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The Veritas ( Part 2:The Purpose Of Life )

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For thousands of years, people have been trying to ascertain what life is truly about. It's a question we can't afford to overlook, a question without the answer to which even education could be unreliable, as there's no way to make sure our children's best interests be taken care of. On the other hand, how fulfilling could it be if we had to to go through life without a clue? Do you actually believe we would just come from nowhere to spend several decades in this material world and then suddenly disappear into the nothingness, again? Wouldn't you opine there's got to be something better than that?

Who are we

Too bad the modern world has taken us so far that we barely bother to ask who we are and what’s the meaning of life. We often hear people ask, ‘I have everything, how come I am still not happy?’ Let’s be more specific, is it having everything that we want, or being happy, or both, which is having everything in order to be happy? Let’s get to the bottom of it one by one. The reason we want to have everything is because we need to make sure we have all the means to keep our body and soul together. It stems from our fear of death. Since sooner or later we are going to die anyway, is it that much of a difference between dying at one and dying at eighty. So, having everything makes no sense here. And if we need to have everything in order to be happy, then two hundred years ago when people didn’t have a cellphone or laptop, life to them must have been unbearable? Does it make sense? The only thing left for us to want to have is being happy, and it seems fair enough. But if being happy is our ultimate goal, then why would we live a lifestyle that entails hundreds and hundreds of landfills on a daily basis that are inevitably going to squeeze us out of this planet? Neither what we want nor what we do seems to make sense. Who are we? It doesn't seem we have the slightest idea as to who we are, let alone the purpose of life. But if asked, the nautilus is definitely going to say, 'Hi, my human friends, you are simply a stupid, greedy species who doesn't even know where to stop. You don't realize how far you have deviated from the development route in terms of rationality or how close you are to your demise. Yet you call yourselves God’s creation?' Who is this nautilus guy anyway? It looks like he is the one with enough wisdom to have stopped evolving somewhere in order maybe just to co-exist with the universe. At this point, we'd have to admit that mankind is a stupid species indefinitely manipulated by his own evil urges that came with his human body, such as lust, greed or hatred. Human beings are stupid? Well, are we not? Even the most prestigious educational organizations are putting out there generation after generation who, driven by their ego, try to accent their own success by making others a failure, to make the world we are living in unnecessarily more complicated than it already is, and to make the already reasonable seem outd-ated and the already great seem inferior.

Setting foot on the moon is not enough! We have to explore the Mars or do something about the black hole!? The 4G internet coverage is not versatile enough! It has to be 5!? The Phone model 4S is not good enough! It has to be 10!? Are we now expecting the one with which we can see someone we have a crush on showering naked in their own bathroom? It's shocking to see how we keep chasing phantoms only for the sake of chasing! Some of our big businesses, the behemoths, have been extremely successful only because they have managed to trick people into feeling self-abased for not patronizing them, or managed to pander to people's guilty pleasures and morbid curiosities. And some are so successful because they have managed to supply to people tons and tons of trash with which to get them preoccupied, leaving them with no room for introspection. Where do we stop? Or do we ever? If anything, this world has been absurd enough to hint at us taking it another way. Let's just not forget that as a creature, all we need is three meals in the day and a decent bed for the night. Do we really have to live in such an increasingly competitive world where we have to fight fiercely against each other for something that is not even there? And if we never stop, then what is the point of getting started anyway? There has to be a point that makes most sense to us where we simply have to stay.

More often than not, we tend to make the most fundamental mistake of measuring our own achievements through the eyes of others. Is being wealthy so insufficient that we have to flaunt a mansion for ninety percent of which we have no use? Is living a decent life so inadequate that we have to squeeze into the so-called upper class so people might look up to us? Is having good food in a luxury restaurant so negligible that we have to make others envy by putting pictures of everything on the net? Happiness is not happiness unless it's admired by others, joy is not joy unless it's envied by others, and achievement is not achievement unless it's recognized by others! Basically, we are just doing almost everything for our own fantasy. How ridiculous is that if not preposterous? This is exactly who we are, a deranged spirit relying on a human body for existence!

The purpose of life and why

A rational mindset is essential because, without it, we wouldn't be able to make sure everything we are doing is the right thing to do. Rational thought and behavior patterns are decisive because all the unreasonable things we do originate from an irrational mindset, which in turn, further deforms the architecture of our energy field, putting us deeper into the trap out of which it would be less likely for us to get as a result. This is exactly how Karmic Retribution works! In view of this, life truly should be about rationalizing and reconstructing our thought and behavior patterns in such a way as to set our soul free from the impregnable prison of the human body, if for no other reason than to merge back into God. Meanwhile, we should always keep in mind that it’s also an excruciatingly painful and lengthy process of self-sublimation.

The funny thing is, most of us are struggling out there day by day trying to achieve as much as possible, as if to lay the foundation for our happiness and wealth, or simply the sense of superiority. But in fact, the real tragedy here is that almost all of us are being kept in the dark as to what is happiness or what is wealth. Rationally speaking, happiness is simply a mentality predicated on a rationalized energy field that consists of gratitude, compassion, forgiveness, courage and righteousness, a mentality that invariably makes us see the world around more clearly and delivers peace of mind under whatever circumstances, a mentality that bears some resemblance to Mother Nature who has been enormously generous as well as forgiving to mankind. After all, it's not a state of reality so much as a state of mind. And wealth, technically, is only a little wisdom it takes to convert what you own into what can be construed as gratitude, alongside with a little sagacity that guides you to properly accommodate your soul, without which even a dump-truck load of greenback would eventually turn out to be dust-related. Let's just say that people like sex addicts, drug addicts, alcoholics or gamblers, they are not doing a very good job of finding a nice place for their soul. So, it's safe to contend who we are defines what we own, even though most people would argue it's the other way around. As for the sense of superiority, or fame, it's nothing but an illusion deeply rooted in the false presumption that what we have defines who we are.

People talk about the meaning of life all the time. Unfortunately, to seek the meaning of life in this material world is like looking for a polar bear in Africa, because it's the wrong place to begin with. Hypothetically, you don’t talk about ambitions after getting busted and thrown into a jail sell for something wrong you did, you do it when you have done your time, because it’s a place for your soul to be resuscitated in. It’s for redemption, not ambitions, it’s for correction, not aspirations. You derive your optimism from how much you have improved yourself instead of how much you have changed the world, you derive your hope from how close you have brought yourself to the front gate of the prison instead of how big the number in your bank account is. You derive your happiness and wealth from your virtues, the tools at your own disposal with which to break through the prison. Why do you think babies would cry the moment they came into this world, a world full of temptations aiming to derail us? Isn't it some sort of suggestion that there’s a bewildering journey ahead. We would never have reincarnated but for some defects in our energy field, which are usually referred to as sins. The point I am trying to make here is that there isn't any meaning to life itself unless you are willing to deny the world as you know it as well as to nullify the legitimacy of your own existence. Neither is there any until you are ready to reconstruct yourself by fixing whatever your defects are as well as arming yourself with everything you can name as a virtue, the most effective weapon against your ego..

The role of the material world

Furthermore, what we do need to understand is that this material world we are living in, regardless of what it's like or how it's treating us, has nothing to do with what makes us who we are. All that can ever explain who we are is what we do and how we choose to think under given circumstances, roughly translated, our perspective. The world is simply a gigantic crystal ball designed to manifest all our defects that got our soul locked up in the first place, or a huge mirror that reflects all our flaws and blemishes from which our miseries stem. It's literally a trap full of self-inflicted hallucinations as a punishment for our sins. --- You are angry because you are not magnanimous enough. You are resentful because you are not capacious enough. You are gloomy because you are not sanguine enough. You are horny because you are not saintly enough. You are jealous because you are not broad-minded enough. You are anxious because you are not degage enough. You are sad because you are not tough enough. You are deluded because you are not wise enough. You are poor because you are not grateful enough. You are lonely because you are not complete enough. You are brokenhearted because you are not sagacious enough, otherwise you wouldn’t have chosen a human body other than your own to rest your soul on, and you are suffering from a fatal disease when you’re not supposed to because, upon reincarnation, your defects didn’t allow you to choose a preferable human body that would have been incompatible with your energy field. You are scared of death because you are unaware of the fact that your death is every bit as imaginary as the outside world itself. Ultimately, you are unhappy because you choose to be unhappy for all the wrong reasons while you can’t bring yourself to be happy for all the right reasons, which is stupid enough---. At this point, you might want to direct your finger at my nose and say, ‘You idiot! Why do I have to blame everything wrong on myself?’ My response would be, ‘Even though you were living on a different planet with different people around, things would still be happening to you with the same effect. The world doesn’t have to be real for you to be who you are. Time and space are both deceitful and fraudulent as a concept. Your own defects are the playground for all your sorrows, miseries, and other problems.

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Something about wisdom

Now let me rephrase the meaning of life, It’s like every morning standing in front of a mirror, you fix everything that’s wrong about you and, more importantly, weaken the influence of your flesh that keeps dragging you into this mirror for something that’s not there. Again, nothing physical you pursue would make any sense in the end. If you didn't seize your life to remedy your defects and get yourself to be a better person as time goes by, then what kind of intrinsic value could there be for life itself? In that case, it's beyond doubt that your jail time would be extended.

Ten years ago, there was nothing I wouldn't have given to lay my hands on whoever I was sexually attracted to. But unfortunately, women of this kind tend to make my life a disaster. Somehow it dawned on me that it wasn't the women sexually attractive to me so much as this physiological mechanism inside my body that truly made me miserable. I realized that, as long as this defect exists inside me, miseries of sorts will always come along, be it brought by Amy, Nancy or Jennifer, you name it. Now, after years of trimming and readjusting my thoughts and behaviors, I'm finally able to take it onto a level that would have seemed unimaginable to me ten years ago. And this is partly how I reconstructed myself by rationalizing my thought and behavior patterns.

We also talk about wisdom from time to time. But what exactly is the difference between wisdom and intelligence? Wisdom should be related to the safeguard of a soul with rationality, while intelligence to the protection of a human body and its personal interests with information. There are those of us who, guided by wisdom, utilize their life brightening their soul with virtues, integrity, conscience and a true sense of fairness, and yet there are those of us who, driven by their evil urges, deprave their life by incarcerating their soul with their fear of death, hypocrisy, vanity, lust, greed, jealousy and hatred.

One of the advantages of living in a free country is that we have every right to be as stupid as we choose to. But the problem is that every wrong thing we do, or even an unreasonable one, comes back at us with a consequence in the form of karmic retribution, if not within this lifetime, it's got to be within the next one, and there is no way to escape. Regrettably, all of this is indisputable, because even the tiniest structure defect in our energy field is bound to find a way to have its presence felt at some point. Do you really believe it is only coincidental that some of us would just be born into this world only to find themselves in hostile conditions? By the way, there is no such a thing as accident. How you are is completely contingent on who you are and have been.

Do the right thing

People talk about doing the right thing all the time, which, subconsciously, means you never give up doing the right thing even when you are sick, when you are in pain or agony, when you are desperate, or when you don’t know where your next meal is coming from, because it is the only way to make sure that when you’re done with your human body, your soul doesn’t have to cling onto another one for survival.

In fact, none of what I just said has never been said or implied in any way by anybody else. I merely picked it up, rearranged it, and wrapped it up in a new package, hopefully to make it easier for you to accept the fact that nothing you see in this material world, especially not your very self, is truly what you take it to be. -----A celebrity is not a celebrity so much as your own vanity. Warren Buffett is not Warren Buffett so much as your desire for material wealth. A sexually attractive woman is not a sexually attractive woman so much as the thoughts of your genitals. A reliable man is not a reliable man so much as your longing for a shoulder. Someone you hate is not someone you hate so much as that little seed of hatred inside your heart. The outside world is not the outside world so much as your wrongfully individualized SELF/CELL. A human body is not a human body so much as a jail cell with two little windows that look like eyes------. Nothing tangible out there is not imaginary, and the only thing that is true, contrarily, is your intangible soul, something you can safeguard only by doing the right thing, and the only one thing that is going to count in the end. If you are wise enough to realize that it is the right to do to make yourself about the whole world rather than to make the whole world about yourself, you are probably able to understand that we didn’t come to this world so we could learn how to grab as much as we want, but how to let go as gracefully as we ought to. After all, there is no better place than our inner world to hinge our wellbeing on.

I wish I were talking nonsense here. But the truth is I'm not. The reason I've written this article is that we are already wreaking havoc on this big mirror, making it harder and harder for us to see the truth.

Many people ask, ‘I have everything, why am I still not happy? Well, it’s a good question. Actually, there’s nothing better in the whole world to illustrate our absurdity and ignorance. The answer is "because having everything is not what we are meant to achieve, you silly!" Why would we spend our entire life trying whatever it takes to guarantee the incarceration of our soul when the right thing for us to do is to save it and set it free from this physical trap. Wouldn’t it be less inappropriate just to ask, ‘How happy can I be when my soul is blind and forced to be looking through my human eyes every day at a tangible dream that only belongs to my SELF, a tangible dream that would go up in smoke with the demise of my perishable human body, a tangible dream with or without which the true universe would still be the same, ----no more, no less, as infinite as ever----?’

At what point do you think you could save your soul if you never stopped treating the spiritual the way you treat the physical? And what is life if it's not a fight to retrieve your true perspective and vision? ----- A dream, a waste, or a descending path?

( The End )

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