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2016 Yearly horoscope: Pisces

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The Year Ahead for Pisces

This is the year for healing! The stars have the secret. Study the stars, watch the weather, observe and document the behavior of animals, plants, children, or co-workers Tune in to the Uranian vibration through any electronic method. Get an e-mail pal or Join a social network. Your healing room in the home should-no, must-have windows! A skylight is even better, or both. A computer (for e-mailing that pal), fancy audio equipment, or high-powered telescope would all fit in. Silver, white, and electric and blue are good colors; fabrics and furnishings should be modern and unique. Tics or muscle twitching frequently accompanies your healing. Gift of the cave: Uranus reveals that like a bolt of lightning your gift is detachment from emotion. You learn to set aside personal concerns for the universal perspective.

Emotional self-expression is highlighted this month with the Sun in sensitive Cancer until the 22nd and your ruler smoothing out troubled waters. You may feel a need to be open and authentic about who you are and what you feel, and how you express yourself about these things. This will be a heart-and-soul alignment. You'll want to show your personal passions- a hobby, creative interest, children, romance writing, art, sports, and other recreational pursuits. Look for pure inspiration when these trines are set off to Neptune on the 1st, 8th, and 13th (Sun, Mars, Mercury). This could be a very creative, expressive, intuitive phase. Be ready to improvise and go with the flow in both your daily life and within the context of an artistic or metaphysical interest. With Neptune, your ruler, retrograde since last month, you're very tuned in to what's hidden on psychic and psychological levels, which can define and refine your perceptions. Seek stability and security from these watery placements when the Sun and Mercury trine Saturn retrograde in Scorpio on the 21st and 22nd. You might also be more aware of Saturn's effects here, perhaps related to something from this past December involving study, travel, the law, spirituality, beliefs and opinions, publishing, or a long-range objective. Maybe you felt inhibited or had to mature your beliefs according to an ongoing situation or need. When Saturn leaves in September, this matter could culminate as your beliefs ripen to a broader perspective and the issue gets resolved also in the middle But that Sun in Cancer is on the 6th, of stress, especially Sun, 12th, 18th, and 25th, when the Mercury Mars, Uranus, and Pluto duke it out with unexpected ferocity-triggered by the 15th's emotional Cancer New Moon. While this lunation offers you a harmoniously new emotional start with children or in romance, those around you (loved ones, friends, co-workers) present challenges, perhaps with a disagree able, or disagreeing, authority figure. You may be feeling intolerant as well, bucking interference. In the midst of this lies an unforgiving Venus Saturn square. This may be your personal vision vs. a group perspective, with all parties resistant, leading to a clash over power or control. It's best to avoid conflict, but, from a meta- physical level, it can create a breakthrough. It turns into a breakdown, however, it will impede anything that depends upon accord and group consensus. What will help heal bruised egos or hurt feelings is Venus' entry into Virgo (18th), your relationship zone and Venus' own natural home which could soften and sooth troubled ties. Make the most of it quickly, however, because Venus retrogrades on the 25th and returns to the which could stall reviews in progress or prompt something critical which someone in the past plays a part

EMPHASIS IS IN YOUR 5TH HOUSE. IT RULES pleasurable pursuits and hobbies children and other loved ones executive ability romance YOU ACHIEVE THE GREATEST SUCCESS BY strengthening bonds of affection highlighting social activities seeing things in a new light having faith in the future YOU SHOULD AVOID becoming too involved with details pursuing pleasures too vigorously counting on others financially taking hasty or risky action

Perceptive Pisces

Pisces, you have a very deep need to be intimately loved, cherished, and adored, and a sense that fulfillment awaits you. Before you can manifest the ideal relationship to satisfy your wishes, you have to dissolve illusions and unload emotional baggage that has accumulated over many lifetimes. To facilitate your desires, the messenger from the cosmos reveals past life secrets to you in your dreams. When you make the conscious decision to reconnect with your soul you embark on a journey of releasing. Inspired by the symbolic richness in your dreams, you tap your subconscious well spring and focus on your true emotional needs. Your deeply sensitive Pisces Moon creates dramas that reunite you with old souls.

Moon in Pisces

Moon in Pisces is extremely psychic, sometimes to the point of being unable to turn it off or to operate effectively in the non-psychic world. The need to learn to shield is strong, and if this cannot be learned then it might be better to turn the psychic faculties off than to be subjected to constant outside influences. This person is also an excellent psychic barometer and possible empath. A natural healing ability, up to and including the laying on of hands, can manifest. This person is extremely sympathetic and understanding, sometimes being unable to detach from the problems and concerns of others. Most any psychic skill is possible for this person, but they need to learn discipline and control or the can become overwhelmed with impressions. Solitude is naturally sought by these people, but care should be taken to not cut oneself off from others totally. Small groups are the best medium for socializing rather than large crowds.

Pisces you've learned that deeper feelings are frequently powerful. ]You connect to the vibrational energy surrounding you and developing your keen sensibilities to things others may never experience. Poised on the thread between illusion and reality, those sensibilities enable you to sail beyond ordinary reality into the realm of imagination. You bring magic into any situation.


When others show prejudice, you can bring there is pain, you bring compassion. Sometimes everyday life is difficult, because your emotional boundaries can be easily penetrated. You prefer to think of the world as it should be-filled with peace, forgiveness and serene beauty, and when confronted with harsh situations you may feel drawn to reach out and help in some way. In your personal relationships you sometimes go too far, and need to create an emotional filter that allows you to distinguish between your own higher needs and the pressing demands of others. To compensate for your sensitivity, it's important that you give yourself time to learn what a situation or person is like before you emotionally immerse yourself. Meditation can be a necessary tool for balancing your inner awareness with your connection to the world around you. Sometimes the abrasive realities of life are too stressful and may overwhelm you, and it is then that you can be a true escape artist. The extent to which you escape is important, because you can too far or fall victim to addictive patterns. By creating a safe home space where your dreams can lift your soul you feel whole, and by finding outlets for your artistry and creativity you can attain balance. Ultimately, you can manifest the perfect and tranquility you feel deep within your soul if not to the entire world, at least along the path of your life journey.

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The Year Ahead for Pisces

Interested in pursuing practical concerns. This is a year of building lasting and moving toward the realization of many of your deepest needs. Changes in the world during 1999 can be unsettling however you're more trusting of your instincts to guide you When Jupiter moves out of its cycle in Pisces in February you may feel a little let down, but there's every reason to welcome this change. Your judgments concerning your needs and abilities be- come more realistic during 1999, and caring for your soul level concerns involves concentrating more on how to utilize the good fortune you've been experiencing for the last year. Saturn transits in supportive aspect to your Moon this year, and you're looking for stability and practical ways to manifest your vision. Where discipline may have been difficult in the past, now you're ready to put yourself to the tests that will secure your safety and stability. If your Moon is from 0 to 11 degrees Pisces you may feel a bit unsettled, because you're coping with changes beyond your control that transform the very core of your emotional needs. By seeking solutions that encourage healing and restoration you can become more completely at home with your inner self during this year. You may also feel a strong urge to move or "transplant" yourself in some manner. If your Moon is from 12 to 20 degrees Pisces you're facing a series of adjustments as you make strides toward manifesting your hopes and dreams; by becoming more honest with yourself about your feelings you gain power and momentum. You're taking a leap of faith this year if your Moon falls between 21 to 29 degrees Pisces If you've never quite learned to trust your connection to your inner self, this is the time; developing a powerful link to your intuitive L and psychic ability is part of the expanded awareness you're experiencing this year For Pisces Moons, this is a found period of releasing illusion in exchange for grasping the power of your creativity and the strength of faith. Despite the fact that it's hard to find tangible evidence for faith, you're uncovering it now, and by so doing can inspire others who may have lost touch with this valuable quality of life.


The connection to your inner self can be powerfully self-confirming during the Full on January 1, and by spending time doing the things that fill your soul you're setting the stage for a profoundly interesting year. Caring for your soul may not have been a top priori but that's been changing, and blending your spiritual needs into your everyday life seems quite natural to you. You may not feel ready to put your plans or ideas into motion until after the New Moon on January 17, but progress can be a little slow. Conflicts may brew around you, so keep your emotional boundaries set and try to get involved only if it's necessary. Sometimes watching teaches you the most. Think of yourself as the nurse during a battle. It's sufficiently dangerous to minister to the wounded!


Your imagination and creative sensibilities are working overtime, prompting you to seek out new avenues for expressing your deeper feelings. Emotions run high, and you may be faced with endings that have been on the horizon for a while. Pursuing the process of letting go can seem more difficult than actually doing it, and surrendering to the truth in your heart will ultimately lighten your burden. Even if you're maintaining an existing relationship the manner in which can change and you may discover that you need something different from your partner now. Look for indicators of new options during the Sun's eclipse on February 16. Then, after February 20, be attentive to the best ways to define your role in your close relationships. You're realigning your expectations.


While you may feel extra-sensitive during the Full Moo on March you're also more aware and can see through the veil of illusion. That guarantee that you'll pay attention to the truth, does not but you'll have harder particularly if it's not what you want to see, spend time ignoring it! You're probably becoming more clear about what lies beneath the facade, and if you time to deal with the contrasts between your expectations and reality you can find a creative solution. Mercury's retrograde (March 10 to 31 can work to your benefit, when you a chance to review something you may have thought to be have not this is a well established. Whether or but you fortuitous turn of events depends on everyone concerned, Pisces can break away from counterproductive situations during the New Moon on March 17 and step onto a healthier path.


An interesting mix of unexpected change and serious responsibility prompts you to redefine your priorities. Dealing constructively with the pressures of a changing world requires imagination--right up your alley! Your ability to remain flexible is also a precious commodity in this climate of uncertainty, but on an inner level you may feel fairly consistent. Your emotional gyroscope works nicely now, and you're quite adept at dodging the crossfire. As the month draws near its close everything becomes more clearly defined, but outcomes are still uncertain. Spend time advancing your spiritual growth during the Full Moon on April 30, when you can easily connect to the divine essence and extract the serenity you require to see things with clarity.


From this perspective you can be the one to initiate necessary change High activity levels from May 1 to 8 can be distracting, and this is a good time to look into something innovative. Incorporating your emerging sense of renewal into your work and your personal relationships changes the way others see you, but, more important, alters the way you see yourself. Your heart needs ample room to nourish the love you're feeling, and whether you're devoting your time to an artistic project or to an intimate relationship, you're capable of expressing and experiencing ecstasy after May 9. There is a difference between hope and expectation, and in matters of the heart. To keep one toe on the ground as you occasionally leap into the unknown realm of desire and dreams. Watch for pitfalls during the Full Moon on May 30 June it’s a mixed bag this month. You can make positive and significant changes in your personal environment, but may be disappointed in the outcome if you're in a hurry. It's probably everybody else seeming to be in a rush, and that can be entirely too distracting if you're not focused. Passionate exchanges seem to fly everywhere near the time of the New Moon on June 13, but you may not trust them to be genuine. The contrast between styles of behavior becomes crystal clear: what you feel and your comfort in expressing those feelings can be distinctively different than what you're experiencing from others. As a result, reaching a conclusion about where a relationship is headed can be complex. Communicating your desires and needs is easiest from June 6 to 25. A romantic exchange can lead you to change course during the Full Moon on June 28 July You're feeling more assertive, and after testing the waters you can confidently pursue fulfillment of your desires on or after the New Moon on July 12. Because a change in plans or direction is quite possible due to Mercury's retrograde cycle beginning on that day you may be better off using this time to follow up on something you've already started. This is a powerful time to evaluate a love relation- ship or listen to the concerns or needs of your partner. You may discover that you're coming from very different places emotionally, and this could prompt you to reconsider the nature of your commitment. The period around the lunar eclipse on July 28 is filled with the potential for crisis and conflict, but you may not be a key player. That's probably a relief!

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