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The World's Best Invisible Friend

I felt led by the Lord to post about another type of invisible friend.

Pray Toward the Highest Mountain Top


Pray The Invisible Friend is Listening

Some people have had an invisible friend sometime in their childhood. An invisible friend was there for them to talk to anytime or anywhere. But, I have a different kind of an 'Invisible Friend.' Think for a moment of your father and how you would love to talk to him anytime without interruptions. The being I am talking about is named 'Jesus.'

I am not trying to force my religion onto anyone. This is just my interpretation of an 'Invisible Friend.' The link below will hopefully help you understand the power of prayer. When God's people feel alone and need help, call God to hear His direction for his people. Many times in my life, I prayed to God for help; he always listened and helped me in his perfect timing.

Once, I fell asleep while driving; the road was covered in snow and icy. I woke up, and my car spun around, aiming in the other direction on the road. I cried out to God as my car was turning. I pray for God to help my vehicle not hit anyone and to protect me.

I felt a firm hand or strong force pull my car to a stop. Then I spun around and hit a tree, and the cop said had I not hit the tree, I would have gone down the embankment.

The cop even asked how the back end of my car was totaled and if God had stopped it, and I said it had to have been God because no car crossed my path. Then, a woman came in from the snow without any snow on her car. She got out offering to help me cause I needed her more than her job. She was in a black car, wearing a black dress and long dark hair. The strange thing was she never called her career. She took me to the police station so I could report the accident. I believe God sent me an angel that day.


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The link below Is from an inspired writer here on HubPages. She permitted me to post this link. This article, 'Are Prayers Being Answered or Not.' I believe in the power of waiting for God to answer our prayers in His perfect timing. The words in this article spoke to my heart, and I believe your hearts will overflow with hope and love when we pray for the concerns of our hearts.

Marjori (The Beauty in Writing-

Enjoy reading the information on the links below. God bless everyone that feels guided to come to this post.

© 2022 Linda Kaaz

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