcomed their first child together in 2014, James. Two years later, their second daughter Inez was born.

While the couple prefers to keep their relationship out of the public eye, and enjoy the little family they are creating together, privately, they do enjoy bantering on twitter and Instagram. Their fans never seem to have a dull moment, following them joke with each other in the comment sections, and hurdle loving insults at one another. Both of their signs are known for their humor, so it does make sense that they are a witty couple.


The earth-water pairing is definitely favored by the stars. Both signs are known to be strongly compatible with one another. In fact, there is not much that beats a strong Virgo being paired with an intense Scorpio. They both share many qualities, which make the bond easy, such as their loyalty to those they love, and their sense of humor.

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An Instyle Reporter is quoted to have said “Virgo and Scorpio are extremely compatible signs because they both place such a high value on loyalty and commitment”. Relationships that do not tend to work are those in which only one of the members experience intense needs to care and be loyal. However, in the case of Blake and Reynold, they both go through the same desire to love, and understand each other’s needs to care and be cared for.

While Ryan has a watery Scorpio energy, Blake has an earthier Virgo energy, and lucky for them, they blend perfectly together!

And if that is not enough for you, Virgo is Scorpios ascendant! More proof that they are the IT couple.

Another reason why they are compatible is that they both are driven and determined to work towards their goals. They have plans for their future, and will work hard and fast to achieve them. When a Virgo and Scorpio work together towards their goals, nothing can stop them.


Different Attributes of their Relationship


A Virgo and Scorpio pairing are usually very trusting. The signs are good at communicating, and are not afraid to voice their fears to one another. However, they understand each other’s silence, and are always willing to give each other space and time when needed. This increases their ability to trust each other, and not let any obstacles get in the way of them.

Communication and Intellect

If you were to give a score for a Virgo and Scorpio's ability to communicate with one another, and be intellectual, it would be about ninety nine percent, easily.

Virgo's are known to be extremely talkative, but also have a quiet and intellectual side to them that not many people would except from a sign ruled by Mars.

Meanwhile, a Scorpio perfectly balances these qualities, as they represent a deep silence, like the flowing of a river. They have the ability to communicate non-verbally, which balances the talkative nature of Virgos.

The signs when together are always inspiring and encouraging each other to do better and strive for their goals, and this is seen in Blake and Reynolds relationship. They both support each other’s relationship, and are always attending each other’s award presentation and movie debuts.


Virgos are not expressive when it comes to their emotions. They tend to lean towards rationality, and bottle up any strong feelings. However, no one is better than digging up their emotions than a Scorpio.

Likewise, Virgo's are able to sense the needs of Scorpios, without waiting for them to express them. While their emotional relationship can be quiet intense and dark, it is also intimate and strong.


Scorpio's and Virgo's have similar values that they feel the need to uphold. So being in a relationship with one another is beneficial to both of them, as they are respectful to one another's belief's. Both signs value intellect. They enjoy conversations that test their minds and make them think outside of the box, and this is often shown in Blake and Reynolds relationship, when they banter back and forth over topics they find fascinating.

Shared Activities

Here is when a Scorpio and Virgo may experience some difficulty if they are together. Scorpio and Virgo's both have different taste in activities, in terms of where they would like to go out. They may frequently argue over which restaurant to visit, or bar to hang out at on a night out. However, this will not affect their relationship too much, as both signs are willing to compromise in respect of their relationship.

The Square

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds have a relationship that is known as a Square, in astrological terminology. This is when two people that are three signs apart become intimate, and develop a relationship. Their mutual intensity is their defining energy. Now, while the relationship between these two signs may be described as volatile, it is also strong. Because although they will not have the most laid back relationship, their ability to challenge and keep each other active will keep their relationship striving. They may both be strong willed, but when it comes down to what they care about, they are willing to compromise to keep their relationship going, and that is what is important, and makes these couples so great.

So, to summarize, while their signs may clash in some matter, Blake and Ryan have nothing to worry about, because they both possess what is required to keep a relationship going and strong, and it is obviously from just looking at them, and the way they treat each other and their little, growing family, that they are in love and in it for the long run.

Here are more reasons to just fall in love with this couple and the chemistry that they share:

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