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The Wolf and its Symbolic Meaning

mystic wolf....


loyality and Compassion

The wolf.. one of the most loved and feared animals in the entire animal kingdom. Native American tribes are known for their profound respect for the wolf, they often speak of wolves as their brothers and their guides, viewing them as intelligent and dominant.

The Native American's and other spiritual communities believe that all humans have animal totems guiding them through life. Each animal has a special meaning, and a special purpose for their guidance. The wolf, is viewed as one of the most highly appreciated guide, as it comes to you when you need it the most.

The wolfs attributes include high intelligence, loyalty, survival, discipline, communication, compassion and family. Like I have said in other hubs, everyone is drawn to an animal in parts of their lives, feeling a sense of respect and admiration, and often... this animal changes through your life. As a kid, I loved the otter and was obsessed, then I loved the parrot, and now for a while, its been the butterfly.

When it comes to animals and their guidance, it does not mean you need to see the animal in person, it means that you find yourself hearing of the animal, seeing them in dreams, reading something random and then realizing the animal is apart of it. By chance, you are constantly running into this animal... When this happens, you need to pay attention to what this may be telling you.

If the wolf is apart of your life, it is trying to get you onto the right path, to point you in the direction that you need to go. Whether that may include bonding with family, or learning discipline in your life. The wolf is to be respected. They are amazing creatures, their symbolic meaning is the key to success and survival. If you often feel a restlessness inside yourself, you feel as though you are meant for something greater, it's because you are, but you are unsure of how to achieve it. The Wolf is the guide to help you achieve your potential.

Key attributes of the wolf:

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  • loyalty
  • success
  • discipline
  • family
  • communication
  • intelligence
  • compassion
  • cunning
  • friendliness
  • survival

For more information of the wolf totem:

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