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The Venusian - Palmistry Personality Types

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The Mount of Venus


The Venusian

We now come to the last personality type, and it's safe to say, that it's not the least. The mount of Venus (named after the Roman goddess of beauty) that this type is associated with is located at the lowest portion of the hand, between the thumb and the line of life. No other mount takes as much space on the palm as this one. The Venusian is a necessary character. They are the direct opposite of the Saturnian. While the Saturnian dismisses the company of mankind; the Venusian seeks it. While the Saturnian is mostly thinking gloomily and has a pessimistic nature; the Venusian is all about positivity and is the most optimistic of all the types. The Venusian's characteristics are close to that of the Jupiterian's though without the latter's ambitious nature. Their personality also mimics the Apollonian's in some ways though the Venusian is not that determined in seeking fame. Thus, you could say that this type's personality falls somewhere in between that of the Jupiterian's and the Apollonian's.

Appearance-wise, the Venusian is most probably the most attractive of all the types. They are of medium height. Both the sexes are likely to have graceful and fulsome figures. The face is round-shaped and is bound to be fair with prominent and often dimpled rosy-pink cheeks. The hair on both their head and face will be abundant, usually wavy or curly in texture, and Venusians have a tendency to keep their bountiful hair until their elder years. They have a long neck and might carry a posture where their shoulders droop slightly. The Venusian might not be muscular unless they pursue working out yet they are likely to have an expansive chest and an overall healthy-looking body. The lower limbs are long. The hips will be prominently round-shaped and the feet shapely but on the small side. They will often have a seemingly permanent smile on their face.

The Venusian hand is likely to be either flabby or soft and seldom hard. The palm will usually be pink complementing the rich quality of blood that is flowing through the subject. The fingers are usually short in proportion to the length of the palm. Long fingers are a rarity to be found on Venusian hands as they have a dislike for the minutiae. The thumb is either small or medium-sized though a long thumb gives this type a much-needed determination especially in regards to finding a financially feasible career for themselves.

Personality-wise, the Venusian is full of charm and passion. The women belonging to this type are the epitome of feminine and the men are also likely to be effeminate. Manly beauty belongs to the Jupiterian and Apollonian personalities while the Venusian has femininely good looks. Both the man and woman are also likely to be very attractive. They also have a natural attraction to the opposite sex and no other type is as predisposed to marriage as is the Venusian. The Venusian is a necessary type, especially in this 21st century era where couples, mostly in the developed world, are hesitant to conceive children. Thus, the Venusian was created to see through the material and timely constraints that chain humanity. If every person in the world was a Venusian then there would've been a global overpopulation problem.

There is none more sympathetic than the Venusian. They not only seem to be listening to your troubles but are both listening and thinking of ways to cheer you up. A Venusian is the most loyal of friends, and they never disregard a companion. If they feel that their buddy is hurt in any way they will take time out of their own busy schedules to help this person. And won't abandon the person's side until it's confirmed that everything is and will be alright. The Venusian is also bound to have many children. Consequently, they make excellent fathers or mothers and a Venusian-dominated household will always be joyful. Keywords for the Venusian personality type include love, passion, sympathy, charm, positivity, etc.

Career-wise, the Venusian does not aim at a higher ideal like the Jupiterian nor does he or she desire renown like the Apollonian. Still, they succeed in the domain of arts and sports, and also in any field which promotes social contact—this is because their bosses will always assign them to meet a client or set up a gathering and Venusians excel in this domain. Although they are merry personalities, if they take up writing, it will often be tinged with sadness and despair. If they take up painting, then they will illustrate whatever is natural in the world be it the wildlife or the portraits of beautiful people. They excel as actors, especially those of the stage, and are mostly seen in tragedies where they are able to move the audiences to tears. They are great at sports as well as the Venusians are gifted with excellent health though they avoid unhealthy competition. Thus, you will mostly find this type behind either on the stage or on the field. Other suitable professions include music, fashion, sculpturing, etc.

Health-wise, the Venusian does not suffer from any grave diseases due to their robust constitution. However, they still will suffer from common illnesses which affect every type. Venereal diseases in the men and child-bearing problems in the women might occur though these can only be confirmed through a comprehensive palm reading of the subject.

Looking at the above descriptions on the Venusian you'll be surprised that there is such a thing as a bad Venusian. Nevertheless, like with every other type, the Venusian also has a bad version. With the skin on the palm of a coarse texture, the third phalanges of the finger thick and bulging, the thumb quite small and stiff, the palm red-colored, and with the Venus mount's development in excess, you have a type that wants nothing more than to satisfy their unrefined passions. This negative Venusian sees others as nothing more than playthings to be derived pleasure from. With other dangerous indications such as a sloping line of head, this Venusian could suffer from insanity of the erotic nature, and you'll find both serial killers (often those who have committed crimes of passion) and serial rapists in the prison cells belonging to this type of Venusian. This is because they will do anything to indulge their sexual desires.

To find out which kind of Venusian you are dealing with, you need to identify which portion of the palm is the most developed. If the higher world is developed, then you have a subject that is of the thinker type, and he/she will love art such as literature, music, painting, etc., of the highest quality. If the second world is the most prominent, then this Venusian is practical and sensible by nature, and not carried away by the idealism of the former type. This type will also be adept in dealing with other people; have strong social skills. If the third world is developed, then the tastes and desires of this Venusian are low, and his or her ultimate goal in life will be the pursuit of pleasure. They will most probably become hedonists, especially if the third phalanges of all the fingers are the most dominant.

A common fault of this type is their laziness. They never appear ambitious to others and thus seldom think of climbing the corporate ladder to success. This inactiveness might benefit them if they work in the domain of art, where they can shift their thinking into a creative domain, but in practical fields they will most probably lack motivation, and also a general sense of purpose career-wise. They could be promoted quickly though as they are people persons and these connections could aid them in their professional lives. But the Venusian detests the attainment of material wealth and/or the procurement of superficial fame. They would rather want to live in harmony, with a large family, than in the pursuit of a traditional job. However, there is a backlash to this predisposition, because they might get pushed into unfavorable situations that they wouldn't have faced if they had been professionally active.

All in all, the Venusian is the most unselfish, generous, compassionate and all-round loving character of all of the seven personality types. This type generally cares for other people's wellbeing, and whatever he or she does in life, it will be for the highest of causes, and that is humanity. They just need to tackle their slothful nature and be more hardheaded in their lives, and with an uncut and sharply-defined line of the head, and a long thumb, they might just be able to do so.

Famous Venusians: Marilyn Monroe, Mike Huckabee, Britney Spears, Magic Johnson, Justin Bieber, Mario Lopez, and Jessica Simpson.

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Now let's look at the meanings behind the lines and signs on the mount of Venus. Positive markings include the single vertical line, the star, the triangle, etc., and negative markings comprise of the cross, the mole, the grille, etc.

The single vertical line on the mount of Venus means that the subject will have a grateful character. It could also mean that the subject has one single affection in their lives and they are not inconsistent in companionship and love-related matters. If this vertical line reaches up to the Jupiter mount, then the bearer will receive help from the opposite sex which will in turn aid their ambitions as well, though this is a rare marking to be found on any palm. Many vertical lines are unfavorable as they are indicative of a lack of constancy, especially in regards to relationships with other people, both friendship-wise and love-wise.

The star on any mount denotes explosion. On the mount of Venus, the star gifts the bearer the power of success in social matters such as friendship, marriage, etc., and thus, it increases the positive Venusian qualities of the subject. These people will have no problem in attracting other people towards them and they will be generally well-liked and popular. However, the backlash associated with this star is the pursuit of a glamorous style of living, and the subject might lose money in their later years due to over-spending to maintain an unnecessarily extravagant way of living. If this star is found on the lower portion of the mount of Venus, then it indicates the subject going through an ordeal caused by a person of the opposite gender. With this same star, a sloping line of head is found, then the bearer has an imagination of the erotic kind, and will most likely suffer because of it.

The triangle on the mount of Venus denotes diplomacy in love matters. The bearer will have excellent conversational skills, especially with the opposite sex, and thus they will most probably never enter any relationship blindly.

The square's presence on any mount denotes protection. On the mount of Venus, the square is symbolic of a safeguard against negative Venusian energies such as a blind pursuit of passion and lust. It saves the subject from falling prey to their base desires. However, if this square is found on the lower part of the Venus mount, being present quite close to the line of life, then the bearer might have to go through periods of loneliness, and thus, live as a recluse for a while. The timings of this probable event can only be read through a comprehensive analysis of the subject's palm.

The circle is a rare sign to be found anywhere on the palm. It is a double-edged sword if found on the mount of Venus, because if it's present with other favorable indications on the palm, then the bearer will be gifted with the Venusian blessing of getting help from other people in his or her endeavors. If it's found with unfavorable indications on the rest of the palm, then it is emblematic of a lifelong illness.

The cross is a negative sign on most of the mounts except Jupiter. On the mount of Venus, a cross showcases the likelihood of the subject getting diagnosed with a sexually transmitted disease. It also means that the subject should be more levelheaded when it comes to affairs of the heart as there's a high chance of them being repeatedly getting deceived by people of the opposite sex. However, if along with this cross on the mount of Venus, especially if this cross is large in size, there's the presence of a cross on the mount of Jupiter, then it denotes the person not only finding their one true love, but also getting happily married to them.

If the mole is found on the mount of Venus, it is exhibitive of a person suffering from a venereal disease, especially resulting from being in a relationship with the wrong person.

The grille's presence on any mount is indicative of negativity. If found on the mount of Venus, it showcases the extremely passionate and lustful disposition of the subject. Unless this indication is supported with favorable signs shown on the other parts of the palm, then the subject will seek sexual satisfaction without being constrained by any sense of morality.

(Insert sample illustration of a grille on the mount of Venus)

The above sign was seen on the hand of a successful teacher who also bore two lines of attachment on his palm, and consequently, married twice. Both of his wives were physically beautiful. Thus, the seemingly uncontrollable passion associated with a grilled mount of Venus was curbed due to the satisfaction attained from courtships with not one but two gorgeous women.

The island is a bad sign wherever on the palm it is found. On the mount of Venus, the island is indicative of the bearer getting stuck in unfortunate relationships, especially one where they get mismatched with a life partner. It might also depict the opportunity of a good marriage missed by the subject or a delay in marriage.

Another interesting marking to note on the mount of Venus is the presence of horizontal lines that emerge from the root of the second phalange of the thumb and end at the line of life. These are indicative of an overwhelming impact on parts of the subject's life (when these events might occur can be read from the timings on the life line) by members of the opposite sex. If these lines are islanded, then the influences will be inimical in nature.

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