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The World's Most Supernatural Hotels Part 1

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Ghostly Hotel Langham


Haunted Langham

Paranormal or supernatural means that which can not be comprehended by our normal sense organs, normal understanding and reason. It is something that is beyond the common sense judgement and thinking.

There are many establishments, such as castles, forts, manor houses, forests etc., that are claimed to be invested with supernatural beings, a playing ground for paranormal activities. Many claimed that they have witnessed the supernatural activities in front of their eyes. In this article, we shall discuss the world famous hotels which are supposed to be haunted.

The famous Langham hotel of London is supposed to be one of the world's top haunted hotels. Architect John Giles designed this famous monument of architecture and it was made in the year 1863. The hotel, at the time of its inception was the largest and grandest hotel of London that first used the facility of lifts. Many famous personalities like the late princess Diana had a fascination for this hotel. Winston Churchill, Charles de Gaulle, Wallis Simpson, Don Bradman etc. were also in its guest's list. The creator of Sherlock Holmes, Sir Arthur Conan and famous writer Oscar Wilde had also frequented this reputed hotel. The hotel passed into various hands including ownership of BBC in the year 1965. Now the hotel, after various refurbishments and various handovers, is serving its clients as one of the grandest and most aristocratic hotels of England.

However despite of its reputation as a well known serving hotel for its customers, it is also famously and notoriously reputed for another cause: the hotbed of supernatural activities. This has also created a chunk of reputation for this hotel, which may also attract a group of people to this hotel, although for a different cause. Many famous personalities like film stars and cricketers have also claimed to witness and experience paranormal activities here.

A ghost of German aristocrat is often seen, who had committed suicide by throwing himself out of the window of the hotel. Many staffs and customers have reported that they have witnessed this ghost and it is often perceived by sudden feeling of coldness even during the days of summer.

But room no. 333 of this hotel is special and notoriously famous for its ghostly presence. Many claimed to have seen the ghost of a Victorian old man, dressed in the usual attire of that period who appears suddenly and stretches his hands to the residents of that room. The person has no legs below his knees as it seems.

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There is also an apparition of a doctor's ghost with blank eyes who is thought to have killed his newly married wife while on honeymoon in that hotel. The doctor also committed suicide after realization of his crime. Many also claimed to have seen the ghost of Emperor Napoleon III at the basement of this hotel.

Beside these specific reports, there is also abundance of ghostly talking, laughing, whispering, crying, children's sound of playing etc. that have been heard in the hotel. It is reported that the hotel has more than four hundred rooms with its many thousands of guests, corridors, basement, lounges, great halls etc. It is very possible that many may have mistaken normal sounds as paranormal.

But that doesn't specifically explain the incidents that have been claimed to be seen. However Hotel Langham is thus twice famous. It is a marvel of architecture with its grand building, aristocratic corridors, lounges, special suits and also for its unwelcomed guests, the ghosts, who perhaps add more color to its eminence.

It reminds us the famous speech in Shakespeare's tragedy, "Hamlet", when the prince of Denmark exclaims that there are many things in this world that can not be explained. The things that can not be explained even in this age of science and technology thus still remain mystery. Perhaps someday more advanced science will get its hidden keys and unlock the mystery surrounding it.

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